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From: "Frank McCoy" <>
Subject: REPOST: NICNIECE.TXT "Nice Niece Nooky" (Mf, incest, cons, young, preg)
Date: 27 Aug 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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Organization: S.F.P.I.A.

                        Nice Niece Nooky
                         An Erotic Story

     The door closing behind her just emphasized the girl's
grumpiness.  When I had come over to visit my big sister, I
hadn't expected the conversation to swirl and stop around my 12-
year-old niece like that.  Usually the child is alert, cheerful,
and practically the life of any party she's in.  I couldn't
remember a time before today when she hadn't greeted me with a
big smile and hug that almost made me cum in my shorts, with
wriggling little girl snuggling up to me, and panting hotly in my
ear how much she loved her Uncle Joe.  (Yes, I'm a full-fledged
pedophile, and have been ever since me and my little
sister . . . . but that's in the past.)  While little girls turn
me on, never a hint of this had ever come out between me and any
of my cute little nieces . . . especially Maureen.  Yes, I'm a
pedophile . . . that's lover of little girls, NOT child-molester.
I had never even hinted to the child that I would like to have
sex with her or how I dreamed almost every day about sliding my
thick prick up inside her tight little slit until the little girl
begged me to fill her cute little belly with thick white squirts
of baby-making cum; NOT because I was scared of frightening her
off; but because I KNEW if I did, the little girl would have
immediately stripped naked and invited me to fuck her . . . just
because she knew I wanted to; whether she did or not.  It just
isn't fair to pressure someone who loves you that much into
having sex.  And just knowing how much I wanted it, WOULD be
pressure to a little girl who liked me as much as Maureen did.
Still, if the 6th-grader had ever tried to seduce ME . . . well,
the life of her virginity would have been measured in minutes, if
not seconds.  Yes, I was sure Maureen was still a virgin (HOW I
know, is my own business . . . and hers) though with her
personality and looks, she certainly wouldn't be for long.  Just
the sight of the little girl dressed in these "kinderslut"
outfits with short little dresses, and smooth cotton panties was
almost enough to give a priest a hard-on, let alone a lover of
little girls like me.
     Still, like I said, I had never even hinted what the feel of
the little girl's body squirming against mine did to me.  I
didn't want to scare either her or her parents.  If her parents
knew what their little girl did to me, they probably would never
let me come over to visit; while if the child knew, she would
probably have tried something we would both regret.  I knew I
couldn't resist, if Maureen or even one of her little sisters
ever tried; so I gave them no reason to ever suspect my feelings
for them.  Far better for them to just think of me as their
favorite uncle, rather than some pervert who wanted to have sex
with them . . . no matter HOW willing they might be.  The very
thought of the troubles we would both have, if either of us
started something sexual, was enough to give me the Willies.
     I certainly never expected Cathy to suspect me of anything;
as I'd never given either her OR the girls the slightest reason
to suspect how sexy I thought they were.  Even when I watched the
kids, I was careful NOT to stare too hard at their beautiful


developing bodies; and the few times I actually held one of the
girls in my arms (when I arrived, and sometimes when saying good-
bye) I was extremely careful not to let my hands wander too far,
or hold the delectable body too long.  Just the memory of sweet
little girl in my arms, and the smell of delicious child's hair
in my nostrils was usually enough to keep me in jack-off
fantasies for a week or two.  Strangely, my fantasies were almost
never about the three REAL nieces I had, but of two horny little
fantasy-sluts who WANTED to do nasty things with their pedophile
uncle.  (Yeah, right . . . as if any little girl would really
want to fuck her own uncle "bareback"; not caring if she got
pregnant or not.  While I had read a couple of soft-core porno
magazines about little girls who did just that, I knew better.
Still, those magazines DID get a lot of use while I lay in my
lonely bed at night.)
     "What's the matter with HER?" I asked Cathy; nodding at the
closed door.  Well . . . almost closed.  While Maureen had
slammed the door, she hadn't shut it properly.  A good half-inch
of space separated the door from the latch.
     "What's bothering HER?" I repeated.
     "Nothing . . . just the usual girl having trouble with her
boyfriend," replied Cathy.  "Seems they can't agree on sex."
     "Sex?"  I guess I could understand my niece's reluctance to
have sex at the age of only 12.  So if some boy was trying to
pressure her . . . well, I wouldn't tear him apart, but I'd sure
make him think I would.
     "Yeah, she's not getting any from him . . . he's too scared
of getting her pregnant . . . not that I blame him.  Maureen's
right between periods right now, and probably 'fertile as a
turtle, Myrtle.'"  My big sister seemed to think for a moment;
ignoring my openmouthed wonder at her being so unconcerned about
her daughter having sex.  Well, if THAT surprised me, then what
came next simply floored me.
     "Say," she said, as if a brilliant idea had just occurred to
her, "why don't YOU go in there and have sex with her?  After
what you and Cissy used to do, at least I know YOU don't have any
big hangups about having unprotected vaginal intercourse with a
pre-teen.  Who knows, you might even get lucky and get her
pregnant, just like you did Cissy."
     Ohmigawd!  Here I had thought that the affair Cissy and I
(everybody calls  her Cissy, though her real name is Christina
Brinkly Anderson) had was a secret, and that nobody knew I was
the father of her two oldest kids (the other two properly being
by her present husband . . . I think.  While I COULD have
fathered the two little girls on her on the couple of times we
had gotten together, I know her husband's sperm had a LOT better
chance than mine, unless Cissy had cheated somehow . . . and I
know she wasn't one to cheat in THAT manner on the husband who
loved her almost as much as I do.)  That Cathy not only KNEW of
the affair I had with little sister for over seven years (from
the time I was nine and Cissy was six, until we both went through
puberty) caught me by complete surprise . . . until I thought
about it; and then wondered how she could have missed it.  Cathy
is NOT dumb . . . I guess I am.
     I mean, who ELSE could have knocked the little girl up when


she was thirteen, when she didn't even have a boyfriend to blame?
Besides, doing "it" for so many years, sneaking into each other's
bedrooms, it must have been obvious to everybody (including our
parents, not that I think about it) that Cissy and I had a
"thing" going between us.  Why nobody ever stopped us, even after
I got Cissy pregnant that first time, I guess I'll never know.
Thinking of the results of fucking our little sister, made
Cathy's suggestion that much more unbelievable.
     "You want me to . . ."  I couldn't say it.
     "Have sex with my daughter?"  Cathy could.  "Of course," she
said, as if it was the most normal thing in the world for a
mother to want her little brother to have full unprotected
vaginal intercourse with her daughter.  "Why else would I suggest
it, If I didn't mean it?" she asked in reply.
     "But what if I . . . ?   I mean, what if she . . . ?"  Once
again I couldn't say it.
     "Gets pregnant?"  Once again, Cathy could.  She shrugged.
"That's just the chance she'll have to take, if she's having
sex," she said.  "I certainly don't expect YOU to pull out; and
I'm NOT putting her on the pill for at least three or four years
yet.  If Maureen wants to have the pleasures of adult sex, then
she's just going to have to take the risks too."  Cathy fluffed
her paper back up, and settled back to read; ignoring me.  The
door to my niece's room gaped slightly; almost inviting me.
     I stared at the half-open door, then at my big sister.  I
knew I SHOULD just get out of the house as fast as possible,
before I did something I would regret.  Only I also knew that if
I did, I would regret THAT for the rest of my life too; as I knew
I would never get another chance . . . Cathy is just that way.
(I know my big sister just about as well as it seems she knows
me.)  I thought about it a bit more, then decided . . . I didn't
HAVE to fuck my niece, no matter if her mother didn't mind or
not.  Maybe all the little girl needed was an adult shoulder to
cry on.  Deciding to see, I opened the door carefully, and when I
saw Maureen face down on the bed seeming to be weeping, I decided
to do whatever it took to cheer the little girl up . . . even if
that "something" WAS sticking my swollen baby-maker up her tight
little hole, and pumping the child's womb full of her own uncle's
potent sperm, like her mother seemed to think.  If not, then a
few minutes of holding and cuddling the child (now that I knew
her mother wouldn't get all uptight about me running my hands in
"inappropriate places" would probably be as comforting to me, as
it would be to my distraught niece.  I certainly wasn't going to
rape her, or even make improper advances on her, unless SHE
started making them on me.  I wondered just how true her mother's
guess of what was bothering the child was.  While having babies
was the ultimate turn-on to SOME people (me for example) and even
for some women, it usually was NOT the sort of fantasy you found
barely pubescent pre-teen girls having.
     "What's the matter, Hon?" I asked.
     Maureen looked up at me; apparently expecting to see her
father.  Then, when she saw her favorite uncle instead, for a
moment she hung back, before throwing herself in my arms and
sobbing.  "He . . . He . . . He says I'm too young," she cried;
wetting my shirt while I involuntarily clasped the warm sweet


body of the nubile young girl in my arms like I had SO wanted to
all those earlier times, when I had been afraid of what her
mother might think (OH, if I had only known!).  "But I'm NOT too
young," she insisted; squirming in my grasp, "Mother said so!
I've had TWO periods already.  Doesn't THAT make me a woman,
Uncle Joe?"
     "Um, well, uh . . ."  What COULD I say, with the sexiest
little girl in six counties squirming in my arms, while my hands
had unconsciously slid up underneath the short little dress, and
were massaging the bare skin on her back, and dangerously close
to her developing titties in front.
     "YOU wouldn't think I was to young to fuck if I asked you
to, would you Uncle Joe?" she sobbed almost heartbreakingly in my
arms.  What could I say?  I was lost.
     Somehow my niece had squirmed around so that I ended up with
both hands on the front of her bra . . . barely protected by a
flimsy little bra that did little to keep me from kneading the
warm plump mounds underneath.  "No," I said; sliding both hands
down, and then deliberately UP underneath the silky material, so
each horny palm cupped a bare little tittie that stiffened and
swelled against my palms, while the nipples got firm against my
tweaking fingers.  "No I wouldn't," I said; being honest.  If my
sexy 12-year-old niece wanted me to fuck her, and the child's
mother (obviously) didn't mind, then a pedophile like me is NOT
that hard to seduce . . . as my sexy little sister had found out
almost sixteen years earlier than my sexy little niece.
     "Ooooh!" squealed Maureen, and seemed about to say more; but
stopped and kissed me.
     Kissed?  My sexy little niece almost raped me with her
mouth!  Two minutes later we were in a clinch on the bed, with
her panties half off, both of HER hands down in MY pants, while
we tongue-kissed like I wished Cissy had known how to, so many
years before.  It was only the pointed <Click!> of the door being
firmly closed to give us privacy (obviously by her mother) that
disturbed us enough to allow us to catch our breaths.  Then
Maureen was slipping her short little dress over her head, while
I started pulling down my pants.
     I paused with them halfway down, just to be certain that my
12-year-old niece wasn't disturbed by her 25-year-old uncle
getting naked in her bedroom.  Well, Maureen seemed anything BUT
nervous at the prospect.  Looking over at me pulling down my
pants, while she struggled to get the tight little dress over her
head, the child just grinned at the prospect of finally seeing
her favorite uncle without any clothes on.  In spite of having
two shirts, pants and underpants, along with socks and shoes to
remove, while Maureen only had the short little dress, panties
and bra to remove, I almost beat her anyway, in my haste.
     "Oh wow, Uncle Joe!  You really DO want to fuck me, don't
you?" observed the little girl.  (Well, it WAS quite obvious.)
     "Uhuh," I replied; barely able to get out the monosyllable
without losing the concentration of trying to keep from blowing
thick white cum all over my niece's sexy young belly, before I
even got inside her.  We were BOTH far too horny for
foreplay . . . besides, the sexy-feely up under her short little
dress HAD been minor foreplay of a kind . . . very minimal


foreplay, but far more than either of us needed at the moment.
Maureen's disgruntlement it seems was more from sexual
frustration, than anger at her ex-boyfriend.  The little girl
NEEDED sex . . . almost as badly as I did.
     "Oooh, get it IN me, she moaned, as I tried to get close
enough to her squirming little hole to do just that.  Maureen was
so sexually excited she just couldn't keep her hips from
squirming in involuntary copulating motions.
     There was a sigh of relief from both of us, as the head of
my prick first touched the child's slippery little slit, and then
started inside.
     "Uncle Joe?" said Maureen; trying to still her hips enough
to let me slide a little farther inside, without her bumps and
grinds pulling out.
     "Uhuh?" I agreed; looking down at the most erotic sight I
had ever seen (possibly even more erotic than me and Cissy) of my
swollen prick vanishing into the 12-year-old belly of my own sexy
young niece.
     "Promise me you won't pull out when you cum?"  It seems my
horny slut of a big sister had been right about her daughter.  "I
promise," I replied.  In the position I was in, I would have
promised to cut off my left arm after we were done, if that had
let me continue sinking my engorged prick inside the child's
tight little slit.  And oh God WAS Maureen ever tight!  While it
was obvious that the little girl was NOT a virgin, it was equally
obvious that she hadn't been fucked very often or by a prick half
as big as mine.  Maureen let out a constant stream of "Oooh"s,
"Ow"s, whines, whimpers, and moans as I sank deeper and deeper
inside her.  Still, for all her obvious pain at taking a full-
sized man's prick inside her barely post-virginal vagina, the
girl showed no more inclination to stop than I did.  Obviously
the little girl WANTED every thick inch of her uncle's prick
buried inside her tight little slit when she (and he) came.  For
Maureen, having the man pull out when he came, and wasting his
seed by not spurting it inside her, was NOT an option.  Far from
being worried about getting pregnant, the 12-year-old seemed to
not only not mind if I proceeded to pump a baby in her belly, she
seemed to actually EXPECT me to get her pregnant with her own
uncle's baby.  The fact that the little girl was only three years
older than the child I had fathered on my little sister, just
emphasized the obscene sexiness of a man like me fucking a girl
young enough to be my own daughter.
     I began to get the feeling I had been set up . . . by my
little sister, by our big sister, AND by my niece.  Still, any
time the three of them wanted to set me up like THIS, then I was
quite willing to enjoy the results.  (This resolution was soon to
be tested in a manner I really didn't expect.)
     The moment I felt the little girl's tight little cunny
spreading around the base of my prick, forming a tight ring that
just milked me for my sperm, I knew I couldn't hold back.  "Uh,
Honey," I groaned, "I'm gonna . . ."
     Maureen didn't even slow up her squirming gyrations.  "Oh,
oh, oh!" she groaned.  "Do it."  The strained look on the little
girl's face, as she worked closer to HER orgasm showed she was
NOT worried about her uncle ejaculating his sperm in her fertile


young womb . . . far from it, in fact.
     It was only when I jammed my prick to the root in her belly,
and started bellowing MY release that Maureen was able to get
hers.  One, two, then three thick white surges of baby-making
sperm squirted satisfyingly into my niece's sexy young belly, as
I flushed all the sperm I had been saving up for months in the
child's womb.
     There's something SO satisfying about breeding a pre-
teenaged little girl.  Especially if the child is your own little
sister or niece who doesn't mind if you get her pregnant.  Mind?
Maureen was doing everything a pubescent little girl could, to
get knocked-up by her own horny uncle (me).
     It was only when I was coming down from the incredible high
of breeding my own sexy little 12-year-old niece, that I became
aware of what the child was going through while my vigorous sperm
worked its way up inside her body, and the squirming little
tadpoles wriggled their way into the child's womb in search of
her ripening egg.  In spite of the obscenity of getting my own
niece pregnant, I silently wished them all the best of luck.  It
was THEN I became aware of an incredibly tight band squeezing
around the base of my prick, as my niece's body went into spasms
around me.  The child went rigid in my arms, and her voice went
into a keening wail that could have been heard two houses away,
let alone through the thin door separating the little girl's
bedroom from the living room where her mother was supposedly
quietly reading a paper, unaware of the fact her little brother
was breeding her little girl in the next room, as if it was
normal for a man to impregnate his own niece before the child
even reached the 6th grade.  It was THIS thought, that finally
brought me back to my senses; and made me realize what I had
done, now that my prick was satisfied and no longer doing all my
thinking for me.  "Oh God Maureen, I'm sorry," I groaned, as the
incredible guilt hit me.  "Can you ever forgive me?"
     "Huh . . . huh?" panted Maureen; as her tight little cunny
gave two more incredibly erotic squeezes; milking the last thick
white drops of incestuous sperm up inside her flat little tummy.
"You mean for fucking me and cumming inside me?" she asked;
seeming to finally be aware of what we had done herself, now that
the incredible eroticism of the moment was over.
     I waited miserably for her condemnation of my taking
advantage of her innocence and horniness.  It was bad enough to
have touched her sexually at all . . . but I had not only
"touched" my sexy little niece, I had fucked her, and cum inside
her.  Not only that, but I had done it at the moment it seems
(from her mother's previous conversation) that the little girl
was most likely to get pregnant.  Shit.  I felt like the world's
worst slime-ball.
     "Uncle Joe?" Maureen's voice was quiet and low; and I looked
up to see tears in her eyes.  If I had felt bad before, I now
felt 10 times worse.
     "The only way I'll forgive you," she said, "is if you do it
     "Huh?"  My mind just didn't get back together that quick.
     "And again, and again," she repeated, "until you get me
pregnant, and I feel your . . . no, OUR baby growing inside me.


If you don't, I'll hate you forever."
     "You MEAN that?" I asked.  No matter WHAT the girl had said
earlier, or had been implied by her mother, this was STILL almost
especially unbelievable.  Even Cissy, for all that she loved to
fuck (and loved to fuck me) even thinking it was WORTH the risk
of getting pregnant, had never really WANTED to get PG . . . at
least, not until she met her present husband, and was safely
     "Well, I guess not completely," she admitted; taking some of
the high off my emotions; still she didn't seem to be mad at me
for ejaculating inside her when she was fertile.  "I won't really
HATE you . . . I could never do that.  But it'll be awful hard to
forgive you for showing me heaven like this, and then leaving me
and not completing the job."  Oh shit . . . she DID mean it.
     Still, I had to ask again.  "You really WANT me to get
you . . . to get you pregnant?" I asked.
     "Uhuh," she replied.  "Please, Uncle Joe?  You don't have to
come over any more often than you have to, if you don't want to.
And I'll make it feel REAL good for you, when you do . . . OK?"
The little girl looked like she was begging for a special toy
that her heart was aching for, but didn't want her parents to
know just how much she wanted, because it was too expensive.
     "OK," I sighed, just a little ruefully at the way I had been
snookered.  "Since you ask, from now on I'll fuck you just as
much and as often as you want . . . and whether you get pregnant
or not.  OK?"
     "You mean it, Uncle Joe," she squealed with delight.
"You'll fuck me whenever I want it?"
     "Uhuh," I promised.  Little did I know how much I was
     Maureen's tight little cunny had clamped down on my still
half-hard prick; milking yet another thick drop if cum out of me
and into her, when she heard me agree.  Now she squirmed against
me; forcing the semi-hard member up inside her body again.  "Then
fuck me now!" she commanded.  Maureen had more of a daring look
than a horny one on her pretty little face, as she waited for my
response.  I think the little minx KNEW just how hard it was for
a man to fuck, after blowing his nuts in a girl like I just had
in her.
     "But what about your boyfriend?" I temporized; as I enjoyed
the slick wet feeling of my prick sliding into her slit.  Even
half-hard, the sensation was exquisite.
     "Fuck my boyfriend," she replied; closing her eyes and
seeming to concentrate.  Incredibly, I felt warm little squeezes
of her already tight little cunny on my reviving prick.
     "I thought you didn't want to see him any more?" I teased.
     "I don't . . . YOU are my boyfriend now; and I'm fucking
YOU . . . OK?"  Maureen squeezed even harder on my stiffening
prick.  by now, it was almost a respectable hard-on, and I was
sliding in and out of her.
     "If you two hurry, you've got just enough time for one more,
before dinner's ready," observed Cathy from the doorway.  There
was absolutely no doubt about what her little girl and I were
doing, as my swollen prick was half inside Maureen's bare little
cunny, and thick white smears of cum made a gooey mess around the


join.  No, there was no doubt at all about what we were doing.
     "And Joe," she said, in a tone that brooked no arguments,
"you're staying the night."
     Oh shit.  My big sister just COULDN'T mean what I thought
she did, could she?  I looked over at my big sister; prick still
half-buried in her daughter's belly, while my sperm wriggled its
way up in the child's womb, and knew that Cathy meant just that.
"But what about your husband?" I asked.  The thought of what Mike
would do if he found me fucking his little girl . . . not only
fucking her, but having full unprotected vaginal intercourse with
his daughter, as if I was TRYING to get her pregnant (What do I
mean, as if?  I WAS trying to get my niece preggers) . . . well,
if the guy merely murdered me, it would be probably excusable to
any jury in the world.
     "Mike?" snorted Cathy.  "Mike will keep his nose to himself.
He's been as unhappy with Maureen's PREVIOUS boyfriend, as the
rest of us were.  Anyway, you two had better get busy, if you're
going to be in time for supper.  As Maureen knows, if you aren't
there on time, you don't get any.  Though THIS time, I might make
a slight exception . . . if you do a good job."
     I gave up.  "Well," I said to the grinning little girl lying
on the bed, "fuck your boyfriend."
     "I am," she agreed happily; sliding her slick little tunnel
on and off my swelling prick to prove her point.  Oh God, was she
     THIS fuck took a little longer than the first one; as the
earlier screw had removed the incredible urgency of doing without
for too long from both of us.  Still, just knowing that the other
person had agreed to continue the relationship for as long as it
took, was so erotic that I was ejaculating my seed in the little
girl before five minutes were up, while it seems that Maureen
started clamping on my prick in orgasm not 10 seconds after her
mother closed the door, and kept right on going through MY
climax, until I finally grew too limp to remain inside her.
     Barely pausing to grab a maxi-pad to keep from leaking all
over the floor, Maureen and I just barely made it to supper when
everybody else was sitting down.
     Maureen's little sister Selena smiled brightly at the two of
us; seeming to almost bubble over at the sight of her big sister
and uncle coming out of their bedroom still disheveled and
panting from what was obviously sexual exertion.  "Did you DO
it?" she asked; then the little girl couldn't seem to stop
babbling on and on with question after question, before her
mother could put a stop to her.  "Was he good?  How did it feel?
Is it my turn now?  Did he cum in you?  Is it all gooey and
slippery like they say it is?  Did it hurt?  Are you going to do
it again?  Is that his sperm running down your leg?  Are you two
going to have a baby yet?  Is he as good as Aunt Cissy says he
is?  Can I do it next?  Please Mom?  I bet I can make it feel
even better for him than Maureen did.  Can we do it right now, or
do I have to wait until after lunch?  You DID say I was next,
didn't you?"  Five-year-old Jennifer just listened to her big
sister's babbling with a grin that was almost as big as the one
MY big sister had on HER face.
     Oh shit.


     About two years later I heard an old rumor floating around
about Tony (that's Maureen's old boyfriend who had refused to get
her pregnant when she was 12, because she was too young)  It
seems the boy was arrested for knocking up his 9-year-old niece
that he was baby-sitting, not two months after he broke up with
Maureen.  I guess the little jerk thought that 9-year-olds
couldn't get pregnant, and he was horny as an old goat after
fucking Maureen for a few weeks, then getting cut off, when he
wouldn't get her pregnant.  I laughed so hard I almost choked.
What was especially funny was that Selena was almost the same age
as the kid he knocked-up, and he could have planted two or even
three babies in HER belly without ever getting in trouble . . .
if only he hadn't messed things up with Maureen.
                              . . .
     That was 10 years ago.  I never again slept in my bachelor
apartment; and Maureen and I were married not quite 4 years
later . . . the moment she could, with her parent's permission.
     Selena, on the other hand, is planning on getting married
next June . . . now that she's finally found a boyfriend who
doesn't seem to mind the fact that the girl he's going to marry
already has two cute young daughters.  From what she's told
Maureen (and my wife has relayed to me) If Mark (that's her new
boyfriend) isn't a pedophile yet, he almost certainly will be by
the time they get married . . . or they won't.  Selena it seems,
has PLANS for her prospective husband and our daughters' tight
little bellies . . . just like my big sister had plans for me and
HER cute little girls.  I think if it was possible, the horny
little slut would have both of our daughters knocked-up by her
prospective husband even before SHE is.  With Linda only 7, and
Tabitha only 5, there's not much chance of that though <sigh>.
     Selena it seems, wants both of her little girls to feel a
full-grown man pumping their wombs full of cum the first time
they fuck; unlike my little sister who had to wait until I
reached puberty to feel her big brother filling her sexy little
tummy with his sperm.  Besides, as I said earlier, the cute
little slut doesn't want either of our kids to miss out on a
chance to get pregnant . . . even if the oldest one is just
starting the first grade.  If necessary, I suspect Selena would
even get either me or her horny brother to do the job (uncles it
seems, have a fairly good reputation for fucking little girls and
getting them pregnant with his babies . . . at least in her
family anyway).
     Jennifer?  She still drops over to see me and her big sister
fairly often (mostly to see me, and feel her uncle's prick
filling her cute little cunny with thick white cum).  Unlike her
two older sisters, the 15-year-old is staying on the pill until
she finds the right guy.  That doesn't keep the horny teenager
from enjoying lots of sex with her own father, brother, uncle
(me), or current boyfriend, as often as she likes, while she
waits for the right one to come along.  No, I wasn't the lucky
guy to take her virginity like I did her big sister Selena.  I
think it was her brother, but can't be sure, as Jenny doesn't
believe in "kiss and tell" (or in this case, "fuck and tell"
either).  Sometimes I wonder though, if the girl isn't getting
more sex than both of her big sisters combined . . . even if I


only get in her cute little panties about once or twice a week
(unless she's feeling especially horny . . . in which case, all
bets are off).
     And as for me and my incredibly sexy wife, with three
healthy children (Mike-II, John, Christy [Christina]) and Linda
on the way, we began our marriage with a good start at the 10 or
12 kids we plan on having together.  Right now, we're up to six,
and are working together on number seven.  (That's two more girls
and a boy . . . Linda, Judy, and Brian.)
     Remembering me and my little sister Cissy, Maureen is not
sure whether we should separate the girls from the boys (and be
safe like most families) or take the chance of things working out
as well as it did for me and Cissy, and let them all sleep
together in the same bedroom.  Since we don't want the kids
having any hangups about sex, nudity is the norm around our
house, and our bedroom door is always open to the children,
whether Maureen and I are making love, or not.  THAT will remain
the same, whether we move the boys to their own room, or leave
them to sleep together  right up through puberty and beyond.
Well, it'll probably be quite a while yet before we really have
to make that decision; as even Mike is only 9, and his oldest
sister is only 6.  Time enough to decide on that later, when the
girls start having periods.  In the meantime, all five of the
older kids are still sleeping in the same kingsize bed, until we
make up our minds.  Who knows, maybe we'll just continue that
way.  I mean, would it REALLY be so bad, if one or two of the
girls accidentally has her own big brother's baby when she gets a
little older?
     Cissy never seemed to mind what she and I did together, or
the results of that either . . . as evidence, look what she did
for ME, as thanks.