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Subject: ASS. My Girl Friend's Daughter
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My Girl Friend's Daughter

I first encountered Molly at an art museum, when I wandered through
the Old Masters gallery and saw her standing
in front of a Rembrandt, staring at it with a hand on her chin.  I
stopped and stood twenty yards away from her, and
I stared at her exquisite prettiness.  She had that special blond
look, if you know what I mean.  From just seeing her
head I could tell that she had lovely, slender legs, that the skin of
her body would have a magic hue, that her breasts
would be modest in size and have roseate nipples.  She was perhaps
five feet, eight inches tall and was clad in a
tasteful pants suit which suggested a slender, but not a skinny body.
I just stood there, off to her right, and gazed at
her lovely head.  Her flaxen hair fell to her shoulders.  As I
marveled at her dainty face, her lips delightfully pursed,
she turned and looked at me.  I had been caught!  I smiled sheepishly
at the beautiful woman and then continued my
stroll through the galleries.  I had never had a woman like that, and
I had always wanted one.

About fifteen minutes later we met again, this time in the gallery
which housed abstract expressionist paintings.  I
sensed someone behind me and I turned my head to look.  It was she,
and there was an impish smile on her face.  I
smiled nervously in return and I turned to her.

"I'm sorry for staring at you before," I apologized, "but you looked
familiar to me."

"An old friend?" she replied.

"Well, not exactly.  You look like someone I would like to know."

"So, here I am.  My name is Molly," she responded and offered her hand
for a shake.

I took it and pressed it politely.  "Hi.  I'm Tom."

We then engaged in routine, get acquainted chit chat, and I began to
sense that Molly was somehow interested in
me.  She agreed to have lunch with me in the museum's cafeteria.  I
learned that she was a computer programmer
who had worked her way through college after a very youthful marriage
which ended in divorce.  She had an eleven
year old daughter, Natalie.  Molly was twenty seven years old.  I was
a thirty two year old cardiologist, a third year
resident at one of the local hospitals.

As we sat across from each other in the cafeteria, reading out our
resumes, as it were, I could tell from a certain
glint in her eyes that Molly was definitely attracted to me.  Perhaps
it was just that I was the right age for her, good
looking and a doctor But then, she didn't know anything else about me.
I certainly was interested in her.  In
addition to all her other fine qualities, Molly had a lovely voice,
spoke in complete sentences and was obviously
very intelligent.  Before we left the cafeteria, we arranged to meet
again in a couple of days and attend a street fair.
That would be our first date.

On our second date I kissed her lips gently, almost chastely as we
said goodnight at her door.  I went back to my
car with a remarkable tingle on my lips.  After our third date Molly
and I lingered in my car in front of her house.
We chatted normally, but there was an obvious tension between us.  She
came into my arms as I made a hesitant
move toward her and we kissed passionately.  She smelled so good!  I
loved everything about this woman, who
met my tongue with hers and with which we played around until we
giggled.  I licked on her neck and then placed a
hand over her right breast, feeling its modest softness.  Molly rubbed
her hand up and down my back as she sucked
on one of my earlobes.

"Tommy, I'm not a prude," she exclaimed, as she abruptly disengaged
herself from me.  "I want you as much as you
want me, but we can't do it tonight.  Natalie is waiting for me.  Are
you free tomorrow night?  We have to plan this."

"Tomorrow I'm on call," I replied sadly.

Molly thought for a while and then asked, "Are you free Monday during
the day?  I can skip work."

I took her into my arms again and nodded my assent as I licked on her
neck and fondled a lovely breast.  Although
she had to go in to the house, Molly did not move to get out of the
car.  We kissed desperately and I slipped my
hand under her skirt.  She had on panty hose, so I could not touch her
flesh, but I knew how to find her pleasure
spot beneath the fabric.

Molly pushed her body against mine and moaned into my ear.  "Tommy,
Tommy, please . . . please.  Oh God,
Tommy don't stop!"  The woman was powerfully orgasmic.  She pressed
her face against my shoulder and muffled
an ecstatic squeal.  "Do it again," she gasped desperately and I
dutifully rubbed her to another orgasm.  She then lay
limply against me, and she pushed my hand away, when I tried to do her
for a third time.

"Tommy dear, I have to go in.  We'll be together in thirty six hours.
Then we'll just let ourselves go."

"I know that I can't wait thirty six hours, Molly.  I'm about to

"You poor darling," she sighed as she placed her hand on my crotch and
squeezed my rigid member.  "I can't let
you go home like that.  Take it out for me."

I unzipped and pulled it out.

"Oh, my, Tommy, you have a real winner here.  Give me your

When I gave it to her, Molly draped it over my naked shaft, put her
hand around my cock and began to masturbate
me.  Her head was on my shoulder looking up into my face.  She was so
incredibly beautiful.  I palmed her cheek
and just stared at her lovely face as she stroked me closer and closer
to orgasm.  Her mouth was open, expectant.
"OK, OK, I'm almost there," I murmured in a tremulous voice.  Then it
hit me and I gasped out a cry.  It lasted for a
few seconds, and all the while I stared at Molly, whose face took on
an expression of joyous achievement.  She
squeezed out the last drop of pleasure and then handed me the cum
filled hanky.

"There, you should be able to sleep soundly tonight," she giggled.

I embraced her and wanted her to stay a while longer, but she insisted
that she had to go in.  I put my cock back
into my trousers and zipped up, straightened my clothes and got out of
the car.  I escorted my lovely Molly to her
door, which opened, when we approached. In the doorway was Natalie,
whom I had not yet met.  Molly
introduced us. Natalie was a smaller version of her mother.  She was
another blond creature and breathtakingly
beautiful.   She was clad in jeans and a white blouse at which
incipient breasts poked.  Her golden hair was pulled
back into a pony tail.  Molly blushed, when she saw Natalie smirking
at me knowingly.  Molly pushed past her
daughter and went into the house, calling goodnight to me from over
her shoulder.  For the couple of seconds
before Natalie closed the front door she looked at me with an
expression that I can only describe as a leer.

* * *

At nine o'clock on Monday morning the phone rang and I eagerly
answered.  It was Molly.

"Tommy, dear.  You can come over now.  Natalie has gone off to

"I'll hurry, sweetie, but I'll be careful not to run any lights and
get arrested."

"Please don't.  I want you right away."

"Molly, do you remember me saying that you reminded me of someone?"

"Ya, your fantasy girl."

"Well, in my fantasy the girl was always clad, at first, in very short
shorts without panties beneath.  She had a little
something around her chest that left her shoulders and midriff bare,
and she was braless.  Her hair was tied into a
pony tail and she was barefoot."

"Is that all?" Wasn't she also juggling oranges and singing in Urdu?
You just get over here before I have to take
matters in hand, if you know what I mean."

"Put on a couple of baseball gloves.  I'll be right over."

My destination was just ten minutes away.  I drove carefully, although
I was as excited as a young boy who is about
score for the first time.  As I pulled into the driveway, I caught a
glimpse of Molly peeking out the front window.
The front door was ajar, and I pushed it slowly open.  At the far side
of the living room Molly stood near the
fireplace.  She was clad as I had hoped she would be.  She was
absolutely stunning in her slender blondness, and I
just stood and gaped at her.

"Close the door," she said softly.

I complied and then made a move to go over to her.

"Wait, sweetie.   I have a fantasy request of my own.  Go into the
kitchen and take off your clothes, then come
back here naked."

In the kitchen,  as I struggled too quickly to get my trousers off, I
almost fell to the floor.  I made a clatter.

"Be careful sweetie, I want you in one piece," Molly called from the
living room.

I was not embarrassed to appear before her naked, because I had a good
looking body  with a hairless chest and
sleek limbs.  A girl once told me that I looked like a swimmer.  My
cock was absolutely rigid, as I reentered the
living room, where Molly still stood next to the mantle over the

"Stop," she whispered, her mouth open in delighted approval.  "I want
to look at you.  Turn around."

I posed for the lovely woman, turning as she requested.

"We have hours available to us today, Tommy.  Let's not touch each
other just yet.  Anticipation is half the fun.
How big is that instrument of yours?  I've never seen one larger in
the flesh, not that I have seen so many"

"It's just short of seven inches, which is not all that large," I
replied with a grin.

"But it's really fat!"

"Ya, I suppose.".

"Tommy . . uh . . do you think that you will, you know, be able to,
you know, last awhile, this being our first time?"

"I'm afraid not sweetie.  I already feel that certain tingle in the
head of my cock."

"Well," she murmured, looking at me lasciviously, " I don't want to
have to stop just after we get started.  Why
don't we do this: Let's concentrate on getting you off first without
getting me too aroused.  Then, after a few
minutes, we'll really go at each other.  I open to anything except

"That makes sense," I almost giggled. "I've got a lot of shots in this
piece.  I can afford a practice round."

I walked across the room and stood closely in front of the beautiful
woman.  I put my hands on her cheeks and
kissed her forehead lightly.

"I'm going to pleasure myself by touching and tasting your body.  I
won't get passionate."

I began to lick slowly on her face as my hands fondled the softness of
her shoulders and upper arms.  I felt her hand
on my penis, caressing it gently.  I undid her upper garment and it
fell to the floor.  Her breasts were not a handful
each and they scarcely drooped.  They were surmounted by hard, roseate
nipples.  With my left arm around her I
fondled a lovely tit with my right hand as we kissed gently.  I then
went to my knees in front of her and pulled off her
shorts.  She was blond down there too, as I knew she would be.  I
pressed my face to her groin and breathed
deeply her feminine aroma as my hands roamed her pert buttocks and
exquisite thighs.  After licking the arousing
softness of her inner thighs, I pulled Molly down to the floor, where
I embraced her, feeling the entire length of her
body against mine.

"Will you suck on me sweetie? I'm ready to come."

Molly knelt above my body as I lay on the floor.  She took hold of my
penis and pumped it twice, bringing forth a
large dollop of lubricious liquid.  She leaned down, extended her
tongue and swirled the stuff all over the head of my
cock.  She then popped the glans into her mouth and sucked gently as
she moved her hand up and down the shaft.
That did it for me.

"Honey, I'm going to come!"

She didn't move away.  The lovely woman took three powerful spurts in
her mouth and then finished me by hand as
she stared at me with my semen oozing from her slightly parted lips.
It was such an incredibly erotic sight.  Then I
saw her swallow, lick her lips and swallow again.  Molly then smiled
at me grandly, a residue of semen still on her
beautiful face.

"Let's take a shower, sweetie," she grinned, "and then get onto the
main event."

* * *.

The warm water pelted us from above as we clutched to each other and
kissed passionately.  I diddled her and
Molly began to tremble slightly, clinging to me for support

"Don't be too gentle with me, Tommy," she gasped

Molly was not in complete control of her breathing.  She had
surrendered to her passion and had completely
abandoned herself to me

:"Tommy, I need you now," she whimpered and pulled me  from the shower stall.

We left the bathroom dripping wet, the shower still going, and I half
carried the desperate woman to the bed, upon
which I lay her.  I wanted to lick on her gorgeous legs and eat her
out, but she was too far gone.

"No foreplay, Tommy. Do me now!"

Molly raised her knees and spread her legs, her arms reaching out to
me, her face flushed.  I got atop her, between
her legs, and she took hold of my cock and positioned it at her
opening.  Her eyes were aflame, her  lips parted in
expectation.  In one thrust I plunged all the way into her body.  She
gasped loudly and squealed, making sounds like
a small animal.  I pounded her in long, fast strokes, our bellies
slapping audibly together.  Molly's eyes rolled back a
bit in their sockets.  Her mouth was open so wide that I could not
kiss her lips as I fucked her almost violently.  Her
nails dug into my shoulders.  Her feet were on my back and she pushed
at me as I jammed her.  It seemed to go on
like this for a long time, but just a few minutes passed before
Molly's orgasm struck.  Her mouth and eyes opened
widely, and her breath came in loud, screeching grunts.  She did not
hold back.  She abandoned herself fully to her
ecstasy.  She cried aloud as I pounded her and she soon cried out
again.  Suddenly she was limp beneath me.  Her
legs flattened on the bed and her flushed, sweaty face seemed to be
asleep.  She was done, I realized and I fucked
her slowly feeling my thickness inside her tightness.  I kissed her
slack lips as I felt myself about to climax.  I had my
arms around her, holding her tightly as I came, squirting into her in
spasms of extreme pleasure. It seemed to have
lasted forever, but from beginning to end it took less than ten

We did not exchange words.  We dozed for awhile as we held each other.
I awoke first and felt her against me, my
face in her fragrant, golden hair.  I had realized a profound,
life-long fantasy, but I also knew that I was in love with
a real person, however little I knew of her.

Molly's eyes fluttered open and she gave me a marvelous smile.  She
snuggled to me.

"That was so wonderful," she murmured into my ear, "so wonderful."

"I love you," I whispered.

"It's too early to talk of love, darling," she replied quietly.  "I
probably love you, but love is a lot more than good

"Will you at least be my girl  exclusively?"

"Tommy, of course.  I haven't had a guy in over two years.  Of course
I'll be yours alone."

An hour later we made love again. This time we were giggly, and while
it was not as intense as our first coupling, it
was very satisfying.  I loved this woman, but she did not want to hear
me say it.

We lay together, my arm around her, her hand on my stomach.  Molly
then told me her story.

"I gave myself to Jimmy, when I was fifteen.  He was so pretty,
although he was a lout.  I thought I loved him, but I
know now that it was just the sex, the naughtiness of it and the
pleasure.  Of course I got pregnant, and I had
Natalie when I was sixteen.  He married me only because his family
insisted on it.  I lived then with an aunt, because
my parents were dead.  Aunt Sally wanted to throw me out of the house,
because she was a religious nut who, I
suspect, was still a virgin at age fifty.  Eventually Jimmy  and I
moved into a retched, one room apartment. He
dropped out of school and got a job at a gas station to support us. I
continued in school and eventually graduated.
Then one day Jimmy didn't come home.  He just disappeared.  There was
no one to help me, and I got desperate.
I wouldn't go on welfare, although I could.  I got a job at a
McDonald's and signed up for food stamps but I
couldn't make ends meet.  Then one day this older guy came into the
restaurant and he stared at me, the way you
did in the museum.  He was at least in his fifties.  He drove a
Lincoln Town Car.  I saw it from the window.  He was
not fat, although he had a bulge.  He was old!  He talked nicely to
me, when he placed his order, but I knew that he
was ogling me.  He came in day after day, always seeking me out to
talk.  Finally I realized what he was about.  He
was ready to pay me for sex.  After work one day I agreed to sit with
him in his car. He didn't touch me, although I
knew that he wanted to.  Then he asked me if I wanted to make some
money.  I was desperate. I didn't have the
rent.  I decided, however, not to go cheaply and I demanded $200.  He
gave it to me in fifties, up front, in the car,
and then we went to his house, where I let him do me.

He wanted it every week, and before long he put me up in a nice
apartment and paid my tuition at the university.  I
didn't have to work any more, and I could concentrate on my studies.
I just had to service him once or twice a
week.  Actually, he was a rather nice man, although I never enjoyed
having sex with him.  For four and one half
years he supported me, until I graduated from the university.  He got
me my first real job, even before graduation,
and I felt a bit guilty, when I told him that I didn't need him any
more.  He smiled at me, petted my head, and told
me that I had given him the most rewarding years of his life, that he
would die happy.  I never saw him again,
although he sent me a note, when he sold his business and moved to
Florida, giving me his phone number and
instructing me to call him if I was ever in trouble.  He was, really,
a very nice man."

"Tommy, do you think that I'm a whore?"

"No, sweet," I replied, pulling her to me and licking her neck.
"You're a good person and a survivor.  I love you,
even though you don't want to hear it."

"I like hearing it, darling, but I'm not ready to trust it.  Let's
stay together for a year or so and learn if we're

In the middle of the afternoon we made love once more, this time,
again, with passion and force.  Afterwards Molly
clung to me and breathed into my ear, "oh gawd.:"  As I left Molly's
house that day, I encountered Natalie just
coming in.  She looked at me first in surprise, but then she smirked,
letting me know that she understood what I
was doing with her mom.

* * *

I had my fantasy girl, and I believed that, in time, she would commit
herself to me for life. There was, however, a
problem which would become increasingly serious.  The problem was
Natalie.  It was not that the girl disapproved
of me.  Quite the contrary, she liked me too much.  She developed
something more than a crush on me, and I came
to believe that she wanted me to be her first lover.  I became aware
of this situation early on, because the girl was
not subtle.  She seemed to dress provocatively, when I was around.
She gazed into my face suggestively.  She sat
close to me, held my hand and leaned against me.  Molly, who did not
want to believe that her little girl had
developed sexual urges, remained oblivious of her daughter's
intentions.  This was true even after Natalie's first
outrageous provocation.  The girl announced one evening after supper,
when the three of were lounging in the living
room, that she intended to take a shower and get ready for bed.  With
the girl upstairs and out of sight Molly
allowed me to cuddle her and fondle a breast.  Suddenly we heard the
child clattering down the stairs.  She came
into the room and inquired, "Mommy, where is the shampoo?"  She was
naked except for her skimpy panties.  She
was absolutely gorgeous.  Aside from her breasts, which were still
developing, small mounds of flesh with pink
nipples, Natalie had the body of a girl a couple or three years older.
Her limbs and torso were very well formed
and exquisitely proportioned.  She was not a "little" girl.  She was
already five feet two and weighed about one
hundred and ten pounds.  She had heft and she was damned sexy.  I
thought at the moment that she was very
fuckable.  She stood a foot away from me, when she asked for the
shampoo.  I looked up at her and found her
staring down at me with a certain smug expression on her face.

"Natalie," her mother admonished her, "you shouldn't run around the
house half naked.  The shampoo is upstairs in
the linen closet."

"OK," the girl replied, but instead of going back upstairs, she went
into the kitchen. "I want a glass of kool aid," she
shouted over her shoulder in explanation.  From where I was sitting I
could see her in the kitchen.  She leaned
against a counter, looking out at me, striking a pose for me.  I had
to admit that she aroused me sexually, even
though she was just eleven years old.  She had the size and heft of an
older girl, although her face was that of a
child.  Her face could have been mistaken for that of a younger girl.
Eventually Natalie went back upstairs, my eyes
following her, ogling the back of her incredible legs.

"Natalie is so unsophisticated," Molly remarked, when we were again
alone.  "She's not accustomed to having a guy
around the house."

"Maybe she's not so naive," I suggested cautiously.

Molly sat up on the couch and faced me with a stern expression.  "What
are you saying, Tommy?  She's still a kid.
She still sucks her thumb."

"Well," I offered defensively, "she seems to be growing up."

"I don't want to talk about this," Molly responded with a hint of
anger in her voice.  "If I didn't know you better, I
might think that you're having nasty, perverse thoughts about

I pulled the woman to me and nuzzled her face.  "You're my fantasy
girl, Molly.  I've had only one fantasy, and you
are it."

This seemed to calm her and she returned my kiss passionately.

"Could we go over to my place for an hour," I inquired hopefully,
desperately needing a sexual release after
Natalie's arousing display.

"Sure, sweetie, I need some loving too.  I'll go upstairs and tell

After Molly left, I sat and pondered the situation.  It was a serious
one, because Molly and I were not reading from
the same page when it came to Natalie.  I didn't really know how naive
or sophisticated the girl was, but it was
certain that she knew how arousing her body was to guys.  I fucked
Molly that night, twice in an hour, and all the
while the thought and image of Natalie was at the edge of my mind.

* * *

One Saturday afternoon, when Molly was outside in the garden, I sat on
the couch in front of the television and
watched a college football game.  Natalie came downstairs and plopped
herself down on the couch next to me.
She was clad in short shorts and a garment around her chest which did
not cover her shoulders or her midriff.  She
was barefoot and her flaxen hair was pulled back into a pony tail.  I
was astonished at the sight of her.  Was the girl,
I wondered, capable of reading minds?  Here again was my fantasy girl,
although a younger version.

"Who's winning," she asked as she took hold of my hand and leaned
against me.

"The Tigers," I replied.

"Silly, the Tigers are a baseball team and this is football," she
squealed as her pushed her body against mine.

I could not take my eyes off her exquisite thighs which were pressed
together and touched me.  Her golden head lay
against my shoulder.  She smelled so good!  She had just showered and
her aroma was that of Ivory soap and baby

"Tommy," she asked softly.

"Yes, sweetie," I replied.

"Will you teach me how to kiss?"

I had no idea how to respond.  I couldn't tell her that she was too
young to kiss, and I wouldn't suggest that she get
a boyfriend.

"I don't think that it would be proper for me to kiss you like that,"
I answered..

"Like what?" she replied, looking into my face with a mischievous

"Well, like a lover."

"I have to learn some time and I like you a lot.  Can't you pretend to
be my lover?"

"Your mother would get very upset."

"Ya, I know.   She's really square.  But she doesn't have to know."

"Natalie, I want to marry your mother.  I won't lie to her or cheat on

"You want to be my daddy!" the girl squealed in delight. "Daddy, teach
me how to kiss," she demanded and
presented her face to mine with her eyes closed and her lips puckered.
I was about to do it.  I was going to kiss the
girl and stick my tongue into her mouth, when I heard a noise at the
back door.  I stood up and walked toward the
downstairs toilet, when Molly came through the door with a basket of

"Hi, kids," Molly announced cheerfully and went into the kitchen.

I looked over at Natalie, who remained on the couch, her long, lovely
legs stretched out.  She pouted at me.  I went
into the toilet and thought about jacking off, but I decided to save
my pleasure for Molly.

* * *

For weeks I would have one encounter after another with Natalie.  She
would just throw herself at me, and I never
knew just how far I could go with the girl, if I wanted to do anything
at all with her, which I did not.  I didn't
understand what her ultimate goal was, or even if she had any idea of
the consequences of her provocations. I
resolved to remain a responsible adult, and I assured myself that I
could deal with a child.

There's another thing about Natalie which I have not mentioned.  She
had a sing-song voice, like that of an eight
year old.  It was disconcerting to hear it come from the face of an
eleven year old who had the body of a fourteen
year old.  She had me very much at a disadvantage.  It was hard to
resist her.   But then, I was not at all certain if
she understood what she was doing.  Would she have been satisfied with
a cuddle and a chaste kiss?  I dared not
try to learn.  My difficulties with Natalie eventually became apparent
to Molly, who began to look at me
quizzically.   Then one day the shit hit the fan.  I was sitting in a
chair opposite Molly, who was on the couch.  We
had been talking very circumspectly about our relationship, about its
long term prospects.  This was six months after
I had first met the woman in the museum.  Natalie came down the
stairs, dressed provocatively, and she came
behind the chair in which I was sitting.  She reached out her two
hands and placed them on my cheeks, and then she
leaned down and kissed the top of my head.  Molly suddenly understood
and she went ballistic.

"Natalie," she screamed, :"go upstairs."

"What . . . ."

"Just go!"

The girl ran up the stairs to avoid her mother's wrath, but I remained
there to receive the full brunt of it.

"Tommy, it just hasn't worked out, and I want you to leave this

"Molly, what's the . . ."

"Just get out of here now!" she screamed at me.

I understood the situation, as Molly clearly did not.  I got up and
went to the door.  Before I left, I turned to her and
said, "I never touched her, although she has been coming on to me for

"Get out, you pervert!" the woman yelled at full voice, and I left.

* * *

That night I could not sleep.  I felt awful.  I was so unhappy.  I had
lost the love of my life, and I would never see
Natalie again, whom, I then admitted,  I loved as much as her mother.
I tossed and turned for hours.  I kept
looking at the clock, but it did not move forward very quickly.  Then,
at three thirty in the morning, I heard the door
bell ring.  I was not eager to open the door, because my apartment was
not in a safe neighborhood.  Still I opened
the door.  It was Molly!  She came forward and clasped to me and
sobbed on my shoulder.

"I don't want to lose you Tommy," she bawled as she clawed at my back.
"I'm sorry that I got so upset.  Natalie
told me that you never touched her, although she wanted you to. I
guess that she is really growing up."

"She doesn't know what she wants," I suggested.

"No, she does know, and she wants you, but she's just eleven and she
still sucks her thumb."

"Perhaps I shouldn't come over to your house.  We could meet here in
the future."

"No, Tommy, I want you forever and we can't leave Natalie out of it."

"But how can we do that?"

"I've decided to let you have Natalie.  I will send her over tomorrow
and she will spend the weekend with you."


"She's a precocious girl, physically.  She had her first period two
months ago and I immediately put her on the pill.  I
know that you'll be gentle with her."

"Molly, calm down.  Do you know what you're saying?"

"Tommy, I don't want to lose you, so we will have to fit Natalie in."

"Molly, I don't know what to say.  I only want you, although Natalie
is a sweet girl and I truly love her."

"I'm happy to hear you say that you love her, because that will be
very important when you take her."

"I don't want to take her, Molly, even though she is very sexy for her

"Tommy, this is the only way I won't lose you.  Take Natalie."

I persuaded Molly to lie with me on the bed for awhile.  We didn't
have sex, although we made love in a profound
way, just cuddling, kissing and crying together.  I loved this woman
more than my life.

"I have to go.  Natalie is alone in the house," Molly whispered into
my ear.

"Will you marry me?" I asked desperately.

"Yes, Tommy, if you take Natalie and save her from those awful boys
who are sniffing about her."

I did not know about the boys, although I should have suspected it.  I
kissed Molly's lips and I wanted to lie with
her forever, even though, or perhaps because, she smelled of stress
and perspiration.

* * *

I was going to have Natalie!  I was going to have that exquisite,
eleven year old sex pot, and her mother approves
of it!  The thought of it was so overwhelming.  I stripped naked and
played with my hard cock as I dreamed of
what I would experience with the girl the next morning.  I will do it
slowly, I thought to myself, although
deliberately.  I will teach her how to kiss while we sit together in
my couch.  I will place my hand on a small breast
and look into her lovely face.   She will smile her approval and lean
her head forward and kiss me passionately.  I
will then undress her slowly and she will raise her butt to assist me
in taking off her shorts and panties.  She will have
almost no pubic hair.  Her vagina lips will be puffy, inviting to my
tongue.  I will lift her into my arms and carry her to
my bedroom, where I will place her gently on the bed.  I will look
down at her naked young beauty and undress.
Natalie will spread her leg apart and begin to rub her body in
expectation.  Her eyes will open wide and her mouth
will form an oh, when she sees my big, hard cock.  I will kneel next
to the the bed and suck on all of her ten toes.I
will lick quickly up a shapely calf and kiss a knee.  I will then
proceed slowly up her nearest thigh, nibbling and
sucking its inner softness.  My nose will then bump against her bare
vaginal lips.  I will lick on them playfully, then,
with my fingers I will part them and lap her clitoris until she bucks
and cries out in orgasm, loudly, just like her
mother.  I will climb between her legs, and before I position my self,
I will suckle each of her small breasts.  Then I
will rise between her legs and place the head of my dripping cock at
her opening.  Natalie will look into my face and
give me a weak smile, knowing that it will hurt the first time.  I
will push and Natalie will push back.  My cock will
break through, but the brave little girl will bite on her lower lip
and not cry.  I will push all the way in and she will
push back at me.  Then we will fuck slowly, gently, until Natalie
begins to thrust her body at me, wanting a harder
fuck, like her mother prefers.  Natalie will soon cry out in orgasmic
bliss and scrape her fingernails on my
shoulders.  I will soon join her, slowing down my tempo to prolong the
ecstasy, and as I begin to squirt my pleasure
into her tightness, I will kiss her lips with the purest love.

So I dreamed of the coming morning as I slowly masturbated myself to

* * *

At nine o'clock the Sun was already high in the sky. I heard a car
door slam outside and soon my doorbell
sounded.  I opened the door to Natalie.  She clutched an overnight bag
in front of her with two hands.  She was
clad in trousers which did not cling to her legs, and her long sleeved
shirt was slightly too large for her.  She looked
like a beautiful ten year old, although she was too tall for that age.

"Hi, daddy," she said, grinning at me impishly.

"Hi, sweetie," I answered and took her into my arms for a gentle hug
as I kicked the door close.

"I like this, daddy," she murmured into my shoulder.  "Why haven't you
hugged me before?  I've wanted you to do it
for so long."

Something was wrong, I suddenly thought.  The young girl was behaving
just like an ordinary young girl.

"Is that what you told your mom, that I didn't touch you and you
wanted me to?

"Ya," she whispered and gave me a squeeze.

We disengaged and Natalie looked around my one bedroom apartment.  She
put her bag on the couch and asked,
"Is this where I'm going to sleep, daddy?"

"You can have the bed, if you like, sweetie.  I can sleep on the

"No, daddy.  You're to big for couch."

Well, I thought to myself, I have certainly misread Natalie's
intentions.  I realized that with a slight feeling of relief,
although I was also disappointed.  The girl was so incredibly
beautiful and sexy.

"Natalie, what would you most like to do this weekend."

"The zoo!" the pretty girl squealed. "I haven't been there since I was
a child."

Natalie flung herself at me and gave me a big hug.  I held her,
feeling her almost grown-up heft and breathed deeply
her fragrant, flaxen hair.   I truly loved this beautiful, impish kid,
and I would certainly keep the boys away from her,
at least until she entered high school.

"Sweetie, before we go off to the zoo, I have to take my morning
shower.  I got up late."

"OK, daddy," and she turned on the television.

In the bathroom I heard the sound of a children's program coming from
the tv, as I undressed and turned on the
shower.  I bathed quickly, lingering at my cock, soaping it to
hardness, intending to jack off.  Suddenly the shower
curtain was pulled  aside and there stood Natalie, naked, more
beautiful than I had imagined in my reverie of the
preceding evening.

"Daddy, teach me to kiss."