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From: "Frank McCoy" <>
Subject: REPOST: TWO-BETS.TXT "Two Bets" (Mfff, incest, cons, teen-preteen, preg)
Date: 27 Aug 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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Organization: S.F.P.I.A.

                            Two Bets
                         An Erotic Story

     When I heard my daughter climb into the shower, I got up
myself and went into the bathroom to take a pee.  I could see the
pink shadow of Fawn's body behind the wrinkled glass, but I
ignored it; just like she ignored the fact that her father was
using the bathroom at the same time she was.  I could hear Fawn
softly humming to herself as she worked to wash the sweat off her
     When I finished the last dribble of yellow liquid, I flushed
the toilet and, sliding the shower-door to one side, I climbed
into the tub with my daughter.
     "Daddeee!" squeaked Fawn, in surprise.  "What are you
     "Taking a shower with you," I replied; sliding the glass
curtain back to keep water from making a mess of the floor.
After I finished pulling the door closed, I grabbed the
13-year-old's waist to keep from slipping on the slick floor of
the tub.  "Hand me the soap, will you?  I'll do your back, and
then you can do mine."  God, did the little girl's skin feel
deliciously soft and silky under my hands.
     "But Daddy . . .," started Fawn; then seemingly changed her
mind about whatever it was she wanted to say.  Wordlessly the
little girl reached behind herself, and handed me the bar.  Just
feeling her wriggle next to me was almost enough to make me
ejaculate thick white streams all over her body, the tub, walls,
and wherever else my prick happened to be pointed.  Thankfully I
didn't.  Instead, using the soap to lubricate the incredibly
sensuous body in front of me, I did just like I said I
would . . . I soaped my daughter's body all over.  Starting with
her neck, and working down, I lathered up her shoulders, back,
waist, and on down her buttocks to her legs.  Fawn squirmed at my
touch, but didn't say a word, besides an occasional sharp intake
of breath, as I touched her in an unexpected spot.  I carefully
washed between her cheeks, and then started on her arms.  When I
finished her back, I reached around my daughter, and started
soaping down her front; starting with her developing breasts, and
working on down.  God, was it sexy to feel those delectable
nubbins under my big hands.
     Fawn just let out a gasp, as she felt her father massaging
her developing young breasts.
     Carefully, not neglecting them, but not making too much of a
point about feeling the little girl's titties either, I soaped
and lathered my daughter's breasts; making sure to press and roll
each pert little mound to be sure I had checked both of them
thoroughly (after all, I might as well check her breasts, while
feeling her up at the same time . . . Not that Fawn was old
enough to really worry about breast-cancer yet.  Still, it was a
habit I had gotten into with my wife; performing a breast-
examination at the same time I felt her titties.  Two jobs at
     After thoroughly soaping, feeling, and washing the girl's
bosom, I moved on down to the flat little tummy that had been
giving me wet-dreams for over 5 years now.


     Fawn only gave a little shiver, as I worked my calloused
hand down to her sensitive tummy.  By now my prick was hard as a
rock; poking at the child's thigh, and occasionally at her pert
little butt.  I continued down, and washed the sparse hair on her
cunny; slipping a thick finger into the tight little crease
between my daughter's legs.  Fawn was just as wet and slippery
INSIDE, as her body was from the soap on the outside.  I knew
darned well that neither water nor soap run UP; so I figured my
daughter was ready.
     "Bend over a little," I said; pulling back on my daughter's
waist, to make room.
     Obediently, fawn leaned over; the water splattering from her
back.  I grabbed my daughter by the waist in one hand, and
swabbed my pre-cum dribbling prick up and down her equally
slippery slit before slipping the head inside the little girl's
     "Daddeee!" objected Fawn; the first words either of us had
said in almost five minutes, except for my order of her to "bend
over."  Still, she didn't pull away either.
     "Easy," I replied; letting go of my prick, now that the head
was inside her.  "This will only take a minute."  GOD, did that
feel good.  The tight ring of my little girl's cunny snapped over
the tip of my penis, and gripped it just behind the glans in an
erotic embrace that made me grit my teeth to keep from spewing
thick white baby-juice all over the inside of my daughter's
vagina.  Grabbing Fawn by the waist in BOTH hands now, I slid my
swollen prick out about an inch, and then back in about a half
inch farther than the first time.  There was a slight
     "Oooh!" yelped Fawn; as I felt the tip of my prick push up
against something rubbery inside her.
     "Sorry," I said.  "Have you ever done this before?"  I
couldn't believe that at 13 years old my sexy daughter was still
a virgin.  Still, in spite of my wife's assurances, that's what
the evidence seemed to point to.
     Wordlessly, Fawn shook her head.
     Damn!  I hadn't really expected to take my eldest daughter's
virginity, but it was too late to stop now.  Prior to this, I
never HAD fucked a girl who hadn't fucked at least 2 other guys
before me . . . and that most definitely includes both my wife,
and the first girl I ever fucked . . . my sexy big sister.
     "This'll hurt a little, the first time," I warned Fawn;
shoving my prick hard up inside her, before she had a chance to
object, or even react.
     "Ow," she exclaimed; then didn't say a word more; just
pushing back at me, as the rest of my swollen prick slid inside
her vagina with a rush.  Two seconds later I was standing in the
shower with 3/4 of my engorged prick buried inside my eldest
daughter's tight little slit; while her cunny clamped and
squeezed on her father's swollen pecker like some expensive
milking machine.  God, did that feel good.
     I slid out about a half inch, then slid back inside my
daughter.  That felt good too.


     "Mmmm," murmured Fawn appreciatively.  My wife had been
right; the little girl DID like what I was doing, almost as much
as I did.  Once again I slid out a little, then slid back in a
little farther.  After about five strokes, I was sliding all
seven inches of thick fatherly prick in and out of my daughter's
clasping little hole, until her vagina was splayed out around the
base, and the head was bumping her cervix on the in-strokes,
while the tight lips of her bare little cunny barely held the
glans inside her on the outstrokes.  I hadn't felt a sensation
like my daughter's tight little tube milking on my cum-dribbling
prick since . . . since never.  Besides feeling incredibly good,
there's something extremely erotic about fucking your own little
girl . . . the one you've raised and loved since she was a baby,
and who loved you almost as much.
     With this stimulation, it wasn't long before I felt the seed
rising in my prick; and I knew it wouldn't be long before I was
filling my little girl's womb with white greasy ropes of the same
thick white cum that had created the child not quite 14 years
earlier, when I accidentally came in Marsha's vagina on that
memorable date.  Only if I came in my daughter this time, then it
wouldn't be an accident; as (after her sex-education lessons) we
both knew what would happen if I squirted my sperm inside
her . . . especially on a day like today, when she was right
between periods.  (Of course, that's why Marsha had insisted that
I do it today . . . that, and the fact that my oversexed wife
figured that Fawn would be at her horniest, and least likely to
resist, if I approached her while she was ovulating.)  Still, I
figured I should at least give the girl a CHANCE to object.
     "Uh," I groaned; as I fought to hold back the rising seed in
my prick, "I'm gonna . . . ."
     "Uh!" grunted Fawn in response; but didn't pull away at the
thought of her father about to fill her receptive young womb with
incestuous sperm.  Instead, Fawn pushed BACK at me as hard as she
could; so tip of my prick was firmly pressed up against the
rubbery knob of her uterus; while the lips of her cunny milked
and squeezed around the base of my penis in an embrace that would
have to be felt to be believed.
     The stimulation was too much.  Holding my daughter by the
hips, I held myself inside her, while my prick spat wave after
thick sticky wave of incestuous sperm at my little girl's
unprotected young womb.  Wave after wave, squirt after thick
sticky squirt rippled through my prick, before being spat into
the child's belly where it belonged.  As I said before, God, did
that feel good.
     Only when it was over, did I start to feel guilty.  After
all, I had just climbed into the shower, and effectively raped my
own daughter; sticking my thick prick up in her virginal young
belly; popping my little girl's cherry; and filling the child's
womb with her own father's incestuous cum, without hardly
bothering to even say, "Hi."


     Even as I stood there, with my thick prick wilting in Fawn's
clasping little slit, thick white cum was still oozing out of the
tip, and into the teenager's tight little sleeve.  I knew that
even before I pulled out, my vigorous sperm would already be
wriggling its way through the neck of the child's uterus, and on
up into my eldest daughter's fertile young womb.  Such an
obscene, nasty, somewhat scary, and thoroughly erotic idea!  I
felt one last thick squirt of cum ripple through the tube on the
bottom of my  prick, and spit violently into Fawn's sexy young
body, at the very thought.
     Knowing that my wife knew I was fucking the girl, and
actually WANTED me to fuck her, cum in her, and even get our
little girl pregnant with her own father's baby, (if she didn't
mind, that is) was only a slight salve to my overburdened
conscience.  After all, this was my own daughter. . . . I mean,
men just aren't supposed to fuck their own daughters and get them
pregnant.  At least not in THIS society, anyway.
     Only my daughter never gave me much chance to wallow in my
guilt.  After I almost collapsed in exhaustion against the rear
of the tub, Fawn turned around and kissed me; rubbing her pert
young nipples against my hairy chest in a thoroughly erotic
manner; while she ignored the thick white ooze dribbling from
between her legs, matching the obscene glob dripping from the end
of her own father's wilting penis.
     If my daughter felt the slightest bit embarrassed or
frightened about her own father fucking her, cumming in her, or
filling her flat little belly with his potent sperm, she didn't
let it show.
     "Thanks Daddy," she said; kissing me full on the mouth; and
licking my lips, before I had a chance to react.  Then the little
girl calmly climbed out of the shower; leaving me to finish
getting myself clean.  Fawn didn't even stop, or try to wash off
the evidence of our lovemaking with the shower; seeming to enjoy
the feeling of having her own father's seed oozing from her well-
used little vagina, and running in a thick sticky drool down the
inside of her thigh.
     "Thank YOU," I responded.  I wished that SOMEHOW I could let
my daughter know how much that had meant to me.  Well, maybe
someday I could.
     I could still make out my daughter's form on the other side
of the glass shower door.  She obviously wasn't hurt by the
experience, as she was humming "Some Day, My Prince will come" as
she dried off; ignoring her father who was now taking HIS shower,
after fucking his own daughter.
     "Daddy?" she asked, while toweling her hair in front of the
     "Yes, Hon?" I answered.  If she asked me WHY I had raped
her, it was going to be extremely difficult, to say the least.
     "Can we do this again tonight?" she asked.  Then, kind of
wistfully she added, "I'd kind of like trying it in bed, if you
don't mind."  Whoo boy!
     "Uh, sorry," I replied, "but I kind of promised your mother
I'd take care of your little sisters too."
     "Oh."  Fawn sounded definitely disappointed.


     "Tomorrow, if I can find the time," I hastily added, "maybe
we can do it then."
     Even through the wavy glass, I could see the grin spread
across my daughter's face.  "Thanks Daddy," she said, in a voice
so cheerful it reminded me of birds in the spring.  "Is that a
     "I promise I'll try," I said; and Fawn had to be satisfied
with that.
     I couldn't believe it.  My wife had been right in every
respect.  I never would have believed my own daughters would
accept their father's incestuous advances without screaming
bloody-murder, fit to bring the house down.  I should have known
better than to bet with Marsha.  In all the years we've been
married, she's only lost three bets with me, while I've lost more
than I can count.  Like always, I had SO expected to win this
one.  Now, I had to live up to MY end of the bargain, that had
started when I made the mistake of trying to pressure my wife
into having more children.  There was still that second-half of
the bet, where my wife had given me an "out" as it was.  As this
only partially relied on the response the other two girls gave,
it was a case where if my wife won, by winning she might lose.
Well, I could still hope.
     Only after my daughter had left, did I realize that Fawn
never HAD bothered to wipe up the mess between her legs.  She had
slipped into her short little tennis-skirt; and never bothered to
put on the matching white panties that I found in a damp heap on
the bathroom floor; giving mute testimony to the fact that my
sexy little 13-year-old daughter was out playing tennis in a
skirt that barely covered her ass, no panties, and her own
father's thick white cum drooling down her leg, in an obscene
testament to the fact that the little girl had just been
thoroughly fucked by her own father.  It was almost as if my
daughter was PROUD of fucking me, and wanted to show it off.  I
almost came again, all alone in the bathroom, at the very
     It was slightly after 9:00 that evening, when I undressed
again, and headed down to the older girls' bedroom, after
bringing my wife up to date.  The story of me seducing our eldest
daughter had turned on Marsha so much she almost was willing to
give in to my request, just to get me into bed.  Only I reminded
her of the second part of our bet, and how I wouldn't be keeping
up MY end of the bargain, if I did.  For the first time in over 5
years, I turned my still incredibly sexy wife down when she asked
me for sex.  Even Marsha had to grin at that.
     I had thought long and hard about what I was going to do;
and had decided that the best approach was just to be bold . . .
like I had been earlier that afternoon with Fawn.  I was
completely naked when I walked into the bedroom Fawn shares with
her little sister.
     From the tail-end of the conversation, I could tell the
older girl was telling Margarie what had taken place in the
shower that afternoon.  The shrieks of disbelief, while subdued,
were unmistakable.  I came in, just in time to hear Margarie
finish up, ". . . me to believe that Daddy.e.e.e.EEEK!"


     This last was more surprise than shock at seeing her father
standing in the doorway.  And the surprise was mainly at seeing
me naked . . . especially after what the 11-year-old had just
heard from her big sister.
     Just like I had done with the older girl, (and my wife had
insisted on this) I just walked up to the bed, climbed on, and
motioned to Margarie to spread her legs.  Fawn was looking on;
glee dancing in her eyes, but didn't say a word about, "I told
you so," either.
     Margarie's short little nightgown did nothing to hide her
cunny from her father's probing prick.  I knelt between the
little girl's legs, and rubbed the head of my pre-cum dribbling
prick up against the bare little split in the mound of my second
oldest daughter.
     "Daddy!  What are you . . .?"  Margarie's question was cut
off, as it became obvious what I was doing.  For the second time
that day, the head of my prick vanished onto the belly of one of
my own daughters.  Only this time, having already spent myself
once in the belly of her big sister, I didn't feel like I was
going to explode thick sticky cum all over the inside of
Margarie's cunny, the moment the tip of my prick slipped inside
her.  But it felt incredibly good, just the same.  Where Fawn had
been hot and wet and slippery, Margarie was tight and milking my
prick with her cunny-muscles from the moment the tip of her
father's penis slipped inside her.  I almost didn't have to move,
as I'm sure the little girl could have milked me off with her
tight little tube, with my having to move (once I got all the way
inside her).
     It took a little effort, but with one long smooth push I
slid all the way up inside the little girl, until once again my
prick was leaking pre-cum and sperm against the knob of my own
daughter's fertile young womb.  The clamping and squeezing of the
child's hot little vagina almost had me squirting my cum inside
her before either of us got a chance to fully enjoy being mated.
     And once again I was surprised by my daughter's virginity
(or lack of it, in this case).  While Fawn had surprised me by
still being a virgin at 13, I had really expected her little
sister to be one . . . especially since her big sister was.  Only
it just goes to show that you can never tell.
     "Have you ever done this before?" I asked; as I finally came
to a halt with my throbbing prick almost all the way up inside
the little girl's sexy young body.
     "Only once, Daddy," replied Margarie; looking in
astonishment where her own father's thick penis had vanished into
the little hole she peed out of.  Like her older sister, the
11-year-old was fully aware of how babies were made, and what sex
was.  "Are you going to fuck me Daddy?" she asked; pulling away
for a second; then pushing back until the last half-inch of my
prick slid inside her.  "Ouch,"  That actually hurt a little; as
the tip of my prick bounced off the hard knob of the child's
cervix.  Still, neither Margarie nor I were inclined to pull it
out.  From the other bed, Fawn snickered; and I felt slightly
inclined to copy the girl.  After all, with my thick prick buried
to the hilt in my own daughter's tight little belly, wasn't I
fucking the horny little kid already?


     "Yes," I replied, "I am."  And with that, I did . . . fuck
my little girl, that is.  I ran my hands up under her short
little nightie, while stirring my prick in the child's belly like
a spoon.  Then, I started sliding in and out with long smooth
strokes, while Fawn watched from the other bed, with eyes as big
as saucers.  I guess the older girl never had watched two people
"making love" before.  (Not surprising, since she had been a
virgin.)  Watching your own father breeding your little sister
would still be quite exciting to watch, even if you had (seen
other people making love before).  Feeling your father's seed
oozing in your own vagina, while watching him prepare to
ejaculate even more of it in your little sister, would probably
be incredibly erotic to any girl.
     "Who was it?" I asked, while massaging the little girl's
barely budding young breasts underneath her nightgown.
     "Bu, Bu, Billy," replied Margarie, as the sensation of
feeling her own father's prick filling her vagina for the first
time, made her barely able to answer.  "But we didn't get to
finish, as his mother came home before he had a chance to cum
inside me.  Besides, he was worried about getting me pregnant."
     "Don't worry," I reassured her.  "I won't pull out, unless
you ask me to . . . OK?"
     "OK, Daddy."  OK to cum inside her, or OK for me to pull
out, she didn't say and I didn't ask.  For almost 5 minutes we
strained against each other; the little girl's tight little hole
clamping and squeezing on my prick, while I finally got on top of
her and fucked the little girl like a grown woman.
     Eventually, the feel (and sight!) of a little 11-year-old
girl squeezing the heck out of my prick got to be too much, and I
had to cum.  "Uh," I grunted, just like I had with her older
sister, "I'm going to cum."
     I started to pull out, but Margarie locked her heels around
by legs and held me inside her.  "Oh no you don't," she
whimpered; trying to force even more of my engorged prick inside
herself.  "You didn't pull out of Fawn, so you'd better not do it
to me, either.  Besides, you promised me I could feel you doing
it inside me."
     "You might get pregnant," I warned her.
     "I don't CARE," replied Margarie; squeezing me inside
herself, for emphasis.  "So could Fawn; and you came inside HER,"
she pointedly reminded me.
     I could barely hold back a grin.  Once again my wife had
been right . . . only this time, her prediction was helping me,
instead of making me lose a bet.  I stopped trying to withdraw,
and just enjoyed the sensation of letting go; with wave after
thick sticky wave of thick white cum being injected into my
little girl's fertile young belly.  The fact that Margarie, just
like her older sister, was between periods and probably "fertile
as a turtle, Myrtle" was more of a thrill at the obscenity of the
possibility of getting my own daughter pregnant, than scare at
the dangers involved.  Besides, I DID want a bigger family.
That's what led me into this mess, in the first place.


     I let my weight come down on the little girl, and kissed
her; while my penis pulsed and spat what seemed like gallons of
incestuous sperm into the child's womb (OK; probably a teaspoon
or two, at most).  Somebody (Billy?) had obviously been teaching
my daughter how to kiss; as Margarie opened her little mouth and
began licking my tongue back!  If I hadn't already been spasming
the child's belly full of thick white cum, I swear the obscene
sensation of my own daughter licking the inside of my mouth would
have made me squirt thick white baby-juice all over the inside of
my pants.  As it was, each gooey white spurt went right up inside
my little girl's flat little belly, where it belonged.
     "Thanks girls," I said, as I finally extracted my white-
streaked prick from inside my 11 year old daughter.
     Fawn licked her lips; and looked hungrily at the thick white
gob oozing from the tip of my by-now-shrunken penis.  I hated to
disappoint her but . . . .
     "No," I said; reminding her of our earlier conversation.  "I
promised, remember."
     As I left, I heard yet another little shriek of disbelief,
as Fawn explained to her little sister what I was probably going
to do next.
     It was almost two hours later, and I figured that all three
girls were probably asleep, by the time I had managed to get
Marsha calmed down enough with my tongue; and SHE had managed to
get ME excited enough with hers, to do what I had promised my
wife I would do, if she was right about Fawn accepting my sexual
advances without objecting.  Yes, I was going to fuck both of my
other two daughters . . . as long as THEY didn't object.  That
was the bet we had made:  If Fawn let me fuck her, cum in her,
and actually squirt my sperm inside her when we both knew she was
fertile, then I was to try to do the same thing to both younger
girls.  Marsha had been so confidant that the teenager WOULD
allow her father to do this, that she had agreed to let me
impregnate HER, for the fourth time, if it turned out she was
wrong, and the little girl DID object.
     So far, my oversexed wife had been 100% correct about our
daughters.  I still had my doubts about the little 9-year-old in
the other room though.  Well, just like her big sisters, I wasn't
about to rape my own daughter; but as long as she didn't object,
then the child was as good as fucked.  Melinda was so cute, so
cuddly, and so YOUNG, that I almost couldn't decide whether I
hoped the child would accept my advances, or make me stop (like
either of her big sisters COULD have done, if they had made even
a token display of resisting).
     If any one of the three girls was "Daddy's girl" it was
Melinda.  Golden hair, and bright blue eyes (in contrast to her
older sisters being "brownettes.") made the 9-year-old the apple
of her daddy's eye.  When she smiled, the little girl could wrap
me around her little finger without even half trying; unlike her
older sisters, who at least had to pout to make me give in.
(Yes, I spoiled all three girls unmercifully; but surprisingly
they didn't ACT like spoiled brats.  I'm just lucky, I guess.)
It wasn't just me, either; my little "golden girl" was so
unconsciously sexy and erotic that she turned the heads of almost
every male in the neighborhood.  She couldn't help it.


     On the one hand, the thought of putting my prick up inside
the tight little slit of the girl I loved so much, made my prick
so hard it started to ache.  On the other hand, the thought of
even accidentally hurting her, or (worse yet) making her
disgusted with me, was enough to make that same proud dick wilt
like a wet-noodle.  As I said, I wasn't sure I wanted my youngest
daughter to accept my advances or not.  I WAS sure that Marsha
did; and I HAD promised her.  Thus it was, that a little over two
hours later I cracked open the door to my youngest daughter's
bedroom, and looked inside.
     The room was less than 1/3 as big as her big sisters'
bedroom, but Melinda seemed to prefer privacy to space.  Thus, by
making what used to be a closet into a tiny bedroom, I had made
all three girls happy.  As I peeked inside, I discovered the
reason Melinda wanted privacy, and why my wife was so sure the
child would like sex at the same time.
     You see, my supposedly "innocent" little girl wasn't asleep.
The child was in bed all right; but had her short little nightie
pulled almost all the way above her nubs of titties, while her
belly and groin were completely exposed.  It was what they were
exposed to, that was so shocking.  Melinda's little pooch
"Snowzer" had his head between the little girl's legs, and was
licking my youngest daughter's snatch!  Not only THAT, but the
little girl was "head to tail" with the little dog, and was
jacking off the pooch into her mouth!  I hadn't EVER seen such an
erotic scene of a dog and girl, not even the time I was stationed
in the Philippines, and one of the Sergeants treated us to a
porno-show where we all watched a 12-year-old little girl getting
boffed by a Doberman.  We had all been disappointed when the girl
didn't get "hung up" on the Dobie's "knot"; but it had been an
incredibly erotic show, nonetheless.  And this scene, with my own
9-year-old daughter was twice as hot!  Not incidentally, this was
because Melinda was obviously enjoying what she was doing for her
pet; not just because she was getting paid for it, like that
little Philippina girl had been.
     I watched; carefully not drawing my daughter's attention,
until the little dog suddenly began whining and thrusting with
his hindquarters, while his lapping at the little girl's cunny
almost completely ceased.
     To my delight, Melinda SWALLOWED the little dog's prick,
knot and all, while the pooch whimpered and thrust what must have
been almost 4 inches of doggy-prick right down the little girl's
throat!  It was all I could do to keep myself from coming in
     For almost two minutes they lay there, side-by-side, until
Snowzer finally pulled away, and seemed to lose interest in the
whole thing.  I watched with pride, as Melinda didn't just let
him go, but kept her lips pursed around the little dog's prick as
it pulled out; cleaning every drop of thin doggy-sperm from the
now shrinking pink member.  It was only after the little dog had
settled down in the corner, licking himself clean, that Melinda
noticed me watching what was going on.
     To my further enjoyment, my daughter blushed; but made not
the slightest effort to cover her almost-nude body, or to deny
what she had been doing.


     "How long has THIS been going on?" I asked, with a big grin
directed over at the pooch now settling down to sleep in the
     "About a year," responded Melinda, with a smile just as big,
once she knew I wasn't mad at her.  "I've only been swallowing
him like that, for about a month or so, though."
     I felt a wave of relief wash over me.  So I wouldn't have to
take the kid's virginity after all.  It had been bad enough with
Fawn; but taking the cherry of a trusting little 9-year-old, was
another matter entirely.  I hadn't been sure I could do it.  If
Melinda had been fucking her pet for almost a year, then it
wouldn't be that much worse for her to take me inside her.
Especially, as the knot of the little pooch, while small, had
been slightly bigger around than my prick.  I looked down at
where my youngest daughter was still almost doing the splits,
from offering her dog easier access to the pouting little cunny
between her legs.  Instead of a split in a peach, like her older
sister, Melinda's cunny looked more like a big dent or bite in an
apple.  I knew I wouldn't have any trouble getting my prick
inside her, in spite of her tender age.  Still . . . .
     "Would you like Daddy to fuck you?" I asked; unlike what I
had done with her older sisters.  Well, after all, she WAS only 9
years old.  I almost couldn't believe I heard those obscene words
come out of my own mouth.  With her sisters, I hadn't said "fuck"
or "cunt" or ANY nasty words, even once.  Now I was ASKING my own
9 year old daughter if she wanted me to fuck her?
     Melinda grinned as if I had asked if she wanted ice-cream.
(To fully appreciate that, you'd have to know how much the little
girl doted on ice-cream.)  "You mean like you did Margarie and
Fawn?" she asked.  "Gee, I'd like that Daddy."
     I began to wonder just WHO was really the Peeping Tom around
     "You're sure?" I asked; getting up on the narrow bed, and
kneeling between my little girl's legs.  Melinda just nodded, and
spread her legs even farther apart, if possible.  Both legs now
stretched out almost at right-angles to her body: so the child
veritably WAS "doing the splits" for her father.  If there was
ever an obvious invitation, that was it.  "Please Daddy?" she
said; looking down at where her own father's pre-cum dribbling
prick was about to vanish into her tiny little hole.
     Well, I almost hate to admit that I did it.  As I said, my
prick was dribbling pre-cum from watching that incredible scene
with the little girl's dog, and Melinda was already slippery and
wet . . . both from the dog's tongue, and her own horny
secretions.  I was too horny to wait any more, after that erotic
scene that put the one by the little Philippina hooker to shame.
     Melinda was even tighter inside than Margarie.  But with a
solid thrust, I slid my swollen prick all the way into my little
girl's body in a rush, on the film of her secretions, the dog's
saliva, and my own sticky pre-cum dribbling off the tip.
     "OW!!!" screamed Melinda.  At the same time, I felt a 'pop,'
as my prick hesitated halfway into the child, before finishing
the rush to where once again my prick was leaking pre-cum and
sperm into the virginal young womb of one of my own pre-
adolescent daughters.


     Damn!  Once again I had been caught by surprise by one of my
daughter's virginities.  "Three strikes, and you're out."  Only
there was no way I was about to pull out of THIS tight little
hole, before I ejaculated every last drop of sperm I had in me.
For one thing, Melinda's tight little cunny had clamped down on
my penis so hard I COULDN'T get out if I wanted to.  For another,
there was the remainder of that bet with my wife . . . .
     "Sorry Mel," I said, "I didn't know.  I'll pull out, if you
want me to."  (As if I COULD pull out of her.)
     "'s OK, Daddy," she sniffled, "I don't mind."
     "Are you sure?" I asked.  By now the clamping had eased on
my swollen peter, and I knew I COULD extract it from the child's
belly, if I had to.  For sure I didn't want to.
     "Uhuh."  The sniffles died down; and Melinda now looked down
with interest where her own father's penis had vanished into her
slender young body.  "I want you to fuck me and cum in me, just
like you did in Margarie and June," she said.
     Well, while I hadn't been aware of the little girl spying on
me and her older sisters, it was obvious that she knew exactly
what we had been doing.  No wonder the little girl had gotten
horny enough to suck off her own dog.  So I did it.
     If it had been nasty climbing into the shower and fucking my
nubile teenaged daughter, and then later climbing into bed with
her barely pubescent little sister, what can I say about how
nastily obscene it was to slide my engorged prick in and out of
the belly of a little girl who wasn't even 10 years old yet?  I
had read stories where men "molested" little girls as young as
12, or (Horrors!) even 10 years old.  At the time, I had wondered
how a man could abuse a child like that.  Only I wasn't just
"molesting" my daughters by "feeling them up" or (worse yet)
sucking them, or having them suck me off; I was actually fucking
the little girls; having actual vaginal intercourse with my own
13-year-old, 11-year-old, and yes, even my 9-year-old daughters!
But the amazing thing was that far from "abusing" them, all three
girls were acting as if I was doing them a favor by sticking my
cum-squirting prick right up inside their virginal young bellies,
cumming inside them, and actually TRYING to get all three girls
pregnant.  Yes, even Melinda.
     To make the act of having unprotected vaginal-intercourse
with a prepubescent 9-year-old little girl even more obscene, the
little girl in question was my own daughter, and she was slaving
away underneath me in a manner that made all the Philippine
hookers I ever met look like amateurs.  I guess the experience
she had with her little dog, had gotten my daughter so hot she
really COULDN'T wait to get fucked.  While the little pooch
hadn't yet stuck his doggie-prick in the little girl like I
thought he had, it was obvious that if I hadn't done the job of
taking the little girl's virginity, the dog probably would have,
before the the current month was up.
     I shifted position (carefully, without pulling out) until
Melinda and I were fucking in a classic "missionary" position,
and once again I was about to ejaculate my seed in my own
daughter.  Only it was my youngest daughter, this time.


     Only Melinda beat me to it!  With a screech that made her
yell of pain at losing her virginity sound soft, Melinda began
jerking and thrashing underneath me, while her tight little cunny
clamped down so hard on my swollen prick, I almost thought she
was going to cut it off!
     Here I had thought (with the evidence of her older sisters
to back me up) that little girls as young as her COULDN'T cum.  I
was obviously wrong again.
     "Oh God," I groaned, "I'm going to cum in you."  While it
wasn't really dangerous to cum inside the little girl, like it
was with her older sisters, I still figured I should warn her.
After all, it WAS her body, and (like her big sisters) she should
decide whether to take the risk; even if it WAS slight.
     "You'd better," said my wife firmly, from the doorway.
     Startled, I looked around and saw the rest of the family
gathered in the door; all watching while I fucked my youngest
daughter.  The two older girls, along with their mother, all
watched with wide-eyed interest as I fucked their little sister.
I guess that hearing the little girl's yelp of pain at losing her
virginity had brought her mother down to make sure her child
wasn't really being hurt; while Melinda's wail of ecstasy at her
orgasm had attracted the curious attention of her two older
     Melinda didn't answer her mother; just fucking back harder
if possible; seeming to be that much more turned on by fucking
her own father in front of the whole family.
     "Uh, Oh," she finally panted, when she found out I had
stopped fucking her, the moment I noticed the rest of the family
watching, "Oh Daddy, do it."
     I did it.  I came in my precious daughter; flooding the
child's womb with my incestuous seed; trying to plant a baby in
my own little 9-year-old daughter, while the rest of the family
looked on, and silently encouraged me to "do it."  For what felt
like five or ten minutes, but couldn't have been longer than a
few seconds, I just lay on top of the little girl, while my prick
throbbed and spat thick white cum in the child's belly.  The
sensation of each thick curd rippling through the tube on the
bottom of my prick, before exiting in a thick sticky *splat* in
the child's welcoming vagina; and Melinda's tight little sleeve
milking each incestuous spurt inside her, would have to be
experienced to be believed.  Even now, I almost don't believe it
felt that good myself, after having the child remind me just how
good it DOES feel, by getting me to ejaculate even MORE sperm
into her welcoming young womb, almost every day.
     Of course, her big sisters always try to prove that they can
do it "better" than their "inexperienced" little sister, by
draining me dry before the child has a chance.  Still, I try not
to play favorites; and each one of the girls usually gets to feel
me spasming her tight little belly full of incestuous cum at
least once a day, and quite often two or three times.  It's
amazing how having four women vying for your sperm will increase
your virility like that.


     As I said earlier, I "did it."  It's now 6 months after that
incredible scene, and I just woke up to the lovely sensation of
my 6-months-pregnant, 9-year-old daughter sucking me hard, so she
could get me to squirt my sperm in her mother.  Marsha's NOT on
the pill, and hasn't been for almost two months now . . . ever
since we learned that Melinda was pregnant, just like her big
sisters were.  Marsha only bets on what she figures are "sure
things", and this, like her earlier bet, had seemed like a sure
thing to her.  Only for once, the odds hadn't worked for my wife,
and I was glorying in winning.  Marsha is not one to Welsh on a
bet, any more than I am.  So, it was with good grace that my
still sexy wife lets me pump baby-juice into HER still fertile
belly, just like I had in all three of her sexy young daughters.
     Oh.  You haven't figured out just exactly what the bets were
yet?  OK, I'll tell you.
     It all started when I was trying to convince Marsha to have
another go at raising even more children, now that we were old
enough, and well-off enough to afford it.  Only Marsha didn't
want to go through pregnancy three or four more times; figuring
that three beautiful daughters were enough for anybody.
     When I persisted, Marsha did what she usually does in such
situations: She trapped me into a bet.  (OK . . . OK!!!  I'll get
to WHAT it was, in just a second . . . hold on.)
     She set me up, by saying, "If you're THAT horny to have
babies, why don't you fuck one of the girls, and knock one of
THEM up.  I'm pretty sure Fawn would just LOVE to have a kid by
you."  This was said in such a sarcastic manner, that I never
even suspected the trap that was being set.
     "Oh sure," I retorted, "I'm just supposed to climb in bed
with my own daughter and fuck her tummy full of baby-juice, and
she's going to thank me for it . . . and I suppose the Easter-
Bunny will be over this afternoon, Just after Santa Claus
     Marsha giggled at that, then made me what seemed like a bet
I couldn't lose.  (Uhuh, picture me with a big sign on my face
labeled "SUCKER!" and you've got it.)  "Uhuh," she said, "I'll
bet Fawn would just LOVE it, if her own father climbed into the
shower with her, and fucked his baby into that cute little tummy
of hers."
     "You bet?" I asked.  (I TOLD you I was a sucker.)
     Marsha grinned at me.  "I'll bet," she confirmed.  "And to
make it interesting, I'll make it a bet you can't lose, OK?"
     I was suddenly suspicious, at that "can't lose" bit, but I
nodded anyway.  (I've been caught before, on that one.)
     "In about a week," said Marsha, "Fawn and Margarie should be
right in the middle of their periods."  I nodded to show I was
     "So, in about three days, when Fawn is just about to
ovulate, I want you to climb into the shower with her when she
takes her bath after Gym, and fuck her.  I don't want you to ask
her permission or anything; just climb in the tub with her, and
fuck her tight little cunny so full of sperm she'll be having
your kids for the next 20 years."


     "Now hold ON here!" I almost exploded.  "I am NOT raping my
own daughter."
     "I didn't SAY rape her," corrected Marsha.  "I said fuck
her.  If she raises an objection to you climbing into the tub,
playing with her (and I DO expect you to play with her until
she's hot) or fucking her tight little hole full of cum, then
you're to stop.  If not, then I want you to have fun."
     "You're kidding," I said weakly; but I could see that my
wife wasn't.
     "So what's the bet?" I finally asked.
     "Well, YOU seem so all-fired sure that Fawn would be shocked
or angry, or at least ashamed to have you molest her.  Now I
think she's got the hots for you.  Remember I see her watching
you all the time, when she thinks you're not looking."  Here my
wife grinned at me.  I grinned weakly back.
     "So, If I'm wrong, and Fawn DOES object, then you get your
wish . . . One more baby by me . . . only one though, as I'm NOT
going to go further than that."
     "And if YOU win?" I prompted her.
     "If I win, then I expect you to do the same thing to BOTH of
the other girls."
     "I am NOT raping either Melinda OR Margarie," I
     "I didn't SAY rape," repeated Marsha.  "Just like with their
big sister, if the girl objects, then you stop.  If she doesn't,
then I fully expect all three girls to be carrying your seed in
their wombs, before the night is over."
     "You said I couldn't lose," I reminded her.
     "Remember, you want to have more kids," she reminded me.
"If I'm wrong, then you get to make one in me.  I won't be too
happy about that, but I'm NOT an ungracious loser.  On the other
hand, If I'm right, then you'll have THREE girls willing to have
your babies, and I'll even help you raise them.  At the very
least, you get Fawn pregnant.  OK?"
     What could I say?  As she said, it was a bet I couldn't
lose.  My wife loves me, almost as much as I love her.  When I
agreed, and looked so longingly at HER flat little tummy, Marsha
must have weakened a little; because she actually offered to
"sweeten the pot" after she already had me hooked.
     "Tell you what," she said, after seeing my eyes invisibly
trying to imagine her belly so beautifully swollen with my baby
inside her.  (Marsha KNOWS how much I love to look at pregnant
women.  To me a woman swollen with child is the most beautiful
sight in the world.  To see MY child stretching the tight little
tummy of the woman I love . . . well, words can't describe it.)
     "Tell you what," she repeated, "IF you manage to get ALL
THREE girls pregnant, then I'll let you get me pregnant too."
     "Uh . . . How much time to I have to do this 'dirty deed'
in?" I asked, suspiciously.  If Marsha allowed me a couple of
years, it would be almost a foregone conclusion . . . IF all
three girls went for this obscene idea, which I was absolutely
sure they would NOT.
     "I'll be generous," she replied, "I'll give you a month."


     "Only a month!" I almost exploded, "That would mean I'd have
to get all THREE girls pregnant, almost the first time . . . And
Melinda is only NINE, for Christ's sake."
     Marsha thought about this.  "Well, OK," she relented, "TWO
months; but no longer.  Remember, I don't WANT to have any more
kids . . . pregnancy is a pain.  So, if you can't knock-up a 9-
year-old, that's YOUR problem.  Besides, you seem to be so sure
Fawn is going to object to your fucking her in the first place.
Remember, she's not only got to not object to your climbing naked
into the shower with her, but to your 'molesting her', with your
hands, your putting your prick inside her (and taking her
virginity, if she still has it) and fucking her.  Not only that,
but she mustn't object to you cumming inside her, right while you
BOTH know there's a good chance she might get pregnant.  If she
objects to ANYTHING; even if you DO accidentally cum inside her,
when she doesn't want it, It doesn't count.  She's either got to
WANT you to fuck her, and knock her up; or at least not mind if
you do . . . OK?"
     Put THAT way, I didn't see how I could lose the bet.  I
mean, Fawn was just a 13-year-old kid, right?  What kid would let
her own father slip the meat to her in the shower, filling her
womb full of his babies, without even objecting?  OK . . . a slut
would.  But I KNEW Fawn wasn't a slut.  While I figured the sexy
little girl probably wasn't a virgin (What healthy young girl is,
at 13?) I knew my daughter wasn't "putting out" for all the boys
in the neighborhood, either. . . .
     Well, I was half-right. My ears still burn when I think
about how I misjudged the status of all three of my daughter's
virginities.  But I WAS right about their not being sluts.  Only
with ME, did the little girls act like that.  (If you think about
it, that must be one HELL of a compliment.  Thanks girls.)
     "What if I lose THAT bet?" I asked my wife.
     "Then you stop asking ME to have any more kids.  The girl or
girls, will do it for you.  Fair enough?"
     So I took Marsha up on it.  After all, how many bets do YOU
get, where you can't lose?  I wasn't going to convince her to
have any more kids any OTHER way, that's for sure.
     Well, Marsha was pretty smug after that first night; and I
didn't remind her of the second-half of our bet.  She got what
SHE wanted: Me happy, and HER un-pregnant.  I got what I wanted:
A house full of babies (Well, after all, even if all three girls
DIDN'T get pregnant at once, that doesn't mean they wouldn't,
given enough time.  Even Melinda would have a big belly in a
couple of years, if I kept on fucking her like that.)
     Which made me triply a winner . . . I was getting more sex
than a 15-year-old $2.00 whore in the Philippines, trapped in a
Marine-Corps barracks for two weeks (remind me to tell you a
story about that some day).  And my wife wasn't objecting; even
helping me slide my thick prick into the tight little hole of
whichever one of our daughters seems to need a thick white squirt
of her own father's baby-making sperm in her cute little tummy
the most.


     Yes, Melinda DID eventually fuck her little dog . . . in
fact, all three girls have.  It wasn't two days later that I
"helped" little Snowzer mate with Melinda for the first time;
while her mother and to older sisters watched with interest.
     When Melinda took the little pooch's prick up inside her
tight little hole, she did it right; taking Snowzer's swollen
dong up inside her slippery tunnel, until knob and all had
vanished into her body.  Melinda did NOT want to cheat her pet
out of the best part; where the little dog felt ALL of his prick
inside her tight little vagina where it belonged.  Once the dog
had finished mating with her, Melinda held him inside her vagina
until the pooch's prick was properly shrunken and no longer
     I was so pleased with my little girl.  Not only for putting
on a show that made the one of the Philippina hooker look pale
and stale, but for really CARING for the way it felt to the
little pup; just the way she cared how it felt for ME, each time
I slid MY prick inside her tight little hole and filled her cute
little tummy with MY thick sticky sperm.
     Once they saw how much their little sister enjoyed fucking
the little pooch, (and how much I enjoyed watching) both of the
older girls had to try it themselves.  Within a week, Melinda's
little dog was getting more sex than a female porno-star.
     After about four months though, the girls had to stop (the
babies, you know).  However, all three girls still saw to it that
the little dog was sucked-off regularly; just like Melinda had
been doing by herself for almost a year previously.  The little
pooch didn't seem to mind the change of which hole he squirted
into; as long as he sunk it into something hot and wet, Snowzer
didn't care WHAT part of the girls' anatomy was used to squeeze
the sperm out of his prick.  I however, was getting more sex
(REAL sex) than the dog was . . . neither one of us had any
complaints.  I must have blown more thick white incestuous sperm
in the welcoming young bellies of my kids than three or four
porno-stars would.  I loved it; and so did they.
     The feel of a 9 to 13 year old little girl's tight little
cunny milking the sperm out of your prick and up into her eager
little belly, while the child mouths obscenities about feeling
you planting a baby in her cute little tummy, has to be
experienced, to be believed!  As I said, I loved it.  The fact
that the little girl slaving to get me to squirt my sperm in her
was the daughter I had raised and loved for years, raised the
experience from ecstasy to indescribable.  Feeling your
incestuous seed pumping in thick white jets through the tube on
the bottom of your prick, on it's way into your own child's
sucking young vagina and up into her welcoming young womb . . . .
as I said, it's indescribably good.
     For the past three months I've been playing a "musical
bedrooms" game, where I sleep with a different girl almost every
night and fuck all four women almost every day; filling each of
my little girl's wombs full of thick white baby-juice almost
every day, and sometimes two or three times.


     Even Marsha doesn't get neglected.  In fact, my sexy wife
probably gets more baby-juice pumped in HER still sexy young
belly, than she did before this incredible orgy started.  It
seems that having four horny young women each vying for my seed
in her tummy, just makes me that much hornier, instead of wearing
me out, like you would expect!  Sometimes I'm able to go right
from fucking one daughter, to slipping my thick prick up inside
her little sister, and giving THAT little girl two or three shots
of her father's thick white cum in HER belly, to match the baby-
juice soaking in her big sister's or possibly her mother's womb.
Very few men are lucky enough to have their own harem like this,
with all four women eager (or at least willing, on Marsha's part)
to have the man's babies stretching their sexy tummies.  (I DID
tell you about how I feel about how beautiful pregnant women
are.)  Is it any wonder I feel luckier than a man who won the
     Only luck piles on luck, it seems.  There's probably only 1
chance in about 1000, that a 9-year-old girl could "catch" on her
first time.  Plus only about 1 in 100, for ANY girl . . . even
fertile young teenagers like Fawn.  But some people DO win the
sweepstakes, and still others win the lottery.  As mentioned
before, I feel like I did.
     All three girls were probably pregnant before that first
night was over.  No, I didn't stop with fucking Melinda . . . I
climbed into bed with Fawn, after leaving the little girl with a
belly socked full of my potent sperm, and I fucked the older girl
twice during the night, and both of her sisters again in the
morning.  After that, it was almost three days before I could get
it up again; and by that time we all figure the girls' fertile
period had passed.  That didn't keep me from fucking all three of
them though . . . even if they no longer COULD get pregnant.  We
all enjoyed it too much to stop.  In fact, I'm STILL fucking all
four girls (Marsha isn't all THAT old) even though we're pretty
sure I knocked HER up, "first shot up the tube" when she went off
the pill.
     Marsha is just as fertile as her daughters.  For once, she
should have known better: Considering how just ONE tiny squirt
inside HER ended up with Fawn growing in my cousin's cute little
tummy.  Oh.  I never mentioned we were cousins?  Well, if it
hadn't been for that sneaky little tadpole slipping into Marsha's
egg that day, we probably NEVER would have persuaded our parents
to let the two of us even see each other, once they found out I
was fucking my own first-cousin.  If they had found out about me
and my big sister . . . <Shudder.>
     As I said, I was lucky.  First to have Ginny teach me about
sex.  Then to have my sister help me get in my cousin's cute
little panties.  Then to accidentally get the right one of the
two girls I was fucking pregnant, the first time I slipped my
swollen peter up her tight little tube, and accidentally squirted
inside her when my big sister got so excited from watching us
fucking, she slipped and fell on the bed; forcing my spasming
prick to the hilt in our cute little cousin's fertile young
belly; where it sent at least one thick white squirt of
incestuous sperm, before any one of the three of us could yank it
out.  Just lucky.


     We've all agreed to stop at just one kid apiece . . . for
now.  This way, each girl gets to feel her own brother or sister
growing inside her tummy at least once, and nobody gets left out.
If we went for more, somebody would end up having more kids by me
than the other girls; and it wouldn't be fair to whichever ones
got left out.  Besides, I can't afford too many more . . . yet.
Only Melinda has objected to this; and even she finally agreed to
stop after having just one brother or sister by me . . . as long
as both her sisters and their mother agree to stop also.
     By the time this next batch of kids reaches puberty, the
older girls should already be out and probably married on their
own.  Having their own brother (or sister) shouldn't reduce their
chances.  Especially, if nobody outside the family knows about
     I'm hoping for two boys and two girls, so our kids can have
the same kind of fun my sister and I did (without the worry of
our parents interfering).  My wife, on the other hand, is betting
that they'll all be girls again.  I'm tempted to take Marsha up
on that bet . . . After all, how many bets do YOU get, where you
can't lose?
     When it comes to bets, I'd much rather be lucky (like I am)
than smart (like my wife).  After all, I win the bets that REALLY
count, don't I?