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From: (Donweb1234)
Subject: Story "My sister watching me"
Date: 08 Sep 1999 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>
Organization: AOL


        I discovered, quite by accident, that my sister was peeking on me while I took
a shower.  It happened one night in late July, and I was amazed at my own
reaction.  I was in the shower, my cock semi-hard from playing with it.  I had
planned to just go into my room, wearing a towel, and lay down on the bed and
jack off really slow, looking at my favorite magazines.
        I turned the shower off and stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel.  I
started drying myself, and turned toward the door that led to the hallway.  I
could see movement right behind the keyhole.  I heard a creak as a body moved
there, and all at once, I realized that my sister was on the other side of the
door, watching my semi-hard cock sway back and forth as I dried myself.
        The thought turned me on, and as I stood there, my cock began to grow, out of
control.  It throbbed a few times and then stood straight up, pointing at the
light fixture above.  I was turned on beyond anything I had ever known.  I
didn't know what to do.  I reached for the door knob and turned it and opened
the door quickly.
        There was Nancy, on her knees.  I looked down at her as she stared up at my
hard cock and hairy balls hanging less than a foot from her face.
        "Oh," was all she said.  Then, she stood up, looking at my hard cock.
        She didn't move, didn't say a word, just stood in the doorway looking at my
hard dick.  A tiny smile came to her lips, then all of a sudden, her face lit
up and she broke into a full smile.
        I swallowed, and I could feel the heat on my skin as my face flushed.  "What
are you doing out here?" I asked.  "Don't you knock?"
        "Sorry, Georgie," she said, hanging her head.  "I was just trying to see, you
know, uh..."
        Well, I thought, it was out in the open, now.  She wanted to see some cock.  I
decided that I would simply show it to her, and see just what her reaction
would be.  What the hell, I thought, she'd seen it plenty of times, anyway.  I
may as well give her one hell of  a show and enjoy it myself, I thought.
        I pulled her into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.
        "Is this what you wanted to see?"  I asked.  I reached down and started
stroking my cock, pointing it in her direction.
        She just stood there, staring at my cock.
        "You wanted to see it hard like this, when you were peeking on me, huh?"
        Her eyes widened.  "Uh.."
        "You could have just asked me," I said.  I smiled then.  "I would have shown
it to you, even let you touch it if you wanted."
        The thrill of standing there naked in front of my sister with a full-blown
hardon was excruciatingly exciting.  Emboldened, I said, "Wanna touch it now?"
        Her mouth fell open. "That would be nice," I heard her say.
        I couldn't believe she would say such a thing.  But, she took a step toward me
and reached out her hand.  "God, I'd love to feel that in my hand," she said.
        I took her hand and pressed it against my dick.  I was scared.  I didn't know
what to do, was afraid that she might somehow not want to, and afraid that she
would, all at the same time.
        Her hand was warm and soft.  Her eyes were large and bright as she stared at
the dick in her hand.   To my surprise, she wrapped her fingers around the base
of it and squeezed, then stroked upward.
        "Is this how you jack off?" she asked.
        I wasn't ready for that.  I had no idea how she knew anything about jacking
off, unless she had been watching me for longer than I thought she had.
        "Yes," I said, my voice choked, "that's kinda like how I do it.  You wanna do
        "Can I?" she asked.
        "Sure.  Go ahead."
        She moved her hand up and down my rigid cock slowly, staring at the head of
it, a look of amazement on her face.  Then, she got down on her knees in front
of me.  She reached up with the other hand and gently touched one of my hairy

        She began stroking it in earnest, staring at the red head of it, fondling my
balls.  Her touch was gentle, magic, wonderful.  I breathed heavily.
        "Does that hurt?" she asked.
        "No," I said, "not at all.  It feels great, Nancy."
        She continued stroking for another thirty seconds or so, sending thrills all
over my body with the touch of her hands on my cock and balls. Then she stopped
and fell on her knees in front of me, and moved her mouth toward my cock.
        She put her tongue close to my balls, and opened her mouth wide.  She gently
guided one hairy ball into her mouth, running her tongue around and around it.
I had never experienced anything like it in my life.  The sensations were
incredible, and looking down and watching my sister do that to my balls made my
cock jerk and expand even further.  I couldn't believe this was happening.
        I had expected that she would touch my dick, but I never thought that she
would put my balls in her mouth.        To my further surprise and delight, she
released my balls and slowly ran her tongue up the shaft of my cock, all the
way to the throbbing head of it, where she swirled her tongue around and
around.  Then, suddenly, she pulled away.
        She opened her mouth wide and I watched as she put the head of my cock into
her mouth.  I could feel the warmth and the wetness of her tongue and cheeks as
she sucked it farther and farther into her mouth.  Then, I could feel the back
of her throat, and I felt her swallow.  Her lips were against my pubic hair,
and her chin was touching my balls, sending shivers of delight all over me.
        She built up a suction while keeping her tongue moving around and around.  I
had no idea where she learned such a thing.  I didn't care.  I just knew that I
wanted her to keep it up.
        She began pumping up and down with her mouth.  She wrapped her fingers around
the base of my cock and moved it up and down in unison with the movements of
her mouth, jacking me off while sucking me.  I couldn't believe it.
        I began to feel my leg muscles jerk, and I knew that I was going to cum soon.
        "Nancy," I said, "I'm going to cum."
        She didn't seem to hear me, and as I thrust my hips forward, I shot load after
load of hot cum into her waiting mouth.  She swallowed some of it, gagging,
while some of it just ran down her cheeks.
        Slowly, she pulled my cock out of her mouth.  Still hard and now wet from her
saliva and cum, it stuck in the air close to my navel.  It glistened with
moisture as it throbbed.
        Nancy simply stood up and left me standing there, with my hard dick pointing
in the air.  I cleaned up and put on some clothes.  I went into my room, and
there she was, laying on my bed, naked, her legs spread wide, her fingers in
her pussy.  She was moving one hand across her tits and the other was frigging
her cunt.
        My cock throbbed and jerked, and I removed my clothes and climbed on top of
her, sixty-nine fashion.  I pressed my balls against her nose, and bent my head
down to her hairy pussy.  I flicked out my tongue at her fingers, and she moved
her fingers aside.  I licked her clit once or twice, and then I felt her take
my hard dick into her mouth and suck on it furiously.  She came, and I came
right after that, the sensation and taste of her pussy against my tongue too
much for me.
        Now, after I shower, I sometimes just walk into her room and stick my dick
right in her face.  And then, we take it from there.