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From: "Frank McCoy" <>
Subject: REPOST: LLSISTER.TXT "My Little Sister" (mfff, incest, cons, pedo, preg)
Date: 27 Aug 1999 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <7q756a$pa6$>
Organization: S.F.P.I.A.

                         My Little Sister
                         An Erotic Story

     ". . . Billy yet?"  Hearing my name from my little sister's
bedroom, got my attention.  Usually, I don't pry into Chrissie's
business, or even Cindy's, when they have friends over to visit.
However, being in charge, while Momma and Daddy are on vacation,
makes me pay a little more attention to my sisters, especially
when my name is mentioned.
     Our cousin Melanie was staying over, (Momma had given her
permission, before she left, with the understanding that they
were BOTH to do anything I said, while I was in charge.  When
Momma first said that, I spent a few moments fantasizing about
the "anything" I'd like to have my cute little cousin do.  Then
Momma caught my eye.  She didn't say anything, but I am almost
certain she knew what I was thinking.  I wonder if it was my
imagination, but as she was giving Chrissie last-minute
instructions, I could almost swear she smiled.)
     Anyway, I listened a little closer to what was going on in
my 9-year-old little sister's bedroom.  Cindy was playing
outside, so I wasn't worried about her catching me eavesdropping
on her older sister.
     "Oh no.  I couldn't.  He's my big BROTHER!"
     "So what?  Mike is MY big brother."
     I wondered what Melanie was talking about.  My mind almost
exploded in sexual fantasies, before I realized that the little
girl was probably talking about playing some kind of prank on me.
I decided I'd better keep on listening, if only in self defense.
Eight and nine-year-old little girl's pranks could be painful
     "You don't mean you actually? . . ."  Chrissie's voice
trailed off.
     "Uhuh.  You should try it.  It feels good!"  Melanie's voice
was almost a giggle.
     My jaw dropped.  Melanie couldn't mean what I thought she
did, could she?
     "But what if he? . . . I meant that white-stuff.  What if it
gets inside me?"
     "White-stuff?" I thought.  She couldn't mean. . . She did.
     "So what?" said Melanie.  "My big brother's been squirting
his white-stuff up inside my tummy, for over two years now.  As I
said, it feels good."
     "Yep.  Of course, it doesn't feel as good as when Daddy does
it, but he's a lot bigger than Mike.  He squirts a lot more
white-stuff in me too."
     Chrissie's voice was almost a whisper, "You FATHER puts his
'thing' in you too?  Since you were 6 years old?  I don't believe
     "Of course not dummy.  I said Mike did.  Daddy's only been
able to get his thing in me, for about a month or so.  Before
that, it wouldn't fit.  Still, if you think THAT'S something, you
should see Ginny do it."


     "Oh my God!"  Chrissie sounded like she had a hard time
believing our little cousin.  I didn't blame her.  I almost
didn't believe it myself.  Still, that didn't keep me from having
the biggest hard-on in my life.  Much as I normally would have
been ashamed of myself for listening in on my little sister and
cousin, you couldn't have pulled me away from that doorway now,
with a whole team of horses.  It sounded like our cousin was not
only fucking her big brother and her daddy as well, but she was
trying to talk my little sister into. . . into. . . into fucking
ME?  Wow!  I wasn't sure if I wanted her to succeed, or not, but
I knew I was definitely interested.
     Aw, who am I kidding?  Once I figured out what Melanie was
talking about, I wanted her to succeed so bad, I could almost
taste it.  The thought of slipping my big cock up inside my 9-
year-old little sister's tight little slit, almost had me wasting
my sperm in a stream down the leg of my swimsuit, instead of up
inside the belly of either of the two little girls in the other
room, where it belonged.
     "Well," I thought to myself, "even if she DOESN'T convince
my sister, maybe I can get in her tight little panties, instead."
It turned out, that Melanie had almost the same idea.
     "Well," she pouted, "if you don't want to, do you mind if I
     "With Billy?"  My little sister's voice was muffled.
     "Why not?  He's such a hunk.  God, if he were here right
now, I'd. . . Oh.  Oh don't stop.  Unh.  Oh God, why can't Daddy
or Mike, or SOMEBODY be here to fuck me?  It's been two days now,
and I'm going to scream if I don't feel a cock inside me pretty
     I figured that was my cue.  Slipping out of my swim-trunks,
I headed into my little sister's bedroom, naked as the day I was
born.  I knew I was asking for trouble, but if things worked out
the way I hoped, it would be worth it.
     Of course, if they didn't. . . Well Momma and Daddy could
only kill me.  For the chance to stick my cock in my cute little
cousin's tight little hole, it was worth the risk.  And if I got
to stick it in my little sister as well. . .
     "You mean, you'd let Billy actually stick his 'thing' up
inside you, and squirt that white-stuff in you, if he was here?"
The muffled voice of my 9-year-old sister repeated my thoughts,
and asked the very question I was wanting to pose myself.
     As I entered the room, I could see why Chrissie's voice
sounded muffled.  The little girl was lying on her back on the
bed, with her head towards me, and our little 8-year-old cousin
was on top of her facing the other way.  Chrissie's face was
almost hidden between Melanie's thighs, and she was working two
fingers in and out of our cousin's tight little slit.
     "EEeekk!" squeaked Chrissie, as she saw me approach, with my
pre-cum dribbling cock sticking out in front of me like a billy-
     "You like that, do you?" came Melanie's voice.  She
obviously thought it was whatever she was doing to my little
sister, that had caused her to squeak.
     I shook my head at Chrissie, and put my finger on my lips,
as I approached.


     Chrissie's eyes got real big, but she didn't say anything,
as my sister watched me come up behind my cousin; where I pulled
her sticky fingers out of the little girl, and then replaced them
with my cum-dribbling cock.
     "Oh don't stop, I. . . I. . . IIeeeEE!   OH!  Ohmigod!  Oh,
do it!"  Melanie's voice rose almost to a shriek, as I slid
inside her.
     Whatever else she had been doing, I don't think the little
girl had been lying about her big brother and father.  I rubbed
the knob of my prick up and down the little girl's crack only
once, and then pushed it inside.  I felt the little girl's hole
stretch, stretch, then unbelievably stretch some more, as a tight
ring surrounded the head of my prick, before snapping inside the
little girl's cunny, where it clamped down on me with a pressure
that was almost painful.  Almost.  I pulled out a fraction of an
inch, then slid inside a little farther.  I had grabbed my cousin
by the waist, as I worked to stuff even more of my engorged penis
inside the little 8-year-old, while my own little sister watched
in amazement.
     I would like to say I fucked the cute little kid for over an
hour, before filling her tight little cunny with my sperm.  The
truth is: I had barely gotten a little more than two inches
inside her, when my cock started spewing thick sticky ropes of
cum in her.  Oh God!  I wanted to be bottomed out in the little
girl when I came in her, not just barely inside her!  Hurriedly,
I slid my still spewing cock out about an inch, then shoved it as
hard as I could up inside her.  This time, I was more successful.
Almost 3/4 of my cock slid inside the little girl's body as,
lubricated by the sperm I had already deposited in the child, and
her own arousal, it found easier going.
     The tight ring slipped down almost to the base of my prick,
just about the time Melanie's body realized what had happened and
started milking and squeezing on the fat cylinder that was
filling her tummy so nicely.
     I couldn't do any more.  I just stood there behind the
little girl, and let myself go, spewing wave after wave of warm
sticky seed into my own sexy 8-year-old cousin's tightly
squeezing little slit, filling her tummy with every drop of
incestuous sperm that I had in me.
     Melanie wasn't complaining.  Once I started to slow down,
and my frantic pulses of thick sticky cum slowed to squirts, and
then just a dribble, the little girl pulled up, then pushed back
as hard as she could, so that the rest of my cock slid all the
way home inside her, where the last little dribbles of my cum
trickled into her vagina, up next to her womb.  I couldn't
believe the little 8-year-old girl had taken all seven inches of
my cock up inside her, but she obviously had.  Her story about
fucking her big brother and even her own father, suddenly seemed
a lot more believable.
     All this time, nobody had said a word.  I was suddenly
embarrassed, as I realized I had just walked up to my own cousin,
and fucked her tight little cunny; squirting her belly full of
incestuous cum, without even a "How-do-you-do."  I needn't have


     "Oh boy, That was good!" murmured Melanie.  "God, you're
almost as big as Daddy, and I don't think even HE cums in me THAT
good.  I bet you shot enough sperm in me to knock up a regiment
of little girls."
     OhmiGOD!  "I'm sorry, Mel.  I just didn't think!"  I moaned.
"What are we going to do?"  My prick wilted like an overheated
marshmallow at the thought of getting my favorite cousin in
     Melanie giggled.  "Oh don't be silly," she said, "You can
cum in me all you want.  Heck, I'm only 8 years old, you know.
Momma didn't get pregnant until she was 16, and she was fucking
her father, her big brother, her uncle, and Daddy, ever since she
was nine.  That's why you should fuck Chrissie here, while she
can still enjoy it, without having to worry."
     "Pregnant?" asked Chrissie.
     "Don't worry about it," said Melanie.  "It's something that
happens when you get older, and your father squirts that white-
stuff up inside you.  We're both too young to worry about that
     I thought about stories I had heard about little girls as
young as 10, with big bellies, but figured Melanie was right.  No
need to have my little sister worry about getting knocked up,
when most girls don't get pregnant until they're at least 14.
Besides, I hadn't even fucked Chrissie yet, only Melanie, and she
was only eight.  Still, even the thought of  getting the little
girl pregnant, was enough to bring renewed life back into my
     "Oooh, I feel that," said Melanie, squirming back a little,
to seat my stiffening cock a little farther up inside her
squeezing little tube.  "But it's Chrissie's turn now.  Why don't
you slide that big thing up inside your little sister, so SHE can
feel what it's like too?"  With this, my cousin slid her tight
little cunny off my prick, with an audible "pop" and started
swinging my little sister around to where her bare little cunny
was facing my still cum-dribbling prick.
     "But what if I don't? . . ."  Chrissie's objections were
ignored by Melanie, as she pulled on my prick, and directed it up
against my little sister's crack.
     "See," she said, "that's your big brother's sperm dripping
off the end of his cock.  Wouldn't you like to feel that thick
sticky white-stuff spurting and sliding up inside your tummy
where it belongs?  I always like it, when Daddy squirts his baby-
juice up inside me where it belongs."
     "Huh?  Baby-juice?" asked Chrissie.
     "Forget it," said Melanie, "just ask your brother to squirt
his sperm up in your tummy, where it belongs.  I'm sure your big
brother wouldn't mind doing that for you."
     Mind?  Heck, I would have given a year's allowance for the
chance to squirt my little sister's tight little cunny full of
sperm.  Melanie seemed to know that.  On the one hand, she kept
reassuring us how it was safe for me to squirt my sperm in my
little sister, then on the other, she kept reminding me how I
MIGHT be making a baby in the little girl, if I did.  I kept
teling myself, that Melanie was right, Chrissie was MUCH too
young to have a baby yet.


     My cock didn't believe it though.  Just the thought of my
little sister's flat little tummy bulging with my baby kicking
and squirming inside, was almost enough to make me waste my cum
all over the outside her 9-year-old belly, instead of inside it,
where it belonged.
     Melanie seemed to sense this; and grabbing my leaking prick,
she pushed the head of it down into Chrissie's little slit,
before my sister could object any more.  There was a slight
popping sensation, and the head of my prick vanished into my
little sister's body.
     "Ow!" said Chrissie.
     "Oh!" I groaned.  I was almost ready to repeat my action
with Melanie, and fill my little sister's womb with sperm, before
I got all the way inside her.  Almost.  Luckily, having already
squirted my cousin's tight little slit full of incestuous cum,
not ten minutes before, I was able to hold out, while Chrissie
got used to having her crack stuffed with her own brother's cock.
     Only for a minute though.  Once Melanie saw that Chrissie
was getting accustomed to feeling my cock inside her, she told me
to, "Go on, Billy, Push it all the way up inside her."
     I was too horny to think straight, or even remember that
Chrissie was still a virgin, unlike our younger cousin.  Heck, I
had been a virgin myself, not ten minutes before.  I wasn't
sophisticated enough to even think of my little sister having a
problem.  I mean, Melanie was almost a year younger than
Chrissie, and SHE hadn't had any trouble taking all of my cock up
inside her.  So, why should I have known that Chrissie would?
     Yeah, I know; I'm rationalizing.  I should have known.
After all, I'm over 6 years older than my little sister.  Yes,
and I've had sex-education class, and everything.  All I can say
is: I didn't think about it.  Didn't think. . . Got it?
     I jammed my cock up inside my little sister, like I had
wanted to do with Melanie.
     Chrissie's eyes opened so wide, it was almost comical.
There was a tearing ripping sensation, and suddenly my cock had
vanished all the way up inside my little sister's body, and her
tight little cunny-lips were tightly stretched around the base.
Oh GOD, did that feel good.  Chrissie was almost as tight inside
as Melanie, and twice as hot.  I knew I wouldn't last long,
before I filled the little girl's tight little slit with my
sperm.  I did my best to hold still, so I wouldn't spoil it for
my little sister, by cumming too soon.
     It's a good thing I did.  The first thing I knew about
something being wrong, was when Chrissie let out a screech that
made me wonder if Momma could hear three states away.  Chrissie
wrapped her legs around me, trapping me inside her, as the
unexpected pain in her belly struck her like a bolt of lightning.
     "OW!" she yelled again, then turned to Melanie, as the pain
eased a little.  "You didn't tell me it hurt!" she accused us.
     "Only the first time. . . Well, maybe the second, a little,"
said Melanie.  "To tell the truth, it happened to me so long ago,
that I'd forgotten it hurt the first time.  I'm sorry, Chris,
it'll feel a LOT better next time, believe me."
     "Well, if you're sure."  Chrissie looked at both of us, for


     We both nodded.
     "Heck, you just saw ME getting fucked," said Melanie.  "It
didn't seem to hurt ME, did it?"
     Reassured, Chrissie turned back to me.  "Do it Billy," she
said.  "I don't want old 'blood and guts' here, to think I'm
     "Really, you'll like it next time," said Melanie.
     Both Chrissie and I ignored our little cousin.  Chrissie,
because she was trying to ignore the pain, and feel the good
parts, and me, because I was trying to keep from cumming, before
I had enjoyed the squeezing tightness of my little sister's
cunny, as long as I had been dreaming about.  I slid out about an
inch, and then back inside my sister.
     "Ouch," said Chrissie.
     "Sorry," I said.  I was, but not TOO sorry.  The exquisite
feel of my little sister's tight little tube squeezing and
milking on my prick was almost too much.  Still, I managed to
hold off, and slid back out about another inch, and then slid all
the way home in my sister's belly.
     "Oohh," said Chrissie.  Then at my worried look, "It's OK,
Billy, it's starting to feel good."
     I could tell.  My little sister's cunny was rippling up and
down my cock, like a milking machine.  It was too much.  I
couldn't wait, until Chrissie reached her orgasm, as much as I
wanted to.  My prick exploded in my little sister's belly.  Pulse
after pulse of warm sticky sperm spat out of the bloated head of
my penis, and into the warm welcoming recesses of my own little
sister's tight little belly.
     As I suddenly began squirting my sperm in my little sister,
I vaguely became aware of my 8-year-old cousin hugging and
kissing me, while she encouraged me to, "Do it Billy, cum in her.
Squirt your sperm in your little sister.  Daddy always says he'd
like to knock me up.  How'd you like to do that to your little
sister?  Go on Billy do it.  Squirt your nasty old sperm in the
kid's belly, and let her feel what it's like to have a baby.  Go
on, squirt your nasty old baby-juice in your little sister, and
knock the kid up."
     Melanie kept murmuring the nasty things in my ear, where
Chrissie couldn't hear, but I could.  It was almost too much.
Even though I knew Chrissie was too young to have a baby yet, the
thought of the little kid with a big belly, as my baby grew
inside her, was too exciting for words.
     Melanie told me later, that her father had taught her how
exciting it was to a man, to cum inside a woman, when he knew she
was fertile, or there was at least a CHANCE he might be getting
her pregnant.  She wanted to give me that thrill, of knocking up
my little sister, even though the chance wasn't really there.
She told me later, that when she started having periods, she was
going to let her daddy cum inside her, so he could at least have
a CHANCE of getting her pregnant.  At the time though, I only
knew that my cousin's lewd suggestions were causing me to squirt
more sperm in my little sister, than I thought I had in me.


     After a while, I didn't.  My little sister had it all.  I
only stopped when I felt the last little dribble of cum ooze into
Chrissie's tight little crack.  I felt like I would never fuck
again, as my limp cock finally slipped from my little sister's
crack, and flopped down on my leg.
     Chrissie just lay there, with an obscene white bubble of my
seed oozing up out of her freshly-fucked little crack.  "Oooh,"
she said, "can we do it again?  It was starting to feel good
there, at the end."
     For a moment, there was silence.  Then, first Melanie
started to giggle, then I did.  After a minute, Chrissie got the
joke, and started to giggle as well.  About a minute later, we
were all howling with laughter, clutching each other madly, as we
choked and spluttered.  It was like this, that our little sister
found us.
     "Hey!  What's so Goddamn funny?" said Cindy, not even
noticing that we were all naked, let alone the white greasy sperm
dribbling out of her cousin and big sister's cracks, or streaking
my prick with white.
     "I thought I heard a scream, like someone was getting hurt,"
she grumbled, "and what do I find, but three idiots laughing like
hyenas.  Humph!"  This set us all off on another round of howling
     Cindy finally stalked off, when she realized she wasn't
going to get much sense out of the three of us.  She never even
noticed the almost overpowering smell of sex, that permeated the
room.  Later, we had to open the windows for two hours, before
the smell reduced to just a sexy memory.
     Well, that was the start.  That night, after Cindy had gone
to bed, Melanie and Chrissie sneaked into my room, where we did
it again.  Only this time, not being so over-sexed, by it being
the first time for me, I was able to get Chrissie off (with
Melanie's help) before I filled the little girl's womb with
incestuous sperm.  After I did Chrissie, I fucked Melanie again.
     GOD is that kid tight!  Even after squirting my sperm in my
little sister, I could barely get my cock all the way inside the
little kid, before I filled HER belly with thick greasy cum.  I
needn't have worried though, feeling me pissing my sperm in her
tummy, was all the little girl needed to get her off as well.
Melanie tells me that I'm almost as good a fuck as her daddy is,
and I've just started.  I think she's just humoring me.  But on
the other hand, I don't have any evidence to the contrary; as she
always seems to get off on feeling me squirt my sperm inside her.
     I asked her, if her father and big-brother weren't missing
her, since she wasn't there to make them squirt in her, like she
usually did.  Melanie told me not to worry, as her little sister
Ginny had been only too happy to take over the job of getting
both her father and big brother off.
     God!  Ginny's only 5 years old (Well, almost 6.)  The
thought of that little kid taking her father's big cock (Which
Melanie says is slightly bigger than mine.) up inside her tight
little hole, almost had me cumming, without even touching my
cousin.  Then I thought about how tight she must be inside: Even
tighter than Melanie; and I came all over my cousin's hand.


     Melanie surprised me.  She didn't get a rag and clean it up.
The little girl bent over, and took my still-spewing cock in her
mouth, and SUCKED up every sticky drop, not stopping, until she
had licked it all up, including what I had at first "wasted" all
over her hand.  God that felt good.  Melanie then showed Chrissie
how to do it, and told me that her father sometimes preferred
this, to actually cumming inside her cunny.  I guess.  Not me
     Once Melanie found out how I felt about her little sister,
she promised to send her over sometime, so that I could squirt my
sperm inside the little girl.  (She did too.)
     It was about a week later, when Ginny came over one
afternoon.  I must have fucked the little kid about 5 times;
leaving about a gallon of sperm in the little girl's tight little
hole.  I was right.  The kid was unbelievably tight.  Not only
that, but she was short inside too.  I was only able to get a
little over half my prick inside the little girl before I bumped
up against her cervix.  I would have been happy to fuck the
little kid with only half my prick, she was so tight; but Ginny
insisted that I push my cock ALL the way up inside her anyway.
She insisted that it wouldn't hurt her; so I did.  After pushing
real hard, for a second or two, I felt an inner ring slide down
over the head of my prick, like an incredibly tight
vagina-within-a-vagina.  After catching her breath, Ginny told me
I had my prick inside her womb; and she wanted me to fuck her
that way; and squirt my baby-juice inside her womb, just like her
father and big brother did.
     The thought was too much.  I did just as the little girl
asked; filling the child's womb with squirt after squirt of thick
sticky sperm.  It was no wonder that Uncle Bob, and Mike didn't
miss Melanie, with this cute little sperm-extraction device in
the house.  I told this to Ginny, and she giggled.  Then she
asked me to do it again.  I did; and again, and again.  As I
said, I must have left about a gallon of sperm in the cute little
kid's tight little belly.  Every drop of it went right into the
little girl's womb too.  Ginny never went to the bathroom, that
afternoon; and I know she never leaked a drop.
     When the little girl left, she must have had every drop of
my sperm still held inside her womb, by the tight little muscles
of her cervix.  Ginny told me she was going home, and lie down,
so it could soak in.  Well, I could imagine her lying down but I
don't imagine she got much rest; as her father and big brother
were both waiting over there, to hear what happened.  I imagine
that by the time the little girl went to sleep that night, she
must have been carrying about THREE gallons of incestuous cum
inside her tight little tummy.
     After that, I would occasionally fuck the little kid, but
mostly I fucked Melanie.  Well, actually, I mostly fucked
Chrissie.  I mean, that between the two sisters, I must have
fucked Melanie about four or five times to each time I fucked her
little sister.  Melanie was always incredibly tight, but Ginny,


     I guess, it's a good thing that Ginny didn't make a play for
me, (she preferred her father, and big brother) as I would have
probably been in the hospital, from overexertion.  That little
kid could fuck the whole family under the table.  In a way,
that's why Melanie was so available.  With her little sister
draining her father and big brother, the little girl would quite
often come over to see me, so she could get some relief.
     As I say though; mostly I fucked Chrissie.  After that
weekend, Chrissie started sneaking into my bed every night and
fucking me, so she could get to sleep.  Usually, she'd fall
asleep in my bed, and I would quite often slip my prick up into
the little girl's tight little hole, and go to sleep with my
prick still dribbling sperm in the little girl.
     In the morning, I would usually fuck Chrissie again; and
start her off in the morning with a fresh load of baby-juice
soaking in her womb.  Then she would sneak back into her room,
before Cindy woke up.
     Cindy never did figure out what was going on.  She knew that
Chrissie and I had some big secret we shared with our cousin, but
never did figure out what it was.
     This went on, for almost the whole month that Momma and
Daddy were gone.  I'd usually fuck Chrissie two or three times a
day, and maybe once or twice at night.  It seemed like I must
have spasmed the little girl's womb full of incestuous cum over a
hundred times, in the month Momma and Daddy were away.
     Melanie would come over once or twice a week, and I would
usually manage to sneak at least ONE quick squirt in her tummy,
whenever she did.  Sometimes, we managed to almost repeat that
first afternoon, and I would fuck first Melanie, and then my
sister, and then start over again until my peter was too soft to
go into even the most slack and willing of holes, let alone the
tight little slits of my sister and cousin.
     I would usually manage to leave at least two good squirts of
sperm in both Melanie's tight little tunnel, and another two or
three squirts of baby-juice in my little sister's squeezing
little slit, as well.  For a super-horny 16-year-old boy, it was
like heaven.  Only a Moslem-heaven, with two always-ready houris
to service my every sexual need.
     Then our parents came back from their vacation/second-
honeymoon.  After that, Chrissie couldn't sneak into my bedroom
every night, so it became a lot harder for us to fuck.  Sometimes
we had to wait, until Melanie came over, so that one of the two
could act as lookout, while I fucked the other one.
     Still, even then it was a rare day that I didn't fuck my
little sister at least once; sending her out to play in the
morning, or at least to bed at night, with a fresh helping of her
own big brother's seed warming her cute little tummy.
     I don't know how long we could have gone on like this,
without being caught; as Cindy was getting more and more
suspicious; and it was getting harder and harder to slip my prick
in my little sister, without any one catching us.  But about
three months after we started, it became obvious what we were
doing anyway.


      That day, Momma took us down to buy school clothes for the
coming semester.  Yeah, you guessed it.  Chrissie's pants were
too tight.
     At first, Momma didn't believe it, when she got first a
size-larger, then THREE sizes larger, and the dress STILL
wouldn't fit around Chrissie's waist.  When only a "short-plump"
style dress that was five-times larger than what she had worn the
year before, fitted Chrissie, Momma knew something was wrong.  Up
to then, Chrissie had always been the "tall-slim" type, so Momma
knew she had better find out what was going on.  At first, Momma
was worried that Chrissie might have a tumor or something.  After
all, 9-year-olds don't usually get pregnant. Then Momma saw our
faces, and figured everything out.
     Momma left the clothes in the aisle of the store, called
Daddy at work, and headed for home.  Chrissie and I figured we
were in for it.
     That night was sheer torture.  Momma and Daddy didn't say a
word to either of us, but they called our uncle and aunt from
next door, and even Grandpa from across town.
     The first intimation Chrissie and I had, that things were
going to be OK, was when Grandpa came over.  He stopped on the
way to the living room, where our parents were still huddled, and
looked us over.
     "So, these are the two lovebirds, huh?" he said with a
twinkle in his eye, then patted me on the back, saying, "Good
boy," before heading in to join our parents.
     That night, when we headed off to bed, Daddy interrupted
Chrissie, as she headed for her room.  He grabbed her by the arm,
and steered her down the hall to MY room, saying, "Aren't you
going to sleep with your brother, Chrissie?"  Both Chrissie and I
gaped at Daddy, as he pushed her inside with me.
     Daddy gave us both a big grin, and said, "You take good care
of your little sister, Billy.  She's going to need  lot of
loving, before that baby gets here."
     "Baby?" said Chrissie, looking at me puzzled, "What baby?"
     "Our baby," I explained.  Then I had to spend the rest of
the night, (Well, almost all.) explaining to her just what had
happened, how babies were made, and what would happen to her now.
Part of it was fun; as I got to demonstrate several times, just
HOW babies were made.  Chrissie still liked to screw, just as
much as ever.
     The only REAL regret she had, was that she hadn't known we
were making a baby in her tummy, when we did it.  I'm STILL
apologizing for that one.  Still, I hadn't really known she COULD
get pregnant, at that age.
     It turned out, that far from being mad at the two of us for
fucking, Momma and Daddy are proud that we love each other enough
to do it right, and make a baby.  Most boys are so afraid of
knocking their little sisters up, that they won't even screw
them, let alone squirt their sperm right up inside their little
sister's unprotected belly, like I did, and make a baby in her.
     As I said, Momma and Daddy are proud of me, for making a
baby in my little sister.  So proud in fact, that they sent Cindy
down to join us a few weeks later, so that I could get her
pregnant too.


     Momma had me show Cindy how I squirted my sperm In
Chrissie's belly, to get her pregnant.  Then, she had me take my
still sperm-dripping penis, and put it up inside our little
sister, so she could feel what it's like to have a baby too.
     At first, Cindy whimpered a little, (She didn't want to
'chicken out' in front of the whole family.)  Then she let me
squirt my sperm inside her, so she could be a "big girl" like
     God was the little shit tight!  I always thought Ginny was
tight, but I almost couldn't get my prick inside Cindy!  (Of
course, Ginny had already been fucked, by her big brother and
father.)  Even once I DID get inside her, I could only get about
half my prick up her tight little snatch.  Still, even HALF of
your prick inside a girl as tight as Cindy, is better than ALL of
your prick in most girls.  (I found this out later.)
     When I was fucking Cindy, and was just about to cum inside
her, I wondered how Chrissie was taking it.  I mean, it looked
like she was, at the very least, going to have to share me every
night with her little sister.  At the most, Momma seemed to
expect me to do my best to impregnate Cindy, so Chrissie would
only get what was left over.
     I needn't have worried.  I was just in time to see my little
sister Chrissie slide down Daddy's big cock; making her slightly
bulging tummy bulge even more; as she said, "Ooh Daddy!  That
feels so good."  Chrissie wasn't going to be neglected.
     That was too much for me.  The erotic sight of my father
sliding his enormous prick in one little sister, while my prick
was squeezed by the unbelievably tight snatch of the other one,
was too much.  I jerked and shook, and squirted a big healthy
stream of sperm in my 7-year-old little sister.
     God, did that feel good!  Especially, when Cindy began
clamping and squeezing on me, and begging me to, "Squirt the
white-stuff that makes babies in me."
     I did.  Squirt after squirt of thick sticky cum slid into
the little girl's belly, as I did my best to impregnate my own 7-
year-old sister.  Momma, Daddy, and even Chrissie encouraged me
to do it.  No, we all know there isn't really much chance that
Cindy will really get pregnant.  Still, Momma wants to give her
every opportunity, if she can.  Momma says it would be so cute,
to have Cindy start the first-grade with a big tummy.  Come to
think of it, I think so too.

     Chrissie's belly is a lot bigger now, but she still likes to
fuck.  She says that Daddy feels even better than me inside her,
and he can squirt so much more of that white-stuff in her than I
do.  Chrissie told me she wants to have a baby by Daddy, but both
Momma and Daddy say she's got to have at least one more by me,
before she has Daddy's.  Chrissie doesn't mind too much, as she
says she likes fucking me, almost as much.  Besides, it's going
to be nice to have a little sister for our son to fuck.  (Well,
we don't KNOW it's going to be a boy, and that our next one will
be a girl, but that's what we're hoping for.)


     In the meantime, I've been fucking Cindy even more than I
used to fuck Chrissie.  By the third time, I even managed to get
my cock ALL the way up inside the little girl, by doing the same
thing I was used to doing with Ginny.  Yes, I pushed the head of
my cock right up inside the little girl's womb, and squirted my
sperm inside where it belonged.
     We've been doing this all the time now.  Usually, I even
manage to go to sleep, with the head of my prick still dribbling
sperm in my little sister's tight little womb.  Her cunny is so
tight, that it almost always keeps the head of my penis trapped
inside her womb, even when it gets soft.  Feeling my little
sister's vagina gently squeezing on my cock all night, make me
have lots of wet-dreams.  Usually, I wake up in time to feel
Cindy's uterus clamp down on my squirting cock; as I piss my
little 7-year-old sister's womb full of wet sticky cum.
     Once in a while, I get a little too violent when I cum, and
wake Cindy up.  She usually goes right back to sleep though; once
she knows it's just her big brother squirting his sperm in her
womb where it belongs.  Cindy likes the feeling of my sperm
inside her, and Momma makes sure I give her all she wants.  Momma
told Cindy to tell her if I don't squirt my white-stuff inside
her, at least once a day.
     Once a day.  Hah!  That's a laugh.  If I don't leave at
least 4 helpings of thick sticky baby-juice in the kid's tight
little tummy, then it's been a pretty poor day.
     Yes, I still fuck Melanie once in a while; though with both
Cindy and Chrissie vying for my sperm, it's tough to find extra
to squirt in her.  Of course, Ginny can always get a little
extra, being so tight.  I almost like to squirt my sperm in HER
womb, as much as in either of my little sisters.
     When it gets to be too much for me, Momma has Daddy help me
out, by having Chrissie sleep with him.  She won't let Cindy take
Daddy's sperm inside her though, until I get her pregnant.
Cindy's a little disappointed, as she knows this might be two or
three years, or even longer, before our baby starts to grow in
her tummy.  Still, we both realize how lucky  she is to be born
in a family that lets her fuck at all.  Some kids don't get to
fuck until they leave home; let alone fuck their own father.
Cindy's dream of at least FINISHING the first grade with a big
tummy, seems to get less and less likely every day, though we
keep trying.
     Both of my sisters are glad Momma and Daddy love them enough
to let them fuck me, and even have babies, as soon as possible.
Having to wait, before Daddy makes a baby in them, is worth it.
Most girls don't get to fuck their parents at all, let alone have
their babies.  We're all glad that OUR parents care about us,
enough to let us do this.
     Oh yes, Melanie was over the other day, visiting Chrissie
like usual.  I stopped in, and managed to fuck both of them,
almost like the first time.


     Just as I was about to fill Melanie's tummy with sperm, she
told me that she had just missed her period, and there was a
chance the baby was mine.  Just a chance, mind you, as it was
probably her father's, maybe her big brother's, but there's still
just a chance it might be mine.  My prick felt like it grew a
foot-long, and I must have pumped an extra quart of baby-juice in
the kid's tight little hole.
     I hadn't even known the little kid was even HAVING periods
yet, let alone missing any.  Melanie says it's because she
deliberately never told anybody.  That way, her father wouldn't
take precautions.  Melanie didn't mind getting pregnant, and she
wanted us all to have a chance to be the one who did it.  Even
     Someday, I've got to figure a way to thank that little girl
for all she's done for me.  When I told her this, Melanie patted
her tight little tummy, and said, "Maybe you already have."  I
almost left another quart of sperm in the kid's squeezing little
sleeve, but I remembered I had my sister still waiting for me to
squirt inside her.  Having a big belly, seems to make my little
sister even hornier, if possible.
     God I love those little girls.  All four of them.