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From: "Frank McCoy" <>
Subject: REPOST: MISS-BRO.TXT "Missing Big Brother" (Mf, incest, cons, pedo, preg)
Date: 27 Aug 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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Organization: S.F.P.I.A.

                       Missing Big brother
                         An Erotic Story

     Lori looked down at where the man's prick was stretching her
13-year-old daughter's tight little slit.  She knew it would be
dangerous to let her new boyfriend cum inside the child; as there
was a fairly good chance he might get the little girl pregnant.
After all, Cindi was almost the same age SHE had been, when her
big brother had planted the little girl in her fertile young
womb.  Not that it was all her brother's fault; no matter WHAT
her parents had said.  Lori shivered at the recollection . . . .
     While her brother HAD started things; "copping feels" of her
developing young body; starting when she was about 6 years old,
and continuing with things like playing "doctor" and "post-
office" and other games, where he had an excuse to either touch
or look at his little sister's body; it had been Lori herself,
who had crossed the line; allowing the older boy to seduce her
     While Mark was 4 years older than Lori, the 14-year-old was
barely more than a bag of hormones; being almost as ignorant as
his little sister, when it came to sex.  But OH, how the teenager
longed to learn!
     That summer afternoon had been the culmination of one long
day of sexual frustration for Mark.  Lori and their cousin had
conspired almost all afternoon to show him glimpses of their
sexual charms; while never letting him get close enough to get a
really GOOD look; or do what he REALLY wanted to do, which was
     Miranda, being two years older than Lori, had told the
younger child how her brothers always wanted to look up under her
dress (when she was wearing one) or catch her or her sister in
any state of undress they could.  The two horny boys were always
trying to sneak peeks when she and her little sister were getting
dressed, undressed, taking a bath, or just sleeping.  So she and
Diane had started teasing their brothers, by "not noticing" when
they took a shower, that the bathroom door was slightly open; or
"forgetting" to wear panties, when they borrowed one of their
father's big shirts, and wore it around the house, like some
ultra-short dress.  The boys pretended not to notice, while their
sisters pretended not to feel the two boys' eyes following every
move they made.  It was all innocent fun; and neither the boys
nor their two sisters seemed to be hurt by it, so their parents
had ignored the byplay, as if they didn't notice it was going on.
After all, it was just innocent teasing.  Well, perhaps for
Miranda and Diane, it was.
     What started that day with Lori and HER big brother, was
more than just innocent teasing; though it started out that
way. . . .
     Perhaps the reason was that the teasing Miranda started with
Lori that day, wasn't quite as innocent, as she and her little
sister had been doing with their brothers.


     It started when Miranda told her younger cousin about how
she and her younger sister had been teasing THEIR brothers; just
about the time Mark came out and settled down on a towel about 10
feet away.  Not close enough to be obvious; but definitely close
enough to almost see up under his little sister's short little
sun-skirt.  Like his cousins, Mark was trying to "sneak a peek"
at his little sister's panties.
     Miranda noticed; and pointed this out to her younger cousin.
"How'd you like to 'do it' to Mark there," she said; drawing her
cute little cousin's attention to where the child's big brother
was lying.  Mark was resting his head on his arms; ostensibly
taking a nap; but once Miranda pointed it out to her younger
cousin, both girls knew that his eyes were really on their
developing young bodies; as the older boy tried to get a glimpse
of either girl's panties, or at least their firm young tummies,
where they weren't covered by the skimpy sun-dresses.  Feeling
greatly daring, Lori wriggled around so that she was facing her
cousin, with her legs facing her older brother, so the boy could
look directly up her dress, and have a REALLY good look at the
almost skin-colored panties that matched the short little dress.
     Her cousin was right.  Mark WAS looking; not napping; just
as the older girl had thought. Both little girls heard the sharp
intake of the older boy's breath; but ignored it, as if they
hadn't heard.
     After staring at his little sister's spread legs, as she
wriggled not eight feet away, Mark could barely tear his eyes
from his little sister's tight little panties, to look at his
cousin.  He wanted to be sure that the older girl didn't notice
him staring up his little sister's panties.  To his shock, while
Miranda was chattering away to Lori, as if she didn't have any
idea what her cousin was looking at, SHE had squatted in a semi-
sitting position, with her legs-spread and facing the older boy,
so he had an even BETTER look at her white cotton panties than he
had at his little sister's, even though she was almost three feet
closer.  The older boy's prick was so hard it ached; as he could
see the indentation the 12-year-old's cunny made in the front of
those same white cotton panties.
     After about 10 minutes of this, the stimulation got to be
too much.  Lori's little slit was so excited that she just HAD to
get up; while her cousin was almost equally excited.  In fact,
Miranda was almost aching to touch herself "down there" as an
older girl had taught her, just to relieve her sexual
     Both girls got up off the lawn, (to Mark's intense
disappointment) and headed back to the house to get a drink.
Lori, especially, needed it.  Showing off to her own brother!  At
least with Miranda, it wasn't such a new experience.
     When they got up, Mark carefully kept his head in the crook
of his arm, so the two girls wouldn't see that his eyes were
following every move they made; in hopes that he might get one
last glimpse of either of the girls' cute little panties.  That's
all he wanted: just a "panty-shot."
     Well he got it; as both girls were unable to prevent him
from seeing their panties when they got up (and neither girls was
trying . . . far from it).


     Only this last glimpse was too short to be satisfying to the
horny boy; but he didn't dare say anything to let the two girls
know he had been peeking at them.  If Lori told their
mother . . . .
     Thus it was somewhat of a shock to the boy, to see his
cousin Miranda staring straight into his eyes, when he lifted
them above her waist.  Only instead of being angry, the pre-teen
grinned at him!  Then, the little girl lifted her short little
skirt, so Mark could see the entire expanse of her panties, and
right on up to the child's navel above.  Mark was too shocked to
notice the slight damp-spot in his cousin's panties, when she
remarked to his sister, "Your pervert of a big-brother is trying
to see our panties . . . Why don't we give him a really GOOD
view, when we go?"
     "OK," replied Lori; thankful that she was facing away from
her big brother, so he didn't see her blush when she lifted HER
dress up and walked all the way back to the house that way.
Miranda followed her younger cousin; purposely putting a wriggle
in her walk; as her panties got wetter and wetter.
     "God!" gasped Lori; giggling at the memory of the look on
her big brother's face.  "I can't believe we did that!"
     Miranda giggled too.  This was even better than the fun she
had with her own brothers; neither of whom was as old as her
cousin Mark.
     For about two minutes, the kitchen was full of the sound of
two girls giggling.  Then Miranda said, "How would you like to
REALLY tease your big brother?"
     Lori thought about it.  "You mean?" she asked; almost
choking on another giggle.
     "Uhuh.  Mark's going to be waiting out there; just HOPING to
get another look at our panties, underneath these skirts . . .
What if he can't?"
     Lori burst into another set of giggles.  "I'll do it, if you
will," she finally said.
     It was almost 10 minutes of torture for the boy waiting out
on the lawn to see if his sister and cousin were going to return.
He was hoping that both girls wouldn't mind giving him another
(hopefully closer) view of what was underneath their short little
     So, it was with some disappointment, that he watched both
girls return, glasses of Kool-Aid in hand, to settle down
slightly further away than before.
     Mark didn't dare move closer; but he couldn't help staring.
After all, it had been fairly obvious that both girls knew he had
been looking before . . . No sense in trying to hide it now.
     Only the two girls were almost demure now.  Whereas before,
Lori had lain with her legs-spread, so he could see almost every
inch of her cute little panties, and Miranda had squatted; giving
him an even better view, now both girls seemed to be being
careful to not let him see their panties any more.


     For almost 20 minutes the two pre-teens teased the older
boy; carefully moving so he just couldn't QUITE see what they
were wearing underneath the short little skirts.  With each move,
one or the other of the two girls' skirts would creep a little
higher, until finally it began to dawn on the older boy that he
wasn't GOING to see their panties; no matter HOW high their
skirts rode up.
     Just when he was about to reach this conclusion, Miranda
made it clear, by rolling over on her tummy, while still talking
to her young cousin, as if neither of them knew the older boy was
watching.  The swirl of her skirt ended up with most of it almost
above her waist; so the child's bare bottom shone whitely above
the tanned legs where she had been wearing a swimsuit during the
     Lori almost choked, as she noticed her big brother's
sandbagged look, when he realized that neither girl was wearing
ANY panties underneath the short little skirts.  Feeling greatly
daring, the little girl lay down beside her older cousin;
deliberately sliding down, so HER sun-dress bunched above her
waist; just like her cousin's had.
     For the next ten minutes, Mark stared at the two girls
showing off in front of him, while they seemed to deliberately
ignore the fact that he was staring at their bare fannies.  When
he got up and tried to get a little closer so he could
(hopefully) get a glimpse of what was between their legs, Miranda
and Lori hurriedly turned over and moved away.  Looking at their
bare buns it seems, was OK.  Getting closer, or feeling them was
     Only it turned out that was mainly it for the day.  Seeing
the look in the older boy's eyes was almost scary to Miranda.
Being 12, she had some idea of just what her older cousin would
like to do with her.  She nudged the younger girl and they moved
back towards the house.  Still, she couldn't resist one last
"shot".  "Mark wants to see our cunnies," she whispered to her
cousin.  "Do you think we should let him?"
     Lori just looked back at her older cousin, with that, "I
will, if you will," look.
     Mark heard the two girls whispering and giggling together;
and wondered if they were planning on telling their parents about
what Lori's "pervert" of a big brother had been doing.  He wasn't
TOO worried though; as how would the girls explain taking off
their panties?
     This was NOT the first time he had seen girls naked.  Their
parents had taken the family to a nudist resort when he was
younger.  Only then, Mark had been only 11; and not interested in
girls yet; and his little sister's cunny certainly held no
thrills for him.  Now, three years later, he couldn't even
remember what it looked like . . . at least, not for sure.  He
found out.
     For some reason it seemed a lot more erotic to see his
little sister wearing a short little sun-skirt; knowing she was
naked underneath it, than it would have been seeing the little
girl completely naked at a nudist-resort.  Somehow it was SEXIER.
Mark was aching-hard in the swimsuit he was wearing.


     The two girls paused just before entering the house, and
turned to face the teenager.  Making sure the boy was far enough
away, and warning him to not come any closer with their eyes, the
two girls stood side-by-side for a second; as if each was daring
the other to go first.
     "Is THIS what you wanted to see?" said Lori, in a burst of
daring, as she finally lifted her skirt, so her bare pussy was
staring the older boy in the face.  Simultaneously, Miranda
lifted HER short little dress; and let the older boy look at her
cunny too.  Unlike the younger girl's bare little hole making an
indentation in a pouting, almost grapefruit-sized cunny, the 12-
year-old's slit was more like a crack in the surface of a peach;
with light fuzz just starting to show at the top.  To the horny
boy staring, they were both perfect; no matter how different.
Unable to stop himself, Mark stepped forward; just HOPING to get
a feel of either one.
     Only that broke the spell; and both girls hurriedly dropped
their skirts, and fled, giggling and squealing, into the house.
When they emerged almost an hour later, both girls were wearing
one-piece swimsuits that completely covered the parts Mark so
dearly wanted to see.  The show was over.
     Only, as it turned out, The day was far from over for Mark
and his little sister.
     Later that afternoon, and far into the evening after supper,
the two siblings were joined by their cousins, as the whole
family played in the big pool.  Several times, Mark managed to
surreptitiously "feel up" his cute little sister, and twice he
managed to feel his cousin's body, while standing next to her in
the lukewarm water.  Neither Miranda nor Lori objected to his
hands roaming over their swimsuit-clad bodies; but the older girl
moved away a lot quicker than his little sister did; as Lori
seemed to LIKE feeling her big brother's hands on her skin.
Once, Mark felt up Miranda's sister Diane; actually managing to
rub his fingers between her legs; but the little girl just moved
away.  She didn't object; but she didn't seem interested, either.
Mark KNEW that Miranda was MORE than interested . . . The
slippery feel of the swimsuit between the girl's legs couldn't
have come from the water.  However, the 12-year-old seemed more
scared of her own reactions, and what she might let the older boy
do, than frightened by his advances.  After the first two times,
Miranda carefully avoided her older cousin; while still giving
him big smiles to show she wasn't mad at him.
     Lori, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind her big
brother's hands on her bare skin; rubbing her fanny, or (when
nobody was looking) running between her legs.  She didn't
lubricate the way the older girl did, but she did think it, "felt
nice."  Only she WAS sexually aware enough to not let her parents
see her enjoying the older boy's caresses.
     Mark was too horny to remember; and it was only when his
little sister deliberately moved away from him; pointedly looking
over at their father, that Mark realized the chances he had been
taking.  For about an hour, the shock of adrenaline that he got
thinking about that, kept him from making any further advances.


     It was only when he found himself alone with the child that
night, as the two of them were the last in the swimming-pool,
that he dared do more.
     "God," he said; finally running his hands underneath the
material of the little girl's suit, "I wish you slept with me,
instead of across the hall."
     "Mmmmm," replied Lori.  While she enjoyed her older
brother's caresses, it was getting late and somewhat cold in the
swimming pool.  Besides, her big brother's words had given her an
idea.  "We'd better get out," she said, "before Mom and Dad
wonder what we're doing out here."
     That comment was enough to shock the older boy into
remembering the chances he was taking.  If their parents found
out what he was even thinking about . . . <Shudder.>
     After that reminder, the two siblings climbed out of the
pool, and dashed back into the house shivering, in the cool
breeze that had sprung up.
     As said, while it was her big brother who  started thing; it
was Lori who "crossed the line" and really started the
relationship that ended with her having a swollen tummy about
three years later.
     For about the next two hours, the little girl sat watching
TV, with nothing but a large towel wrapped around her shivering
body, while her brother kept trying to sneak glances at the naked
body he knew was underneath it.
     If their parents had happened to come into the room and
notice the two siblings, they probably would have sent Lori
either to her room to get dressed, or (if later in the evening)
to bed.  As it was, for almost two hours Lori sat on the couch;
aware of her big brother's interested gaze that was more directed
at the glimpses of bare-skin she showed than anything on
television.  At the same time, she remembered the feel of his
hands on her body, the deliciously naughty feelings she had when
showing her bare pussy, and most of all, the words he said
earlier . . . "I wish you slept with me, instead of across the
hall."  By bedtime, the 10-year-old girl had made up her mind.
Besides, with the wind starting to whip up, it was getting cold.
     While summer wasn't quite over, that night had a slight nip
in the air; and the windows of the house were still all open; as
if it was still mid-summer.
     In fact, that was the last-straw, that decided Lori.
     When she woke up in the middle of the night, (actually, just
a little after 10:30) she was COLD.  There was a slight breeze
whipping across the bedroom; and even when she slammed the window
shut, Lori was still cold.  So the little girl padded across the
hall; and climbed into bed naked, with her big brother.


     To say that Mark was shocked, would be putting it mildly.
While he had daydreamed about having his cute little sister, with
the turned-up nose and giggling smile climb into his bed, and do
all sorts of nasty things with him, the reality was something
else.  He barely started to wake up, when he first felt the bed
sag; but when his little sister's almost freezing young butt
snuggled back into his bare midriff, Mark almost let out a yell
that would have brought the whole family running.  If he had,
then this story would probably never have happened.  It was only
when he realized it WAS his little sister, and not somebody else
playing a prank on him, that the 14-year-old recovered enough to
hiss at the little girl, "What do you think you're DOING in
     "Sleeping," came the contented reply; as Lori snuggled down
into the covers.  The little girl found it VERY cozy and warm in
her big brother's bed.  "Didn't you SAY you wanted me to sleep
with you?"
     "But, but . . .," Mark sputtered; still fighting to keep his
voice down, so their parents didn't come in and find his little
sister sharing his bed.  While he DID want to "sleep with his
little sister", the actual thing he wanted to do in bed with her,
didn't really involve sleeping!  Still, he didn't feel inclined
to look gift-horses in the mouth.  At least he WOULD get to "feel
the little girl up," as she was as naked as he was.  "Well, OK,"
he said; pulling the little girl over, "but you'll have to sleep
on this side of the bed, so Mom and Dad don't see you."  The feel
of the little girl's naked skin against his, almost made the
older boy spout thick white cum all over his little sister's
     "N'kay," murmured Lori; obediently snuggling back at her big
brother spoon-fashion, and promptly going to sleep.
     There was no way that Mark could sleep . . . not with his
naked body rubbing up against the body of his equally-naked
little sister.  His hard-on was so stiff, he felt like he could
split bricks with it; and he hadn't even started consciously
feeling the little girl's titties and developing young body yet,
like he had dreamed about doing for so long.
     "Uh, Lori?" he said; jiggling the little girl momentarily
awake again.
     "Unh?"  Lori was comfortable; and didn't want to be
     "Can I put my . . . my, uh . . . 'thing' between your legs?
It's so hard, I can't sleep like this?"  Mark held his breath.
Had he gone too far?
     "I don't care; you can do whatever you want.  Just let me
get back to sleep, OK?"
     "Whatever you want. . . ."  What a line to give a
perpetually horny 14-year-old boy.
     "You mean it, Sis?" he asked; not really believing what he
heard.  "Can I slip it up inside you, and everything?"


     Now THAT, was incredibly stupid, on the older boy's part.
If he'd had any more sense, he would have waited until the little
girl got used to sleeping with him, and him feeling her up during
the night, before he proposed such a completely obscene idea to
the little girl.  But then, Mark (as mentioned before) at 14 was
mainly a horny bunch of hormones inside the skin of a boy.  Hi
prick was doing all the thinking for him.  He was also incredibly
lucky.  An older girl would have laughed in his face, or possibly
slapped him.  Lori however, was just a little girl; and while she
knew that men (or boys, like her big brother) liked to put their
"things" inside girls' cracks, she hadn't really given it much
thought.  Besides, he WAS her big brother, he WAS sharing his bed
with her, and she DID really like the big lug.  So, if he wanted
to "fool around" with her, then why not?  As long as she got her
sleep, that is.
     "I don't mind," she said; not realizing exactly what she was
agreeing to.  "As long as it doesn't hurt, and you don't wake me
up; OK?"
     "OOOooooohh!"  Mark shivered, and pulled the little girl
close to him; lifting her leg over his rampant penis; and
snuggling up close.  The LAST thing the teenager wanted to do,
was hurt his little sister.  For what he was going to do, the
older boy wanted the little girl to like it so much she would be
continuously coming back to him, begging him to do it again and
     It was all Mark could do to keep from turning the little
girl over and ramming his swollen prick so far up in the child's
womb that it would split her wide-open.  Still, he considered
that shuddering sigh of his an agreement; and besides, he really
liked the kid.  No way would he hurt her like that.  For the next
20 minutes Mark remained snuggled up to his little sister, while
her breathing grew deep and even.  Finally he regained enough
control that he was able to run his free hand up and down the
child's body, the way he had wanted to feel her up for years.
Eventually, the feel of her soft skin in his hands; snuggled back
against his belly, and rubbing sensuously against his chest, got
to be too much.  He WAS going to cum; and there wasn't anything
either he or his little sister could do to stop it.  Perhaps a
bucket of ice-water thrown on the two siblings would have been
sufficiently shocking to prevent the rising of the seed in the
boy's tumescent prick, but not anything less.  Mark slid down
about 4 inches in bed; and angled his swollen prick up against
his little sister's hole.  By now, the older boy's penis had been
dribbling pre-cum for almost half an hour; so it was about as
slippery as a greased watermelon.  Twice, he pushed his swollen
peter up against the little girl's slit; and twice it slipped
away.  The stimulation of the tip rubbing against the child's
hole was so intense, that Mark was already cumming by the third
time, when he involuntarily hunched forward; just as he felt his
little sister's hole surround the ultra-sensitive tip.


     One half a squirt went up his little sister's front; while
the rest went inside her.  There was a straining, "popping"
sensation, and Mark found himself unable to hold back, as the
incredible sensation of thick hot cum rippling though his prick,
before being spat vigorously into his little sister's belly
overwhelmed him.  The tight ring around the head of his penis was
incredibly erotic, as it throbbed and spat gob after thick white
gob of incestuous sperm in the child's tiny vagina.  On and on it
went; as the boy emptied his balls in his own little sister.
God, did that feel good!
     "Ow!" said Lori; waking up a little at the popping sensation
as the head of her brother's prick slipped inside her previously-
unused little hole.  "What's happening?" she asked.  Lori didn't
try to pull away from her big brother though.  The slight pain of
being entered for the first time was more caused by surprise than
anything else.  And the warm sticky feel inside her tummy was
already making the slight sting feel better.
     "I'm just cumming inside you," said Mark.  (Yeah,
right  . . . "Just" cumming.)
     "Oh," said Lori; not sure what "cumming" meant.  Still, it
had stopped hurting; and besides she was sleepy.  Whatever it
was, she was sure the slight pain had been unintentional on her
brother's part.  It must have been like accidentally pinching
herself, be just being in the same bed with him.  Lori ignored
the stuffed-feeling of her brother's thick prick, now just oozing
a few last drops of sperm inside her.  After all, she HAD said he
could "put it inside her."  And by now, it was starting to feel
nice.  Lori went back to sleep; with her big brother's thick
prick still oozing incestuous cum in her vagina.  Eventually,
Mark fell asleep too; never bothering to remove his now shrunken
prick from inside the little girl.  Lori's tight little cunny
held the glans of her brother's prick trapped inside her for
almost half an hour, before they rolled apart in their sleep.
Then the snapping sensation of her brother's prick coming out
almost woke Lori up again; but not quite.
     It was another sensation altogether that woke the little
girl up about an hour later.  She was leaking.  At first, her
tight little slit had held her brother's thick cum inside her;
but it gradually liquefied until by about 2:00 AM, she felt
something runny between her legs; and thought she was peeing in
the bed.
     After getting up, cleaning up the mess between her legs, and
taking a pee too, Lori found her big brother curled up in his bed
sideways, and snoring.  The 10-year-old thought about it; and
then went back to her own bed.
     The next morning, Mark remembered the incredible wet-dream
he had the night before.  The wet-spot on the bed seemed to
confirm it too.  Damn!  The boy was red-faced and embarrassed; as
he hurriedly gathered his sheets up and tossed them in the
laundry.  He hadn't "starched the sheets" like that for MONTHS;
not since Billy had taught him how to jack-off that day, just
before school let out.  As for his little sister . . . Mark was
completely red-faced.  If the little girl ever found out the wet-
dreams he was having about her . . . Oh shit.  he could barely
look the little girl in the face over the breakfast table.


     By lunch time, Mark had almost forgotten the wet-dream of
the night before.  After playing baseball, swimming, and a ride
on his bike, the erotic thoughts about his little sister the
night before had faded to just a pleasant memory.  Mark was
already planning on trying to sneak yet another peek at his
little sister's (and sexy older cousin's) panties, when the girl
stopped him on the way out the door, after lunch.
     Lori had been TRYING to speak to the older boy all morning
long; to apologize for leaving in the middle of the night like
that; but the older boy had seemed to be avoiding her.  Could it
be that he was mad at her for climbing into bed with him?
"Mark!" she said; finally catching him alone; just before he
climbed on his bike and left again, "can I talk to you for a
     Mark looked down at his little sister.  Pug nose and brown
long hair, matching brown eyes, and cute sexy body (for a
10-year-old) peered back at him.  Mark LIKED his little sister;
as mentioned before.  "What's up, short-stuff?" he asked.  Lori
was tall for 10; but still short compared to her 14-year-old
     The little girl grinned back.  If he could kid; then so
could she.  "Well, String-Bean," she replied; referring to his
skinniness, "I just wanted to apologize for sneaking into your
bed like that, last night.  I won't do it again.  I'm sorry I
bothered you like that.  OK?"
     When her brother just looked at her with his jaw-gaping and
didn't answer, Lori felt REALLY bad.  The older boy looked like
he had been hit by a semi.
     "I'm sorry," she sniffled, "I won't do it again.  But you
DID say you wanted me to."  Lori looked as if she was about to
burst out crying.
     If the older boy wasn't careful, he knew he was going to
have a bawling little girl on his hands; and how would he explain
THIS to their parents?  Especially, when they wanted to know what
he had done to make the little girl cry?
     "Hey, Short-Stuff," he said gently; cradling her face in his
hands, and tipping her head up to look at him.  "I'm NOT mad at
you.  Quite the opposite, in fact."
     By now, the implications of the little girl's words had
sunken it.  It HADN'T been just a "wet-dream."  And Lori had
LIKED it!  Or at least, she hadn't minded; which to the horny boy
was almost as good.
     "You're not?" she sniffled.
     "No.  In fact, I enjoyed it very much," he reassured her.
     "You DID?"  Lori wasn't sure whether to believe her big
brother, or not.
     "Uhuh.  In fact, I wish we could do that EVERY night."  (The
understatement of the year.)
     "Really?  You mean you wouldn't mind me sleeping with you
     Talk about a horny teenager's wet dream!


     "I'd LOVE it," he understated.  "Especially, if you let me
put my 'thing' in you, like I did last night . . . you remember?"
     Lori barely did.  Whatever her big brother was talking about
though, hadn't bothered her, that was for sure.  If he wanted to
do the same thing again, then so did she.  Like her the older
boy, Lori LIKED her big brother.
     "Well, OK," she replied, "if you're sure you won't mind."
     "I'm sure," he said; unable to restrain a grin at the
thought of "minding" having his little sister slip into his bed;
where with any luck at all, he could slip his swollen prick into
HER; just like he had the night before.
     As the little girl turned to go, grinning now, another
thought struck him.
     "Uh, Lori?" he said.
     The little girl raised two bright eyes at her big brother.
If the older boy had asked her to go into his bedroom right then
and had wanted to fuck her properly, the little girl wouldn't
have raised an objection even if it had hurt, which it probably
would have.  Lori was too grateful to have raised an objection.
Only Mark was thinking of something else.
     "If Mom or Dad find out you're sleeping in my bed," he said,
"they might get mad at both of us."
     Lori's mouth make a silent "Oh" at her big brother.
     "So we've got to be careful," he warned her.  "If we don't,
I'm pretty sure they'll make us stop."  The second-biggest
understatement of the year.
     Lori thought about it.  Somehow, she knew her brother was
right.  The little girl hated to lie to her parents . . . On the
other hand, who said she would be lying?  Mark and Lori lived in
their bedrooms at one end of the house, while their parents lived
at the other.  The two little kids in the middle, wouldn't be any
bother; as they knew better than to snoop in their older
siblings' rooms.  As long as they didn't go ASKING if they could
sleep together, they wouldn't be breaking any rules if they did.
After all, how many parents tell their children not to sleep
together.  In fact, many kids did just that (when they were both
the same sex).  So why not?
     Lori decided her big brother was right.  As long as they
didn't ask, they were OK.
     That night, Lori waited until the house calmed down, and
slipped into her big brother's bed a whole hour earlier than the
previous night.
     This time, it wasn't any surprise to the little girl, when
her big brother's thick prick slipped inside her hole; spasming
her tight little vagina full of thick slippery cum before the
older boy had barely gotten inside her.  So Mark was able to
clean up this time; having brought enough tissues to wipe with;
so they didn't get another "wet-spot" on the bed.  Only they did
     When he woke up in the night next to his sleeping little
sister, the older boy just couldn't resist "slipping the meat" to
the little girl, one more time.  For almost 10 minutes this time,
Mark was able to enjoy the child's tight little hole massaging
the end of his prick, before he exploded with another big wave of
incestuous cum in the child's belly.


     Then, when she woke up in the morning, with her big
brother's seed still squishing inside her, Lori didn't object
when the older boy wanted to do it again.  This time, he managed
to get almost three inches of fat brotherly prick inside the
little girl, before feeling his sister's tight little slit
massaging his penis got to be too much for Mark; and he exploded
yet another wave of hot slippery cum inside his little sister's
     By the third night, Lori had gotten used to feeling her
brother sliding in and out, and had begun to enjoy the stuffed
feeling of his prick swelling inside her hole before spitting
warm sticky cum inside her body.
     It was two weeks before she had her first climax though; and
almost three months before they were both "getting off" one
night, and their lovemaking got so violent that one second Mark
was halfway inside her, and the next his prick was buried to the
hilt in the child's body, while his prick spat wave after wave of
hot sticky cum at his little sister's uterus; until her belly was
full of her big brother's seed, and his incestuous sperm was
soaking into her developing womb.
     Lori was sore for three days after that; but by the end of
the week neither sibling was happy until the older boy had slid
his swollen prick ALL the way up inside his little sister's tight
little hole, and squirted at least three good shots of thick
white cum directly at the child's developing young womb.  By
then, Mark had learned about girls and their virginities, so
neither sibling was worried about Lori losing hers.
     Each night, Lori would wait until their parents had settled
down for the night, then slip across the hall to her big
brother's bed.  Then, the two siblings would fuck, until both got
off.  Afterwards they would settle down to sleep spoon-fashion.
Sometimes Mark would sleep with his prick inside his little
sister, but usually it was too limp after "getting off" in the
little girl, to even have a chance to slide back inside her.
     Sometimes he would wake in the night, and fuck his little
sister while the little girl slept; sending even more splashes of
incestuous seed squirting against the child's uterus.  Usually,
in the morning they would manage a second (or third) fuck, before
getting up.  Lori got in the habit of placing an alarm-clock
under their pillow, before going to sleep.
     Then, she would go to the bathroom and clean up; before
returning to her room to get dressed.
     By the time Lori was 12 and having periods, both siblings
knew just what they were doing, but neither could stop.  Mark
TRIED; but the feeling of his little sister's naked body
snuggling up to his, while her hot voice tickled in his ear,
"'wanna fuck, Big Brother?" was always enough to cause his
resolves to crumble, like a cookie in a bucket of hot water.  And
by then Lori could no more resist her big brother, than he could
resist her.  The dangers of her getting pregnant just seemed to
ADD to the nastily-obscene thrill of a brother fucking his own
cute little 13-year-old sister.


     Yes, 13-year-old.  It was amazing that they got away with it
as long as they did; with the older boy's potent seed squirting
in thick white spurts into his little sister's unprotected young
womb for over three years.  Neither sibling even THOUGHT of
birth-control; as they knew that if their parents ever found
condoms, pills, or diaphragms around (or even contraceptive-
jelly) then the relationship of the two children would become
     As said, it was absolutely amazing, that they got away with
it as long as they did.  In fact, Lori was over 6 months pregnant
with her brother's baby, and it was only the fact that they
overslept one morning, that kept them from having almost another
whole month of incestuous relations, before the girl's swollen
tummy made her parents suspicious.  At the time, they just
thought she was getting fat.
     Still, Lori would never forget that morning when their
parents came looking for the two children, after they had almost
completely worn each other out sexually, the night before.  When
Lori's mother found her son sleeping, naked, with his arm wrapped
protectively around his little sister's swollen belly that in HER
nakedness now became obvious, the explosion almost brought the
house down.
     Two days later, her big brother was gone, and Lori was left
alone to raise their child.  Her parents never told her what
happened to her big brother; though Lori thought he had gone into
one of the services, who took young men at 17.  From snippets of
overheard by the weeping young girl, of the horrible argument,
she gathered her brother was given either that choice, of getting
out immediately, or of being charged with statutory-rape and
incest, with his own sister.
     Ever since that day, Lori had never heard a word from her
big brother.  Unknown to her, Lori's parents tore up every letter
the older boy sent; until after about three years of never
getting a reply, he finally stopped writing.
     Her parents hadn't treated the little girl much better than
they did her big brother; acting as if they were ashamed to have
her in the same house.  Previously, Lori had been "Daddy's little
girl."  Now, her parents ignored her; just insisting that she go
to school, and feeding and clothing her as if it was some odious
chore.  Lori walked out of the house one night, about 6 months
after her 17th birthday, with her 5-year-old daughter under one
arm, and never went back.
     Now, almost 8 years later, she had finally met a man who
didn't think she was a slut for having a daughter out of wedlock.
She was almost inclined to marry the big lug.
       Things had gotten a little wild in their lovemaking
though.  Lori had never intended to have her daughter get
     Lori had met Jack while working at the lounge in the
airport.  From the first, the two had hit it off; and sometimes
Lori couldn't believe her luck.  After all, pilots usually had
their pick of pretty girls; flitting from one to the other, like
a bee goes from one pretty flower to the next, to pollinate all
of them he could.


     Only Jack hadn't been like that; seeming to look for one
particular girl, until he found her in Lori.  What it was the man
was looking for, Lori didn't know at first.  In fact, she hadn't
figured it out until tonight.
     The man's goatee and polished manner had just swept her off
her feet.  At first, she had been scared the older man would be
put-off when he found she had a teenaged daughter, but (except
for a pointed leer at Lori, which the man made sure the young
girl didn't see) the child had made out handsomely with her
mother's new boyfriend.  Now, Lori wondered if they didn't get
along TOO well.
     She had been in the throes of an enormous climax, for the
first time in YEARS, when the little girl had calmly walked in on
them; as naked as the two rutting adults on her mother's bed.
     "Boy, he's GOOD, isn't he?" observed the naked little
13-year-old; staring in fascination at the enormous dong sliding
in and out of her mother's hairy slit.  "Can I try him when
you're done?  Please, Momma?"
     That had been four hours earlier.  How Lori had let herself
be talked into letting her nubile young daughter have full
unprotected vaginal intercourse with her boyfriend, she still
wasn't sure.  Somehow she found herself biting her fist, just to
keep from saying anything, as she watched the older man shove his
prick to the root in her child's belly, before a first, second,
then a third bulge rippled through the tube on the bottom of the
man's prick, and she knew the man's sperm was even then racing to
find her little girl's ripening eggs.  Even knowing her daughter
was right between periods and at the peak of her fertilily, Lori
found she could no more speak up to stop their frantic mating
than she had been able to resist the idea of letting the older
man stick his bare prick in the child's unprotected sex in the
first place.
     Only when she was sure her lover had planted every drop of
precious seed he had in the child's womb (matching the thick gobs
he had planted in HER unprotected sex not half a day earlier) did
the woman speak up.
     "Well Mark," she asked; thus admitting for the first time
that she recognized her older brother, despite his increased age,
greater-height, mustache, goatee, and hair-dye, "how did you like
fucking your own daughter and getting her pregnant . . . just
like you did your little sister?"