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Saturday AM, March 20, 1999

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A Palisade Author story from MrDouble's archive,
Filename: 3sisters.txt

What possible good are sisters to a guy? You can't
live with 'em and you can't fuck 'em! - Will Rogers

by Tom
Emerson Laken-Palmer


I stared through the large old fashioned keyhole into my older
sister's bedroom as she got dressed for school. She wasn't doing
it slowly or even very sensuously, just very matter a factly like
she did most days that I watched her, but I still found it
incredibly exciting. Just the sight of her long, raven colored
hair, tanned legs, flat stomach, round ass, large breasts, and
glimpses of her dark, perfectly shaped bush and pink, pouting pussy
lips were enough to drive me into a frenzy and turn my dick into
a tent pole. On certain glorious occasions, she would have to bend
over to pick something up, when still nude, and then I would catch
a glance of her ass in all it's glory and once I even saw her
puckered little anus and was overwhelmed with the desire to push
my tongue up it until my face was buried between her cheeks.
Yes, I had a "thing" for my older sister. I knew about the
incest taboo and how wrong it was to even fantasize about sex with
your sister but that just made the idea that much more erotic and
exciting to me!
When she pulled the last of her clothes on, I quickly
stood up and walked back into my room.
I was surprised this time when I returned to my room because
Susan, one of my younger sisters, was in my room watching my
"Hey, squirt! What are you doing in my room? It's not
Saturday! Who said you could watch my TV?" I yelled at her.
Susan turned to look at me. "Mom said I could, cause she's
watching news downstairs and I wanted to watch cartoons." she
I had sat down on the bed next to her and kind of leaned
forward to hide my, still evident, erection.
It was hard being the only boy with three sisters and a mom,
with no other brothers or father around the house. My parents were
divorced and Mom never brought the men she dated home. And she
wouldn't let my older sister bring any boyfriends around either.
So 99% of the time I was the only guy in the house.
My older sister was Rachel, she was sixteen and Miss Popular
in school. A cheerleader and a straight A student. Mom was so
proud of her. I got so sick of hearing, `Why can't you do as good
in school as Rachel?' and `Why don't you have nice friends like
Rachel's?' Of course my resentment to her didn't stop me from
drooling over her body every morning. Not that it did me any good.
Rachel looked at me (if she even bothered to look at me) as if I
were some dweeb from another planet.
Susan was 14 and, I guess, developing a body similar to
Rachel's. How would anyone know? Susan was an odd acting kid who,
as far back as she began putting clothes on by herself, always
dressed like a boy. Her standard outfit was baggy jeans and sports
jerseys or lose fitting, plaid flannel shirts. She had reddish
brown hair but she always wore it slicked back and tied in a
ponytail or tucked up into a cap. She acted like a kid too, always
watching cartoons and sucking on lollipops. She was the closest
thing to a brother I had! She was athletic and enjoyed sports and
rough play. She was the one sister I got along the best with,
despite her always barging into my room without being asked.
Christa was the youngest. She was the baby and got away with
murder. Eleven years old and spoiled rotten. She was blonde, like
my mother, and Mom doted on her and Christa used her to get what
she wanted. And she never gave up the chance to get me into
trouble. She was already tall (at least as tall as Susan) but had
only just begun to develop. You could just see some budding knobs
under the fronts of the frilly dresses she liked to wear.
And then there was me. A 15 year old boy of average height
and build. Reddish blonde hair, like my dad had. Not too bad
looking (but no Brad Pitt) and surrounded by girls at home, but
unable to meet a single girl outside of the house who seemed even
willing to talk to me.
So there I sat, with my 14 year old sister watching cartoons
on my bed, and an erection that showed no signs of abating, when
I happened to look over and notice that Susan, along with her
oversized, flannel shirt, was wearing my new, pre-faded Levi's.
Laying on her stomach, I could see that she had them cinched up
around her waist with a thin belt.
Damn her nerve! I said to myself. She hadn't asked me, as
usual, and I hadn't even worn them but once myself.
"Squirt," I yelled, making her head turn to me from the TV.
She looked at me, under the brim of her cap, with indifferent
curiosity. "What?"
"Aren't those MY jeans?"
"Yeah," she shrugged, "I didn't think you'd mind."
"Well, hell yes, I do mind so take them off!"
Susan rolled onto her back and smiled up at me. "No can do,"
she said. "We have to leave for school in a few minutes and I don't
have time to change now."
"There's plenty of time," I yelled, "so, come on! Get them
off or I'll TAKE them off FOR you!"
Susan seemed unaffected by my threat. She just smiled
defiantly, a dare in her green eyes, as she reached down and
grasped the waistband of the jeans, with both hands, and said, "If
you think you can, Hulkster, go ahead and try it!"
Angry at such disobedience from a younger sibling, I dove on
top of her and began to reach down her stomach to try and unbuckle
her belt.
Susan started to laugh loudly and her body squirmed beneath
me as she yelled, "Cut it out, Tom! Stop! That tickles!"
I couldn't seem to muster enough strength to pry her hands
from the waistband so I decided that maybe another plan might be
better. I sat up and straddled her and began to really tickle her
now, like I used to when we were younger.
She laughed and squirmed her surprisingly soft, curvy body
between my legs. Her lower stomach rubbed directly against my (now
erect more then ever) dick and my hands ran all over her flannel
covered stomach, down her sides, brushing over the soft lumps of
her breasts, into her armpits, her neck, and her legs.
She laughed so loud and long, tears began pouring out of her
eyes and down her freckled cheeks.
Finally, when I realized that she had me totally whipped from
the effort, and she could barely breathe from laughing, I rolled
off of her.
Her plaid shirt had been pulled up from our rough activity and
I could see the smooth looking, toned skin of her flat stomach and
the thin curves leading out to her hips, where they disappeared
into the waistband of my jeans. I stared down for a moment,
transfixed by the allure of what Susan kept hidden under her baggy
But while I was watching, Susan launched her counter-attack
and jumped on top of me, and started tickling back.
I could have thrown her off with ease, but I was enjoying it
immensely. Laughing loudly, her lithe little body bounced all over
me, rubbing and gyrating her hidden crotch right on top of my dick.
Her boobs were bouncing all over her chest the erect nipples seemed
to show through the fabric, proving that she wasn't wearing her bra
With the sight of sexy Rachel already that morning and the
feel of Susan all over me now, I shouldn't have been surprised by
what happened next, but I was.
Suddenly in mid tickle, my dick lurched, my balls surged and
I was coming like a freight train in my pants. I stopped
laughing and grunted, my hips bucked up involuntarily, driving my
throbbing dick up against my sister's soft, firm pelvis.
She yelped as she felt my hardness press against her pussy and
stopped all her tickling. Although it felt like hours, it took
only seconds before I stopped cumming on her.
Susan stopped smiling and slid off of me and I just lay there
with my eyes closed, too embarrassed to open them. She didn't say
anything and finally I opened my eyes.
She was staring at the growing wet spot on my crotch. Her
eyes were big and round. When she realized I was looking at her,
her face grew red, making her freckles vanish and she looked
quickly away.
"I think I'll go downstairs," she said quietly and she turned
and left the room.
After lying there for a few seconds, I stood up, grabbed a
fresh pair of underwear and jeans, and walked into my bathroom.
I stripped off my pants and underwear. My penis, although now
soft, still seemed to be pulsing and hung down at least five
inches. Cum slowly dripped from it's tip. I washed up in the sink
and bent over to pick up the fresh pair of underwear when the
bathroom door opened and my youngest sister Christa walked in.
"Mom says to come down to break...." she started to say, but
stopped when she saw me half-naked.
She took a long look at my dick, and I swear she smiled with
a glint in her eye, before she ran screaming from the room.
"MOM!!!!!! MOM!!!!!! Tom showed me his thing!!!!!"
Hurriedly throwing my clothes on I ran after her. I almost
killed myself running down the stairs, but Christa was way ahead
of me.
I found her in the kitchen with our mom.
"....and then he made me look at his thing!" she was saying.
"Thomas Whitt! What on Earth have you done to this child?" my
mother demanded.
"Nothing Mom. She walked into my bathroom without knocking,"
I told her.
Mom eyed me suspiciously, but turned to Christa. "Is that
"Well maybe... But I still saw his thing. It was huge!"
My face grew red with embarrassment as I realized that Rachel
and Susan were hearing all this too.
"Now that's enough about what your brother's thing looks
like," Mom said. "Lets eat our breakfast."
At the breakfast table I had a hard time meeting anyone's
eyes. Especially Susan's.
At least I knew Rachel would sympathize with me about Christa.
She tattled on her more then she did me. Snitching, just
yesterday, about how Rachel had brought her boyfriend Darrel to the
house and had him in her room with the door closed (I wish I had
been home to peer through her keyhole at that!) As it was now,
Rache was grounded for two weeks.
Finally it was time for us all to leave for school. As my
sisters walked out in front of me I watched each of them with a
different emotion. Rachel I watched with desire, Christa with
loathing, and Susan with a lingering curiosity.
It was still only spring, but summer was just around the
It promised to be a hot one.

It was that weekend that my buddy Warren invited me to go
along with him to a party he had found out about.
It was a loud affair, populated mostly by kids from my high
school and McKinley High.
I tried to fit in but I felt out of place with all the popular
kids (especially the girls) partying around me and talking and
laughing and drinking beer.
Warren, who was much bolder than I am, found a girl to talk
with and he soon forgot all about me even being there.
Feeling more out of place, I wandered upstairs, looking for
the bathroom so that I could both pee and be away from the
frivolity for a few minutes.
I barged into the bedroom by mistake thinking it was the
bathroom and was stunned into silence and a raging hard-on by the
sight of a naked girl around my age of 15 and the guy who's dick
she was sucking who looked like he was at least 20.
The girl was gorgeous. Her long red hair was swept to one
side just like in the pornos so I could really see her going to
town on his dick. Her cheeks were sucking in and out like bellows,
her lips stretched tautly around his massive head, sliding up and
down his shaft like a piston. He was on his back spread-eagle
while she knelt on her hands and knees between his legs. Her
large tits were swinging beneath as she moved, the nipples fully
erect as they grazed over the sheets. But it was her ass that
drew my attention. Those large round globes bobbing back and
forth, clenching and unclenching as she moved. I had to fight the
urge to stick my hands out and touch them or (better yet) kiss
them and run my tongue up and down her crack.
Rudely, I was drawn from my reverie when the guy with his dick
in the girl's mouth, leaned up on his elbows and yelled, "Hey
Dude! Showtime's over! Get the fuck outta here!"
"I'm sorry," I muttered. "I was just looking for the
It was the girl who answered. Without even taking her mouth
off of his dick, she pointed with a hand towards the door and said
with her mouth full, "Oohhhwwweerrr tttthhhheerrrr."
I left quickly, closing the door behind me and stood in the
hallway for a second catching my breath.
The hallway was crowded with people, either standing, leaning
or sitting in groups and in couples talking, smoking, and
drinking. As I leaned against the door, I could feel it vibrate
from the bass of the stereo downstairs. It looked like a scene
from Animal House or Risky Business or Sixteen Candles. It was
the first real party that I'd ever been too and I was both happy
to discover that all the wild rumors were true and that everything
my mother had warned me might happen did seem to be happening, but
I was also disappointed because it all seemed to be happening
without me.
I didn't even have to use the bathroom, I had just felt so out
of place that I needed a destination and the bathroom seemed as
good as any.
Still, looking around at some of the scuzzy looking guys
talking to some of the pretty girls around me, I thought, The hell
with it! If they can get a girl to talk to them, so can I!
I wasn't all that bad looking.
Cheered, I stumbled down the stairs grabbed a beer and started
to talk to a girl standing by me. She was there with some friends,
a couple of which I knew from school, and she introduced them all
to me. To my disappointment I discovered that she already had a
boyfriend but, a second later, that didn't matter because I
noticed a girl, in a sexy red dress, across the room.
Her back was to me, but her hair was shoulder length and
black, her waist was thin and tapered and her ass was large and
round. `This baby's got back!', I thought.
I stared at her, occasionally catching a glimpse of her in
profile, but the room was dark and smokey so I couldn't see her
face that well. I began to get the nagging feeling that I knew
her. I also noticed that she was drinking quite a lot and didn't
seem to be getting along with the guy she was talking to. He was
one of the older 'college guys' that always show up at these kind
of parties hoping to impress the high school girls and get laid.
When this one walked off in a huff, I gathered that he had
been turned down.
I sensed my chance, and excused myself from the group I was
with, to go talk to her. Only when I arrived, she had wandered
off. But then I caught a glimpse of her red dress from down the
hall. I pushed my way through the crowd in time to see her go
through a door. I also couldn't help but notice she was wobbling
and weaving as she walked.
When I reached the door I hesitated. After the incident
upstairs I didn't want a repeat. I knocked.
No answer.
I knocked again.
Still no answer.
"Aw fuck it," I said, and opened the door.
Two things struck me as I entered the room. First, I had
found the bathroom at last and two, the girl with her red dress
hiked up, panties down around her white ankle-sox and red high-
heels, passed out on the toilet, was my oldest sister Rachel!
"Shit," I said, "No wonder you looked familiar."
My face blushed with embarrassment and I turned to leave, when
my conscience nagged at me to stop and make sure she was okay.
Trying to keep my eyes from her thighs, I shook her by the
"Hey Rache, you okay?"
Her only response was to slump against me. Her head resting
just above my crotch. I could feel my dick twitch. Valiantly, I
ignored it and shook her again. She moaned a little but other
then that, nothing.
Knowing that if I let go she'd fall, I gathered her in my arms
and eased her down to the floor, so her shoulders rested against
the tub and her head lay back along it's edge. Fortunately it was
a large bathroom and, even though it was very dimly lit, had plenty
of floor space.
Then I stood up and pondered the situation. Here was my older
sister Rachel, drunk into oblivion, passed out at my feet with her
dress up and panties down around her ankles. I couldn't believe
my luck.
I'd seen her naked many, many times and, almost always
afterwards, I would masturbate while fantasizing about her.
Quite deliberately, I turned and locked the bathroom door.
Then kneeling by my sister, I slipped her panties off over
her heels. They were pink, with white flowers and looked very
virginal. Looking down at her, I pressed them to my face
and inhaled her musky scent from them. Already, my dick was
bursting at my zipper.
Watching her face closely, I ran my hand up her thigh. Her
skin was so smooth and perfect that my hand trembled as I moved
it. Her face was still and her eyes stayed closed.
Emboldened, I let my hand go up further until it was beneath
her skirt. I felt soft warm flesh. And then I felt fine hair.
And then I felt skin again, soft, moist skin. I had little actual
experience with girls, but I had seen enough pornos to know that
she was wet and what it meant. Her pussy lips were parted and
slick and I ran a finger down her slit. I ran it back and forth
up and down, until she grew even more slick and was almost
All the time I had done this, she hadn't moved, hadn't even
I got braver.
For the past couple of years I had wondered if Rachel was a
virgin or not. Again, while I wasn't Mr. Experience, I knew how
to tell.
I inserted my index finger into her pussy. So slick was her
pussy that it seemed to suck it right in. It felt incredible.
So warm, soft and moist. It slid in all the way to my 3rd knuckle.
I smiled, kneeling there with my finger deep up my sister's
hot pussy. No virgin here.
I began sliding my finger in and out to see if it would get
a reaction from her. I tried doing it like I saw in the pornos,
fast and hard, but apart from a small grimace, she didn't react at
By now my dick was bursting and I knew I didn't have long
before I wouldn't be able to help myself. And I didn't know how
long it would be before someone needed to use the bathroom.
I stripped off my pants and underwear. My dick snapping up
to attention as it was freed. I stood there, naked from the waist
down before a girl for the first time. Okay, so she was my sister
and unconscious, but still...
Remembering what I'd seen upstairs, I wondered if I could put
my dick into her mouth without waking her. Carefully, I stood
over her, one leg on either side and crouched down so my dick was
inches from her mouth.
But the angle was all wrong and so after carefully pushing my
dick down so that her lips just touched the head and I could feel
the breath from her nostrils on it, I stood back up and pondered
what to do.
I was so horned up that I was ready to pop, only not sure how
to go about it.
I didn't really want the first fuck of my life to be with an
unconscious girl but...
I took my sister's shoulders and lay her gently down, on the
hard tile floor, next to the bathtub. Then I carefully unbuttoned
the front of her dress and pulled it open. Her breasts jutted out
majestically. Not as large as I had once thought, now that I had
seen a few other girls in movies and magazines, but still no
slouches for a sixteen year old girl.
Luckily for me her lacy bra had clasps in the front so that
was no problem and soon her breasts were free. I gasped when I saw
them. Even though I'd seen them through the keyhole, that was
nothing compared to this. Her nipples so pink and perky, her
breasts so firm that they barely moved at all when her bra had been
removed. Then I spread her legs apart wide and flat on the floor,
causing the tight skirt of her sexy, red dress to ride up and
expose her raven colored bush.
I leaned my face to her pussy and sniffed her fur, thrilling
to the strong, sexual scent of Rachel as I took my fingers and
separated her lips. Leaning further, I pressed my tongue into her
gash and licked over her clit and downward a little.
My sister's pussy tasted salty and earthy with a hint of a
metallic flavor that I was familiar with but couldn't quite place.
Whatever it was, the stimulating feminine odor and the taste
and the closeness of my prize took over all my thinking.
Holding my dick, I got between her legs and lay myself slowly
on top of her, feeling into her warm crotch with my cockhead until
I felt the hot, wet opening of Rachel's spread pussy.
Thrilling from the sensations, I pushed my cock up, slowly but
firmly, into her warm body, feeling like I wanted to scream from
the strong, sexy sensations of my first penetration into a soft,
warm, female body.
When I felt our crotches pushing together, I lay myself down
on her and looked into the, closed-eyed, familiar face of the
beautiful girl I was about to fuck-- my own sister Rachel!
I could feel the warm mounds of her tits pressed against me
and then I lifted myself on my arms and started to fuck her, right
there on the hard, bathroom floor.
My dick twitched inside of her and I felt it all the way to
my balls as I fucked into her forcefully, thrilling to the way her
hairy pubic jut pressed so firmly against my loins on every inward
push of my cock.
Looking down at her, I could see her body jostle with each
of my thrusts but, as I closely watched her face, she just mumbled
soft, incoherent, little protests but did not open her eyes or wake
I wished my first fuck could have lasted longer but, after
only a few dozen strokes in her wet, hot pussy, I began to
strongly ejaculate into her.
Realizing the possible peril of what I was doing, I pulled
myself back and lurched up so that I was half kneeling over her,
holding my cock and shooting the rest of my hot cum in long streams
over her tits. Strands of it clung to her nipples while others
dripped down the valley between her breasts and then one final
surge sent a glob up onto her chin. My knees buckled and I
collapsed onto my sister, my elbow holding me up so I wouldn't hurt
her. Still she didn't move. I gasped. It had been the most
powerful orgasm I'd ever had and I could still see stars and my
heart was thumping wildly.
I stared at the mess I had made of her chest. It glistened
with my wet semen.
Reaching up I put my finger in the glob on her chin and, on
impulse, I pushed up and into her mouth. Murmuring like a baby,
she sucked and swallowed it all. The rest I twirled around with
my fingers on her chest, tracing circles around her nipples,
coating her with my cum. Then, wiping my hands on her skirt, I
leaned back and wondered what to do with her.
It occurred to me that I couldn't just leave her there, spread-
legged on the floor, for someone else to find. There were probably
many guys there, at the party, who would have zero objections to
their first (or their thirty-first) time with a girl being with
one who was passed out cold. Plus, in a curious way, I was
starting to feel like she belonged to me and I always take care of
my possessions.
I picked Rachel's panties up from the floor and noticed, for
the first time, the wet, red stain in the center of the panty
Jeez, I thought, she must have just started (or just finished?)
her period!
I looked down at my flaccid cock and noticed that it was all
coated red and that there were a couple, small clots of blood on
the knob of it. My hand was sticky and red too!
Shit! What lousy, fucking luck I had! I didn't even want to
THINK about this!
Grabbing a wash-rag from the sink, I cleaned myself up and
redressed. Rachel's panties I wadded up and put into my pocket.
Then, after carefully checking myself to see that there was no
evidence of what I had done, I grabbed my sister's shoulders and
hauled her back up to a sitting position against the tub and shook
her with brotherly concern.
"Rachel, Rachel, wake up!" I said loudly. "Rache, what's
wrong? Who did this to you?"
Finally, she responded, groggy and dazed. It took me a few
minutes to even get her to wake up and even when she did, she
didn't grasp the situation.
"Hi Tom," she mumbled, "Whater you doing here?"
"C'mon Rache, get up. Cover yourself up, for chrisake!" I
Finally she became aware that her breasts were on display and
her innate modesty drove her to buttoning her dress up halfway and
with the right buttons in the wrong holes.
"I've got to get you home," I said and then shook her hard
until her eyes semi-focused on mine. "Rache, I have to ask, were
you raped?"
"No," she said, moving her red heels and spreading her legs
in a feeble attempt to get up. "I don't think so."
Looking down between her lewdly parted thighs, I could see the
pink froth of the cum, I had pumped into her, oozing from the open,
gash of her pussy.
"C'mon, lets get you home."
I stood her up, tugging the hem of her dress down as she clung
to me and I half dragged-half carried her out of the bathroom and
down the hall, feeling her womanly curves jostle against me. A lot
of the guys made lewd comments as I passed and some of the girls
appeared concerned.
By the door I noticed Lori, Rachel's best friend. She
appeared sober and was only sipping from a can of diet Coke.
She hurried over when I called to her.
"Is she alright?" she asked me.
"Yeah, just passed out drunk," I said.
"I's not drunlk," Rachel slurred, holding her finger in front
of her face and then trying unsuccessfully to focus on it.
"I'm going to drive her home," I said. "Can you take her car
and bring it over to the house tomorrow?"
"Sure, I've already got the keys," she said, holding up and
jiggling my sister's pom-pom keyring. "I was going to drive us
home. You sure you don't want me to take her to my place? My
folks will be asleep."
"No thanks. She's my sister. I'll take care of her."
Lori, who had always thought of me as a nuisance until now,
looked at me with a new respect. "You're alright, Tom. I wish
I had a brother like you."
"Thanks," I said as I felt Rachel's head flop against my
shoulder. "We better go. I'll tell my mom that you needed to
borrow the car. She won't mind, she likes you."
Lori held the door while I picked Rachel up and carried her
out to the car.
I propped Rache up in the passenger seat but once I sat behind
the wheel, she slid over and her head fell into my lap. I didn't
move her until I was home.
Luckily all the lights were out, as I pulled into the drive,
but I still knew that I couldn't pull this off without Rachel's
I climbed out of the car and went around to her side and
opened the door.
Pulling her upright, I had to slap her face a couple of times
to get her to come to, but finally I began to see some kind of
coherence in her eyes.
"What is it? What's going on?" she asked.
"We're home," I said. "You've got to be quiet or Mom will
hear us. Can you do that?"
"Yes," she stated and then, smacking her lips said, "I've got
a funny taste in my mouth. Were they serving clams at the party?"
I pulled her from the car and, with me only having to help a
little, we walked around the house to the back door. Quietly we
snuck through the kitchen and up the back stairs, I was just
opening Rachel's door when I heard a voice behind me.
"Where have you been? Do you know what time it is?"
We both whirled around.
It was our little sister Christa, the biggest tattle tale
since Cindy Brady.
Rachel moaned, "Oh, no! Mom will kill us!"
I patted her shoulder reassuringly, "Don't worry. You get
into bed. I'll handle this. Can you make it?"
Rachel nodded, but as I turned to go she said, "Hey Tommy,
thanks for taking care of me and getting me home."
"It was nothing," I said, "just go to bed and don't worry."
Christa was tapping her foot as Rachel walked slowly away.
"Well, where have you been?" she asked in a husky whisper. She
didn't want to wake Mom too soon. I guess she wanted me to dangle
for a while.
"Let's go into your room and I'll tell you," I said. "We
don't need to wake anybody up."
She eyed me suspiciously, her hands at her shapeless hips.
"Tell me here."
Mom's door was just a few feet away.
"Look Christa, I'll explain everything and, if you still want
to wake Mom up, I'll help you, okay?" I put on my friendliest big
brother stare.
"Okay," she said.
We stepped into her room. A nightmare of pink, lace teddy-
bears, and frills. I acted quickly. I wasn't about to let this
11 year old extortionist spoil my plans to get Rachel to give
herself to me willingly.
I grabbed her around the waist, covering her mouth with my
other hand. She kicked and struggled, squirming this way and
that, but I was too strong for her.
I didn't mind the slight noise she was making. I had chosen
her room on purpose. It was the room furthest from my mother's.
Christa's is at the back while Mom's was at the front.
"Stop squirming!" I hissed in her ear.
Looking at me from the corners of her eyes with a look that
could kill, she stopped struggling.
"Okay, " I said. "This is how it's going to be. You ever
tell mom that you saw Rachel and me coming home late tonight and
I will beat your little ass until it's black and blue! Do you
understand me?"
Her eyes flared when I said that and I felt something sharp
sink into my left hand. The little shit had bit me. But I didn't
let go. Instead I brought my right hand back and with all my
strength and smacked her on her ass. Her frilly panties cushioned
her a little but not much. I saw her eyes go even wider and
she stopped biting.
"Now we understand each other!" I said.
My hand was hurting like hell where she had bit me but I
didn't dare move it in case she started yelling.
A sudden thought hit me and I pulled Rachel's panties from
out of my pocket. With a deft movement I moved my hand and, when
Christa opened wide to scream, I stuffed Rachel's bloody panties
into her mouth. She gagged but I didn't relent, not stopping until
her mouth was completely full and she couldn't make a noise.
Then looking around I noticed a cord on the curtains. I yanked
it off, while still holding her with my other hand, then picking
her up and putting her on the bed on her stomach, I tied her arms
behind her back with the cord.
She lay there kicking and squirming, but I sat down next to
her and hauled her little body over my lap.
Finally I could look at my hand. It was bleeding a little,
and stung like hell.
I had to get something on it, but didn't dare leave her
Then I thought, panties for panties, an even exchange. I
reached down and deftly pulled her frilly, cotton underpants down
her thin legs and slipped them off her ankles. Christa stiffened
at the sudden chill that hit her ass and virgin young pussy.
Curious to see if that smell was hereditary, I pressed
Christa's panties to my nose. It was there, the heady aroma of
Surprised, I felt my dick twitch.
This hadn't started to be sexual. Nor had I ever had any
sexual feelings towards Christa before. But now, with the smell
of her panties and the sight of her young, 11-year-old ass over my
lap, it was quickly becoming sexual. I had to stay under control
though, this was something I had to do, and I had to do it perfect
so she wouldn't tell Mom about Rachel and I AND so she wouldn't
tell Mom about what I was doing to her right now.
I had to scare the shit out of her.
Wrapping her panties around my fingers to stop the bleeding,
I stared down at her face and was pleased to already discover some
fear there, but her eyes still showed anger. I had to cower that
"Christa, you've had this coming for a long time. You've
tattled on me for the last time. If you ever tell Mom about
anything I, or your sisters, do or what I've done here tonight,
you'll get more and worse then anything I'm about to do to you.
Nod if you understand."
She didn't nod.
I sighed. "Alright Christa, you asked for this."
I placed my free hand on her right ass cheek so that my
fingers were in her crack and I squeezed as hard as I could, my
fingers digging into her flesh. She moaned in pain and then,
unexpectedly, I raised my arm and brought my open hand crashing
down onto the soft flesh of her right butt cheek. It made a noise
like a gun shot and I froze to see if anyone had heard.
Christa screamed through the panties but only a muffled grunt
came through. Tears sprang to her eyes and her nostrils flared
for breath.
Tense seconds went by, but no one came to see what made the
noise so I relaxed.
Her small ass was bright red in the exact shape of my hand.
Again I was surprised when my dick responded to the sight.
Crista had never been disciplined in her young life and, as
I looked at her, she dissolved into a crying heap. Tears pouring
out of her eyes, muffled little sobs coming through her sister's
panties. To my astonishment, my dick was rock hard and pulsing
along with her ass.
"Listen to me Crista," I said, putting as much manly venom in
my voice as I could. "Are you going to behave now? Are you going
to start obeying me and doing whatever I tell you?"
She nodded meekly.
"I don't believe you," I said. "You say that now but when
you wake up in the morning, with a sore and bruised ass, you may
feel different."
I put my hand back on her smooth little bum. She grimaced
when I touched it.
I maneuvered my hand so that my index finger just touched her
small, puckered asshole.
"How can I trust you when you've been telling on everyone all
your life?" I asked her.
We sat there for a second. Christa lying there on her
stomach, over my lap, her hands tied behind her back, her short
little nightie up around her waist, her older sister's discharge-
soiled panties filling her mouth and her naked little bum pulsing
red with my finger touching her asshole. Me ready to orgasm at any
second, the blood gushing to my dick, ready to bust my zipper,
unable to believe this was happening and that I was enjoying it so
"I'm going to put you to the test," I said. "I'm going to
take out the panties you're sucking on and if you don't scream,
then maybe I won't smack you again. But if you do yell, I will be
all over you so fast that, even if Mom does hear you, you'll regret
Without taking my finger from her ass I pulled the panties
from her mouth. She gagged and spit a few times and her sobs grew
a little louder, but she didn't say anything.
"Very good," I commented. "Does this mean you promise not to
"Y-y-y-y-es," Christa said quietly.
"And that you are now my good little slave girl?"
"Yes. I'll do whatever you want. I won't tell."
"I don't believe you. I think you're just saying that so I
won't hit you again. Is that true?"
"No. I promise."
"Christa, I'm going to put you to the test," I said. "I'm
going to do something to you... something for your punishment."
"No. Don't!"
"Be quiet!" I ordered.
She shut up immediately.
"I'm going to swat your ass again, and if you don't make a
noise and if you don't tell anyone about what I do, then I will
believe you and will leave you alone. Do you agree to that?"
Sobbing with her eyes closed, she nodded.
"Okay, here we go. Now remember, not a sound!"
I slowly rubbed Christa's warm ass, draped over my lap, and
then I moved my caressing hand slowly down the crack of her butt,
and down between her warm thighs, until I came to the dainty,
hairless little lips of her pussy.
Christa's leg muscles tightened around my wrist and I heard
her gasp.
I worked my middle finger deftly between the twin, puffy
little lips, feeling the oily moisture in her gash, and then, as
I found the indention of her small vagina, I pushed my finger into
her to the second knuckle.
"What are you doing?" Christa asked in a fearful, little
"Punishing you," I said, feeling my cock surging in my pants
as I probed into the feminine mysteries of my baby sister's tight,
little sex hole.
"T-t-that's m-my vagina!"
"Shut up," I commanded and then my other hand came down hard
on her ass cheek.
Christa didn't scream this time. She bit her lip and didn't
say a word and just cried silently.
Feeling my cock about to bust, I began to slowly finger fuck
her as my other hand started raining smacks upon her ass and thighs
and she gyrated around on my lap, jostling over my throbbing cock.
Then, as I felt her body stiffen over my legs and her wet, little
hole grasping my finger tightly, I started to orgasm, bending over
her and filling my shorts with cum as my finger pushed deeply up
into Crista's spasming pussy.
When I finally sat up and untied her, she tried to get up but
I pushed her back down.
"Lay down," I ordered.
Dutifully she did, her hands stealing back to touch her
dainty, tender ass cheeks.
I picked her up as I stood and then lay her on the bed on her
"I'll be right back," I said.
Sneaking down the hall to the bathroom, I was relieved to see
that all was quiet. Sniffing the piquant scent of Christa's little
pussy from my finger, I grabbed a bottle of lotion and snuck back
to her room.
Ever so gently I squeezed some of the lotion onto each of her
butt cheeks. She gasped at the coldness, but didn't say anything.
Carefully, I massaged her cheeks which were already bruising with
great red welts.
"You'll have to be very careful so that no one see's your
butt for a week or so," I told her, "but after that you'll be
fine. Unless, of course, you break your promise and I have to
repeat this."
"I'll never tell," she said suddenly. "Just don't stop
"Alright," I said, "but don't forget that you are my slave
girl now and you promised to do whatever I ask from now on."
"I will, Tom. I always will."
I continued rubbing the lotion in until she fell asleep.
As I tucked her in under the covers, I realized what a chance
I had taken. If Mom saw those bruises, and found out what I had
done to her precious little girl, I would be in deep shit.
Luckily we all had our own bathrooms so there was a chance (if
Christa kept her mouth shut) she wouldn't find out.
No, I realized as I walked back to my room, the greatest risk
I had taken was Christa herself. If she changed her mind in the
morning and told Mom, there really wouldn't be much I could do.
I just hoped I had convinced her.
As I stripped off my cum sodden underwear, and sniffed my
still pussy spiced finger, I pondered on why that little power-
trip had felt so good to me.
I also wondered, while rubbing my still horny dick, when I
would fuck Rachel again. God, it felt so nice inside her pussy!
Next time, I told myself, I would like her to be a more willing and
active participant. And not on the rag!
I wondered if she would... let me fuck her. She did, after
all, have Darrel, her boyfriend. But I was her brother! Who had
a better right to it? Him or me?

The next morning I was disturbed by the sound of light tapping
on my bedroom door.
"What's going on?" I mumbled through my hazy alertness.
"Who's there?"
The door opened and in stepped Rachel looking as gorgeous as
ever, wearing only a very short almost transparent nightie, fuzzy
slippers, a hair ribbon tied loosely to keep her long black hair
out of her face and pale yellow panties, the crotch of which could
just be seen under the nightie. I thought I could detect the
slight bulge of one of those maxi pads the girls keep under the
sink in the bathroom.
"Tom, are you awake?" she asked, slipping into the room and
closing the door behind her.
"Yeah," I said, all traces of haziness gone.
She sat down on the edge of my bed and my eyes went straight
to her breasts which I could see outlined under the nightie. The
nipples erect and pert. I didn't have to worry about her noticing
my staring. Her eyes were glued to the floor and she seemed rather
"What is it Rache?" I asked.
"Tom, um....I know..." she stuttered.
I sat up in bed, the blanket falling to just below my stomach.
I kept it from falling any further since I always slept naked and
slipped my arm around her shoulder.
"What's the matter? You know you can tell me anything," I
said, reveling in the silky feel of the gown and the soft warm
flesh of her shoulders.
"It's about last night," she said.
"Well, I don't remember everything that happened... but when
I woke up this morning and got into the shower..." She couldn't
say more.
"I know part of what happened. Do you want me to tell you?"
I asked.
She nodded, risking a glance in my direction and I caught a
glimpse of those beautiful baby blues.
I told her how I had found her in the bathroom with her
clothes somewhat askew and had helped her to dress and brought her
home. I, of course, omitted how first I had pressed my erect dick
to her mouth and ate her pussy and then fucked her and ejaculated
in her and all over her tits and that it was my dried cum, she had
found matted to her pubic hairs and crusted to her breasts, in the
shower, this morning.
"Oh Tom," she cried, putting her face in her hands, "I think
somebody did something to me last night! I just can't remember."
She began to sob and I put my hands on her shoulders and spoke
soothingly to her. "It's alright, Rache. You're okay now. I
didn't see anyone and maybe nothing happened. Anyway, it's just
between us and nobody else has to know how I found you or how late
we came in."
"But I seem to remember Christa seeing us when we got home.
Won't she tell Mom?" Rachel asked.
"I wouldn't worry about Christa. I convinced her to not tell
anyone." I explained.
"It wasn't easy. But don't worry," I said with more
confidence then I felt. "And don't worry about me, I can keep a
Rachel raised her face then and looked me full in the eyes.
My heart almost stopped and my dick created a tent out of the
blankets as I stared at those beautiful, moist eyes and those
pouting pink lips from which my cum had clung only hours before.
"Thanks Tom," she told me. "You're the best." And then she
hugged me. Oh God, I almost came right then. If she felt my
hard-on at least she had the good taste not to mention it and how
she couldn't I don't know because it was lodged firmly against her
leg. Unless of course she thought I kept a bar of iron in bed
with me. I was in heaven. Those great tits were mashed against
my bare chest, her arms were wrapped around my naked flesh and my
face was buried in that sweet smelling, black hair. Okay so it
only lasted for an instant, but what an instant!
And then before I knew it, in a flash of yellow panties and
twirling nightie, she was gone.

A week later, I was in my room, watching a porno movie that
Warren had given me. It was really hot with this gorgeous, black
haired girl giving this big guy a great blow job.
I was jerking off to it, in my bed, trying not to cum until
the guy did.
Now, while I've never had my dick sucked, I could imagine the
bliss. Even the guy was starting to show some emotion as his
face started twitching and his stomach muscles tightened, but he
never took his eyes off of the girl sucking his cock and neither
did I.
After about five minutes of sucking and sliding those gorgeous
lips up and down his shaft, the guy grimaced and started to grunt,
his hips began bucking up to meet her mouth, and he gasped, "Oh
yeah, you cock sucking whore! Here it comes!"
And just when he and I were about to shoot our loads, I heard
a loud knocking at my door and the jiggle of the door handle.
Thank god I had thought to lock it!
"Hey Tom! Open the door!" It was my sister Susan.
I hit stop on the VCR remote and grabbed my robe. I had to
hold my hard dick flat against my stomach and tie the belt to my
robe tight to hold it in place so it wouldn't show. My dick wasn't
even close to the guy in the movie but, at 8 inches on my 15th
birthday, it was no slouch.
Double checking that everything was in place, I walked over
and unlocked the door. Susan pushed past me and flopped down in
my easy chair.
I had forgotten it was Saturday. Sue always comes to my room
on Saturday to watch cartoons. As was the case on these Saturday
mornings, she had just gotten up and she was wearing one of my old
"God!" she grumbled, "I thought you were gonna sleep forever.
Mom's watching some stupid news show downstairs and won't let me
watch cartoons. What were you watching? I could hear the TV but
couldn't tell what it was."
"Nothing," I said. "Just some... show."
"Oh, then you won't care if I change it then." She scooped
up the remote and began flipping channels until she found the
cartoon she wanted.
Just don't hit play on that remote, I thought as I closed
the door.
I sat on the bed wrapping the robe around my legs and feeling
my unabated dick press into my stomach as I looked at her and her
tan and muscular limbs, wishing that there was a real, sexy girl
in the room with me, like Rachel.
As she sat in my chair, off to the side of my bed, she had her
knees pressed against her breasts and her arms wrapped around her
legs. This gave me a great view of most of the cheeks of her
panty-clad ass. The only other thing she had on was a pair of
thick white socks that only just came up past her ankles.
While she watched the cartoon, I watched her.
My sister Sue's knockers looked so good right now in that
light, cotton jersey of mine. I don't know a lot about sizes but
she must be at least a 34C, I imagined. One thing about Sue, she
hates wearing her bra. Mom has to drag her into it on schooldays
and it'd take a crowbar to make her wear it on weekends so Mom
usually lets it go unless we're going somewhere.
I never much paid attention to how Sue looks but, as she
watched the TV, I stared at the profile of her familiar face. Her
features look more like what pictures I've seen of my dad and what
I look like. Reddish brown hair, freckled cheeks, green eyes, thin
but full lips.
Sue, I suddenly realized, would be a very pretty girl if she
just wasn't such a guy!
What was it with her? I wondered. What made her the way she
was? Why did she act like such a kid all the time? Always
watching her cartoons and sucking her lollipops. Was she a lez,
or what? I know she hates boys her age, won't have anything to do
with them, but she sure liked to dress like one. Always wearing
things of mine she snitched from my drawers. I was almost
surprised that she wasn't wearing a pair of my jockey shorts on her
wide, obviously female ass but she was wearing a pair of white
panties with Tweety Birds all over them. Her preference for my
clothes pissed me off but I had to cut her some slack.
She likes me.
In fact, we're closer to each other then we are to anyone else
in the family. Maybe the whole world. We've always been that way.
She's the one sister I can live with. Maybe because she's more of
a brother. In fact, Mom jokingly refers to me and Susan as `the
So, while I was disappointed and still ravingly horny from
getting interrupted from my porno movie, I didn't really mind her
barging into my room.
A few years ago, on a cold morning like this one, I might have
invited her into my bed to stay warm and watch TV with me. But
that was when we were both like a couple of flat-chested buddies
and before we hit our teens. Back then, I couldn't help but notice
her body's changes and the way that, in the mornings, she smelled
faintly of the pussy hidden between her legs. I just knew I
couldn't stand the temptation of having her right in the same bed
with me anymore, so I stopped asking.
Sexual thoughts with Susan were just out of the question. It
would be like having horny thoughts about a little brother! Sue
was the least sexual of my sisters and, my problem was, I just
didn't quite know how to deal anymore with a girl that was so like
a boy, in some ways, and so very much like a girl now in others.
Laying there, watching her, I remembered the tickling match
we got into a while ago and how I came right in my jeans then,
feeling the bulge of her crotch against my cock. I don't know if
Sue knew exactly what had happened, but she knew something had
happened and we hadn't talked about it since. But, I realized, it
was causing more of a strain in a relationship that used to be so
uncomplicated and easy.
During a commercial break, she turned to me. I could see
goosebumps on her arms as she hugged her legs to her chest.
"Hey, I'm cold," she said. "Toss me a blanket or something."
"What do you think this is a hotel?" I said. "All I've got is
what's on the bed and I'm not messing that up for you."
"Oh yeah? Like you care if your bed's a mess."
I straightened my back and turned my nose into the air looking
away from her. "My room is immaculate, thank you very much," I said
"Well then, let me wear your bathrobe," she said.
My head jerked back around. "I'm wearing it," I said.
"I can see that, Brainiac. Take it off and let me wear it.
Come on, Tom! I'm freezing!"
"You don't get it! This is all I'm wearing," I explained.
"Hey, I've seen what you've got you know," she said.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"We used to take baths together all the time, remember?"
"That was eight years ago!"
"So, didja grow something different? I don't care about your
thingy. I'm just cold!" she whined.
"Well I care about my 'thingy' and you're not getting my
robe. You wear all of my clothes, all the time, anyway. You're
not getting this!"
"Listen Mr. Modesty. If you're so worried about me seeing you
naked, then slide under the covers and take off the robe, okay?"
The idea was exciting. To lie there totally naked with just
a sheet and a couple blankets between me and my sister, but
carefully I controlled my sudden desire.
"Okay, if you're going to keep whining about it," I said.
Her freckled face was suddenly all smiles.
From under the blankets, I untied the robe, carefully making
a hill of the blankets so that she wouldn't see the tent-pole my
dick had turned into poking it's way up, slipped the robe off and
tossed it to her. My bare chest was now exposed as the blankets
only came up to my stomach. And, as I said before, I'm no Brad
Pitt but I ain't half bad either.
"Thanks, Tom. You're the best brother I've got," Sue said as
she snuggled under my warm robe.
"Yeah, I'm the only brother you've got!"
She giggled and went back to her cartoons.
It was then that I got this nutty idea. An idea that might
help me decide just which side of the fence my little sister was
Sue usually watched cartoons until noon and that was over two
hours away. No one ever disturbed us during that time and so we'd
be alone.
My idea was to pretend to drift off to sleep again and
surreptitiously 'kick' the blankets off until my dick was exposed
to her innocent eyes. Just to see what her reaction would be to
seeing a real, live cock.
Gradually I let my eyes start closing and blinking longer, I
started delaying my responses to her and I stopped reacting to the
Finally I closed my eyes entirely and started to breathe
evenly. Then I waited for the next cartoon to end. During the
commercial, Sue started to say something but then stopped in
mid-sentence. She must have noticed. I waited for a few more
minutes before I rolled onto my side and let my leg stick out from
under the covers. Then after a few more minutes of anticipation
and worry (What if she ran screaming from the room, like Christa
had at my nakedness when she had barged into my bathroom?) I rolled
back over taking the covers with my leg but holding onto the top
of the blankets with my hand so that my chest stayed covered,
while everything below the waist just seemed (I hoped) to be
naturally uncovered. The cool air hit my dick and it weakened
just a little but the thought of a girl (even if it was only Sue)
staring at it for the first time made it strengthen and regain it's
full erection.
It wasn't until another commercial break that I heard a
reaction. "Oh," Susan said quietly.
Nothing happened for a couple seconds. I could imagine her
staring at me with (I hoped) awe.
"Tom?" she said. "Tom? Are you awake?"
I kept breathing, trying not to pant. The cold air and my
nervousness were starting to affect my erection. It was wilting.
As it drooped I heard another "oh" from my sister.
Then I heard what I had been hoping for all along. I heard
her stand up from her chair and walk towards the bed.
It took everything I had to control myself when unexpectedly
I heard her voice hiss into my ear. "Tom, are you awake?"
I let my face twitch a little but then kept right on breathing
I felt her put her weight on the edge of the bed but I
couldn't tell which way she was facing so I didn't dare look.
Then I felt the blankets being dragged across my legs.
Oh no! She was covering me up! Damn! Was that it?
But then the blankets stopped and I felt her cool hand on my
leg just above my knee. I tried to relax and found it was getting
quite easy to breathe deeply. Slowly I could feel her hand slide
up my leg until she reached my hip. It was then that I realized
I could hear her breathing too. It was sharp and ragged.
Finally, when I could stand it no more, her hand slipped out
and I felt her finger jab the head of my dick. It bobbed back and
forth like a cat toy and I heard her suppress a giggle.
When it slowed down, she did it again. This time the giggle
was louder and ended abruptly. She must have realized it was too
loud and put her hand over her mouth to stifle herself.
Not sure how to act now, l let my legs shift just a little
and murmured something. I could feel her stiffen and felt the
blanket move further across my legs but when I stopped she stopped
and I could hear her let out her breath.
It didn't take long for her hand to reach back out to my dick.
This time she put her fingers on my balls and drew them lightly
across. It felt great and my dick twitched. She must have liked
that because she did it again and my dick obliged by twitching
After the video, my stroking, and now Sue's attention, I was
almost ready to pop, but even I needed a little more direct
stimulation then what she was doing. If only she'd wrap that
little hand around it and just stroke it maybe three or four
times. That would be all that I'd need.
I tried twitching my dick on my own a couple of times. She
pressed her hand against its shaft but she didn't hold it. I
twitched it again. She giggled.
Oh come on baby, I thought, just wrap that hand around it and
I tried twitching it some more. But suddenly I heard her
laughing and I thought the game was up but I could hear laughter
from the TV so she must have been watching it instead of my cock.
I stopped twitching and inwardly sighed.
But then, just when I thought she'd given up, I felt exactly
what I'd wanted as she wrapped her little fingers around my dick.
She began to gently squeeze it in a rhythmic, exploratory sort of
way and I fought to control a groan.
Oh God! I was so close now! Then I felt her other hand
encompass the head and squeeze that. It felt like she was trying
to encase my cock in her two hands. My breathing came faster but
I couldn't control it anymore, every muscle on my body suddenly
tensed and then...
After what felt like an incredibly long, tense moment, she ran
her hand up the length of my dick three times in rapid succession
and I began shooting cum.
She gave a loud high-pitched yelp and released my cock, but
it no longer mattered. I was cumming in gallons, my dick was
twitching and jerking, my sperm was splattering onto my stomach and
finally began just oozing out of the tip.
It took everything I had to keep my eyes closed and, just when
I thought I'd cum all I could, I felt her hand again on my dick.
Her fingers squelching on my cum and then gently she squeezed and
started jerking me again. A last couple dribbles came shooting
out and all those tense muscles now relaxed and my body felt
drunk with pleasure.
I thought it couldn't get any better, but then I felt a hand
wander down my now rapidly decreasing cock and actually touch the
pool of cum on my stomach.
It occurred to me that, although I felt it was over, Sue
apparently didn't realize it. Slowly she traced her fingers in
circles through my hot jizz, smearing it a little.
Then she took her hand away from me and I didn't feel or hear
anything for a minute.
I couldn't help myself from opening one eye and when I looked
up at her I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
My tomboy sister was putting her finger, dripping with my
sperm, right into her mouth and sucking on it! As she did it, I
saw her eyes close as if she were tasting some delicious new candy.
I closed my eyes, as she opened hers and took her finger out,
and then, unbelievably, I felt her hot breath on my fluttering
stomach and then the delicate pressure of her tongue dipping into
the sperm puddle on my belly!
I think that I might just have gotten hard and done it all
over again, but just as she started lapping, Mom yelled Susan's
name and with a quick jerk the blankets were pulled over my body
and Sue slipped out of my room and I heard her say,
"SSSHHH, Mom. Tom's still sleeping."
"Well, then don't wake him. I was just going to say that I
was done watching tv and you can watch cartoons down here," Mom
"But Mom, I like watching them up here!"
"Now do what I tell you young lady! And get down here!" Mom
said in her 'not to be refused' voice.
I heard Sue's grumbling voice all the way down the stairs.
My body now satiated, and my mind unable to believe what had
just happened, a great sleepiness overtook me and I nodded off into
slumber. I didn't dream though. Right now nothing my subconscious
could come up with even came remotely close to what had just
happened to me.


Even though it was Rachel whose body I craved, I had now
experienced sexual encounters with all of my sisters.
My problem was, I was now hornier than ever (after actually
experiencing the immense pleasure of sinking my cock into a real,
live pussy) but I still had nobody to fuck!
My earlier encounter with Rachel had been when she was passed
out drunk and unaware of what I was doing and that wasn't likely
to happen again. Susan had just fondled me, in curiosity, while
she thought I had been asleep and I couldn't take the chance of
damaging her odd, tomboy psyche by asking her for a screw. Christa
I had forcefully finger fucked under the guise of punishing her
and, being only 11, I sure couldn't fuck her!
Anyway, it was Rachel I wanted. She had been the object of
my sexual lust (and masturbational fantasies) for years and how
could I ever be satisfied until I had her again? But, this time,
willingly and fully.
The opportunity I had been waiting for came along on Tuesday
morning, the first day of summer vacation. My mother had gone to
work, of course, and that left me home alone with my three sisters.
After breakfast, Christa went back to her room to play.
That left me, still in only my boxer shorts, sitting on the couch
between Susan and Rachel, as we watched BAYWATCH on the TV in the
family room.
Horny as hell, I made a few comments about the tits jiggling
on the screen, prompting both of my sisters to admonish me about
my tactless desires for feminine flesh.
Susan was wearing a baggy, grey sweat-suit and her baseball
cap and Rachel was already in her blue cheerleader uniform, having
to go to our school's last baseball game at 1:00.
Rachel's sexy thighs, in the short, pleated skirt, kept
stealing my glances away from the likes of Pamela Anderson on the
I was becoming shaky with lust as I sat next to her and the
curves of her beautiful body, so near and yet so out of my reach.
"She's not real," Susan said beside me.
"What?" I said, turning my gaze from Rachel to Sue.
"Pamela Anderson," she said, tugging the brim of her ballcap,
"I read about her. Her breasts are implants and her lips are
"Really?" Rachel said.
"Yeah. Plus she can't act. She's only on TV because of her
breasts. She's a very shallow person."
"Who cares?" I said. "I just like to look at her!"
Both my sisters looked scathingly at me and then back to the
After a while, Rachel reached around to the small of her back
and moaned.
"What's the matter, Rache?" Susan asked.
"It's my back, Sues. I think I pulled a muscle last week at
tryouts (She had not only made the team again, but was going to be
captain for her senior year).
"Oh," I said, "let me rub it for you."
"Would you, Tom?"
"Sure," I said, feeling my boner come alive in my shorts as
I turned to her and she turned her back to me, pulling her long,
shiny, black hair up to her neck.
With trembling hands I began to rub and kneed the muscles of
my sister's shapely back, smelling her perfume in my nostrils as
I handled her sexy body.
"Oh, that feels good, Tom! Can you do it lower?"
I began to rub the muscles of her lower back, at the tapered
area above her wide hips. I used my thumbs along her spine as I
opened my hands and held her thin waist between them.
My boner surged in my boxers. God, I was on fire for her!
"Well," said Susan loudly, standing from the couch and looking
down at us, "I'm going out to look for a softball game. Do you
want to warm me up with a little catch, Tom?"
"Naw," I said, my hands all over Rachel's warm back and my
mind seething with ideas, "you go on down to the park. I bet
there's someone there who wants to play with you."
Shrugging and grabbing her mit from the coffee table, Susan
said, "Suit yourself," and headed out into the late-morning
sunshine, leaving me alone with Rachel.
As I kept rubbing her and trying to feel her, Rachel said,
"Tom, you're not getting my spot."
God, how I wanted to get her spot!
"No?" I said, trying to keep my voice calm. "Maybe I'm
rubbing you at the wrong angle."
"Yeah. Let me get in front of you and reach around."
I got down to my knees, on the floor, as Rachel scooted to the
edge of the couch and I moved to the front of her, between her
knees, looking down at the short, blue, pleated skirt of her
uniform and reaching behind her to her back.
"Open your legs so I can get closer and do it right," I said
and watched as her dreamy thighs parted, raising her skirt until
I could almost see the matching, blue strip of her panty-clad
I moved forward, into the radius of her body's heat, so that
her tits almost touched my bare chest and went back to kneading her
back muscles, hearing her moan in my ear as I did it.
Fuck! I was nearly in delirium!
"That's better," she said, almost directly in my ear, "but it
still isn't getting to where the muscle hurts."
"Oh," I said. "Maybe your top is in the way. Can you...
maybe take it off?"
My sister didn't say a word. She just kinda leaned back,
crossed her arms to her sides, grabbed the bottom of her form-
fitting uniform top and then peeled it up and over her head,
exposing her thin upper body to me and the soft-looking cleavage
of her beautiful breasts in their lacy white bra.
I think I forgot how to breathe for a moment but, as Rachel
leaned back against me, draping her arms around my neck and resting
her head on my shoulder (so I could smell the sweetness of her
sable hair) I choked back a gasp and put my hands on the smooth,
warm, naked skin of her back and began to rub her again.
God damn it, I was in heaven!
My cock was so hard that it hurt!
I was so tightly wound with sexual lust that I thought I was
going to flash into spontaneous combustion at any moment!
Rubbing Rachel's supple flesh hard, she moaned loudly and
said, "Yes, Tom! That's it! Oh, God that feels so good!"
Rubbing harder, I pulled Rachel's body against me, feeling her
tits compress to my chest as I kneaded the muscles near her spine.
Moving my lower body closer, I could feel her fleshy thighs part
against my bare hips and then, just the faintest contact of my
rigid boner against her crotch.
"Yes," Rachel gasped, squeezing my neck with her arms,
"harder! Do it to me harder, Tom!"
Oh. Fuck! YES! I thought, as I deftly rubbed by blazing cock
up against her pussy and massaged her back muscles with more
Her thighs pressed firmly against my hips now and, as she
continued to hug me and moan, I continued to knead her back and
hump my cock hard against her crotch.
I knew she could feel it! How could she not? This was it!
My time was here! All I had to do, I reasoned, was lay her down
on the couch now, take off her panties and fuck her!
But, before I started to move, Rachel let go of my neck and
pressed her hands against my chest.
"That's good, Tom," she said. "That's enough. It feels much
better now. Thank you."
Moving back a little, so I could look at her flushed face, I
breathlessly said, "Is that IT? Just... thank you?"
Rachel smiled curiously at me, her blue eyes sparking. "What
do you want, Tom?"
I closed my gaping mouth as, still holding her body in my
hands, I said, "How about a kiss?"
"A kiss for a back rub? Sure!" And Rachel leaned to me,
closing her eyes, her beautiful, pouty mouth puckered and she
planted a warm, wet kiss, with her soft, trembling lips, right on
my cheek.
Pulling back a little more and dropping my hands to the tops
of her warm thighs, I looked at her smile and then glanced down to
her now exposed crotch and the clear wet spot that had soaked
through her blue panties and then back up to her beautiful face and
I said, "That's not the kind of kiss I wanted, Rache."
She looked at me with a puzzled expression now. "Tom," she
said, "you're my brother. What other kind of kiss is there?"
I was going to tell her! I was going to tell her that I
wanted to have her press her tender lips open against mine so that
I could lick our hot tongues together and just happily suck all of
the sweet spit right out of her mouth and that I then wanted her
to lay down on the couch and take off her panties for me and let
me just sink my cock up into her hot, dripping hole and fuck her
silly... when the telephone rang.
Rachel stood right up and, for a brief moment, my face was
less than an inch from the jut of her skirted pussy and I could
almost smell it.
Then my sister walked to the phone and picked it up, leaving
me kneeling and trembling in front of the empty couch.
"Darrel?" she said brightly. "Hi baby. Yes, you sweet boy,
I miss you too! I haven't seen you since yesterday! I love you,
too. You KNOW I do. You're all alone there? Well, I'm here
watching Christa until one and then Susan's supposed to watch her
while I go to the game. Huh? Well, I guess I could leave her with
Tom. Okay. I'll be right over. I really need you so bad right
now. Yeah," she giggled, "you know what I want! Bye, lover!"
With that, she hung up the phone and came back to the couch,
picking up her top and pulling it on as she said, "Tom, I'm going
over to Darrel's. Check on Crista for me, okay?"
I watched her as she pulled her long, raven hair up out of the
neck opening of her top and then shook her head to fluff it around
her shoulders. My cock was aching with frustration.
"Yeah," I said dejectedly, dropping down to my ass on the
carpet and watching my sister head for the door.
"Tom," she said, turning back to me, "I know what you need and
I'm going to take care of you."
"What?" I asked, my spirit brightening with the idea that she
wasn't through with me yet.
"You need a girlfriend, hon. I've been talking with Sandy
Templeman. You know her. She's on the squad with me and she
thinks you're so cute. Maybe we can double-date. You and her and
Darrel and me. What do you think? I can ask her for you."
"Sandy Templeman's got zits!" I yelled in sudden anger and my
sexy sister simply shrugged and walked out of the house.
I rubbed my throbbing cock, to try and soothe it, but I was
still horny as hell and trembling with lust and dying for relief.
I got up off the floor, deciding that I had to go up to my
room and just jack the fucker off.
As I walked past Christa's door, I heard her voice from inside
and stopped. She was talking in strange, low tones and I knew that
she was alone in there so I dropped to my knees and peered through
the large keyhole.
What I saw amazed me.
Christa stood by her bed wearing only a lacy nightgown that
came to just below her ass. When she bent just a little the
nightie rode up and I could see her pink little ass cheeks, now
devoid of any of the bruises from my previous visit to her room.
Sitting on the bed were several of Christa's dolls and teddy
bears and it appeared that she was scolding them.
"You've all been very bad!" she said, wagging her finger at
them. "You must be punished!"
Swiftly she turned the dolls and bears onto their tummies and
began spanking them. The lewd little smile and the glint in her
eyes made me realize that I wasn't the only one in the house who
was horny right now.
Christa was really getting into swatting her bears. Her hand
was only a blur and a thin sheen of sweat appeared on her upper
Finally, when (I guess) she could stand it no more, she flung
herself down on the bed next to the bears, pulled her nightie up
to expose her pussy (which, I could see, was flushed and pink) and
began rubbing herself. I was surprised to see the sprouting of
fine blonde hairs above her puffy pussy and even more surprised to
see little Christa eagerly masturbating.
Without hesitation, I pulled her door open and walked in,
catching her with her little fingers working feverishly between her
rigid, thin legs.
"What are you doing in here?" she gasped as she saw me, her
blue eyes going wide as saucers.
"What are YOU doing, is the question, Crista!" I said, my eyes
beaming down on her as she pulled her hand from herself and whipped
her nighty down to cover her pussy.
"Nothing," she said. "I was just scratchin'"
"Just scratching your pussy?"
"Yeah. It was itchin'"
My cock was itchin' too, as I walked to the bed and sat down
with her. I had wanted some pussy so badly and now, here it was,
I told myself. Christa was under my control now, wasn't she? But,
I reasoned, if I was going to get what I needed from her, I had to
play this just right.
Looking down at her reddening, cute, little face, I said,
"Christa, I think you were being naughty, don't you?"
"Yes. Playing with your pussy is very naughty and I think I'm
going to have to punish you!"
"You are?" she said, but I could see a sudden gleam in her
"Yes," I said, summoning sternness to my voice, "so get over
here in front of me!"
Christa got off the bed quickly and dutifully stood before me,
a shamed little pout on her face. "You're not gonna spank me
again, are you, Tom?" she asked and then she bent her head low,
causing her blonde hair to drape to the sides of her face as she
put the tip of her index finger in her mouth and began to twist
from side to side in front of me, looking at me through the raised
eyes of her lowered head.
"Yes, Christa," I said, trying to use a very deep, father-
like voice, "so take off your nighty so I can whomp at your little
Christa smiled and did as she was told and she was now
standing in front of me, her hands folded behind her back and naked
as a jaybird.
As she began to coquettishly twist again, I looked over the
little, flat-nippled muffins of her developing breasts and down her
little belly to the wisps of blonde hairs over the deep crack of
her puffy pussy mound and down her long, thin legs to her little,
bare feet on the floor.
This was a girl, I told myself. A pretty girl. But what
could I do with her? Shit, she was only 11!
"Get on the bed," I told her in that overdone, low voice, and
Christa complied, laying on her stomach for me, the soft globes of
her butt cheeks rising up to my gaze.
"Now Christa," I said, sounding like Smokey The Bear, "this
is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you but you have to
be punished!"
I knelt down by the bed, looking at my tempting little target
for a moment, and then I smacked her ass. It was a lame, light
little tap but I wasn't angry after all, I was horny!
"I need more than that," she said, "I was really naughty,
"Yes you were," I said, in that voice that sounded more like
a bad shopping mall Santa now, "touching your pussy like that. You
are a bad girl!" And I smacked her ass again harder, causing a
little more sound as my open hand hit her cheeks.
"Ow," she said, but not as if it really hurt her.
"You've been very bad, Crista," I bellowed deeply, slapping
her ass a few more times and watching it turn pinkish. I couldn't
help but add, "Ho Ho Ho!"
Crista giggled at my silly voice as I slapped her fanny a few
more times and then I said, "I shouldn't be spanking your ass,
little girl, because that's not the part of you that you were being
naughty with."
"Huh?" she asked, stopping in mid giggle as the smile vanished
from her face and her blue eyes opened wide.
Still in my deep voice, I said, "You were being naughty with
your pussy, Christa! That's the part that should be punished!"
From the sudden change in her expression, I didn't know what
Christa was thinking or what she would do but she suddenly rolled
over on her back, the soft, jutting mound of her pubescent pussy
now presented to me.
"Let me check this," I said, reaching down with my finger to
the compelling little gash in my gaze.
But Christa grabbed my hand and said, "Stop! Don't touch it!
It's been bad!"
Okay, I thought, she wasn't going to let me touch it. What
should I do?
But, before I could come up with an idea, Christa spread her
legs before me and, letting go of my hand and closing her eyes,
she said, "Spank it, Santa Claus!"
Hmmmm. This was going to be very tricky, I thought, clearing
my throat. "Okay, little girl," I said. "This is for that naughty
pussy of yours." And I flattened my hand and lightly slapped the
soft, twin, puffy, little pads of flesh at her crotch.
Crista, with her eyes and mouth tightly clamped and her hands
fisted at her sides, flinched at the contact of my open hand.
"Bad pussy!" I said, slapping it lightly again as Christa's
nostrils flared with her heavy breathing. "Bad little pussy!"
My cock, in my boxer shorts, was churning like an oil derrick
as I slapped little Christa, between her parted legs, again and
again and again.
As I kept slapping it, I noticed that, not only were the
dainty little lips becoming pinker, her little slit was becoming
shiny and juicy and I could feel its moisture on my finger.
This was turning the little bitch on!
Fuck! It was turning me on too!
Awestruck and horny, I started to slap her pussy harder,
making audible smacking sounds now as my hand impacted against her
delicate, feminine crotch.
Suddenly Crista rocked up on her ass and twisted her slender
thighs together as she yelled, "Ow!" and reached down with her hand
to cup her reddening, sexual lips. "That hurt!"
"I'm sorry," I said, in my normal voice as I dropped to my
knees and put my arms around her. "I didn't mean to hurt you."
"Well," she said, "you did! You spanked it too hard and it
hurt bad!"
"Aw," I said, guiding her down onto her back on the bed. "Let
me see it."
"Okay," she sniffed tentatively, taking her hand away.
It was very pink now, and the slit looked more open and
glistened with viscous, feminine moisture.
"Aw," I repeated, looking down at it and feeling my cock
jerking in my pants. "Let me kiss it and make it better for you,
I didn't wait for an answer. Gingerly, reverently, I brought
my mouth to its lips and kissed it ever so gently, sensing the
heat, I had caused it, against my lips.
A small sigh escaped Christa's throat and her thigh muscles
I kissed it again, enjoying its delicate softness and its
strong, pissy, feminine odor. On the next kiss, I extended my
tongue and licked into it, thrilling to the tart, salty flavor.
Christa squealed. I licked it again...and again...and again. The
taste, the smell, the sight, and the feel all contriving to drive
me totally wild with lust.
I grabbed her spindly legs and pulled her now, twisting her
body until she was laying on her back with her ass at the edge of
the bed and her legs down to the floor. Moving my face to her
parted crotch again I stuck my tongue right into her soft gash,
parting the inner folds of her skin with it until her tiny little
clit popped out. I nuzzled it with my lips and Christa's body
shuddered. I nibbled at it and she gasped, I began lapping it and
she began thrashing and groaning on the bed. Reaching up her body
with both hands, I grasped and held her little cupcake titties,
squeezing them lightly and licking deep into her pussy. Christa's
thighs suddenly trapped the sides of my head and as her pelvis
churned and her stomach muscles flexed, a sudden deluge of tangy
juices began to flow over my tongue and I realized that I was
bringing this little female to orgasm with my mouth!
Enraged with lust, I sucked my 11 year old sister's sex juices
from her pussy, working my mouth against her throbbing little clit
to make sure that she got off real good.
Then Christa's body shook and she snapped up to a sitting
position, grabbing my hair and wrenching my face back from her
sopping crotch.
As I stood up, she was panting and heaving and her eyes were
wide and her face was a bright, shiny pink.
This was more than I could stand in one day and I reached down
and dropped my boxers to the floor at my ankles.
Little Christa's eyes went even wider as she looked at my
exposed, rigid cock, bobbing right in front of her face, its balls
hanging low and laden with highly agitated sperm.
Pushing her onto her back, I dropped down to my knees and
positioned my huge penis at the opening of her dripping, hairless
"Wha-wha-what are you going to do?" she asked in wonder.
"I'm going to fuck you," I explained.
Christa tried to put her legs together and sit up, but I was
between her thighs and, as I positioned my cock against her open
hole with one hand, I held her upper body down with the other.
"Don't move," I barked, pushing my massive cockhead against
the restriction of her hot, little entrance.
Christa gasped and I could see her stomach muscles clench as
I worked the head around between her puffy lips and pushed forward
with my hips.
My dick twitched at the contact of her slippery opening and
my mind reeled at the thought that I was about to rape my youngest
sister. My dick didn't care and I found myself pushing harder into
her crotch, seeing her puffy lips stretching inward as I tried to
penetrate her.
When I felt the sensation of the tip of my dick suddenly
snapping into her vagina, and felt her body knot and heard her
little cry from the bed, I almost came right there. I whimpered
too and put my hands on my head to try and steady my brain from all
the sexual messages that were charging into it.
Christa rose up on her elbows and stared down at my dick in
her crotch. Her face, instead of looking scared, merely looked
wondrous. "God Tom," she said, "it went in me!"
"Yes," I replied, looking down at where my thick shaft
disappeared between her widely parted lips and feeling the tight
ring of her vaginal opening clutching hotly at the most sensitive
part of my cock, "it's in there, alright."
After calming myself for a moment, I pushed inward some more,
feeling my dick sink another inch into her tight, virgin pussy but
I stopped abruptly when my sister yelled, "Ow! Stop!" and pushed
her hand against my loins.
God it WAS tight! I would be fighting to hold back my orgasm
every step of the way with her!
"Okay," I said, taking a hold of her thin hips as I held still
and looked at the grimace on my baby sister's pretty face.
"Take it out!" she said now. "It hurts in there!"
"Okay. Okay," I said, trying to calm her. "I won't put any
more in. Just let me fuck you with this much in, okay?"
Crista pursed her lips, mulling it over as she looked down at
her pussy and up into the pleading expression on my face. "Okay,"
she finally said, laying back on her elbows, "but do it quick and
don't put any more in me!"
"Alright," I said and, squeezing her soft, curveless hips
tightly, I pulled back and pushed in slowly, rocking my ass with
caution between her lean legs and fucking my baby sister with two
inches of cock, at a slow, manageable pace. I could only do it
slowly anyway. Her pussy clasped and clung to my two inches of
dick with an almost painful pleasure. It was incredible, unreal
and fantastic!
Looking down at the little girl I was fucking, I could see
that her pinkish nipples, though small, were now hardened and
pointing from the tips of her budding little breasts. Crista's
expression was neutral. Not a mask of pleasure or pain. Her eyes
were closed, as if her brain was just intently exploring the new
sensations of what I was doing to her. She didn't seem to be in
any discomfort so, on an inward stroke, I let another inch of cock
penetrate into her narrow vagina.
Seeing no change in her expression, and feeling my nuts begin
to tighten as the sublime tightness of her gripping, little pussy
compelled my orgasm from me, I gazed down at where my cock was
working between her oily-looking lips and watched myself fuck
another inch into her, feeling her little thighs press to the sides
of my churning hips and hearing her gasp as she fell back from her
elbows on the bed.
Staring up at her pretty face, watching it wince with each of
my strokes in her now, and feeling the fantastic pleasure her
little constrictive pussy was giving half my dick, I girded myself
for the massive cum I knew I was about to have.
Sensing some new thrill at my cockhead, I looked down and saw
that little Crista's hand was back at her crotch and her middle two
fingers were working in her juicy, widely open slit, busily
twiddling her tiny clitoris.
Christa's face tightened in a grimace and her lips twitched.
Her mouth came open and she began panting as I fucked her. Her
lower body started undulating to meet my strokes and she began
moaning, her free hand clawing at the sheet to her side. My
release at hand, I fucked her a little faster and harder and, the
more I fucked her, the more she moaned and panted, working her
pussy back at me. I felt like a piston, or an oil well, pumping
and thrusting four inches of my cock into her tight, soft, little
Her pussy was making squishy sounds now and pulling tightly
on my dick as Christa's skinny body suddenly stiffened and she
began screaming, and thrashing her head back and forth on the bed.
"Oh God! Mommy! Mommy!" she screamed through her tussled
blonde hair.
Panicking that someone might hear, I bent over her and put my
hand over her mouth to quiet her, my other hand I wrapped tightly
around the portion of my cock that wasn't inside of her and I was
now fucking both it and her pussy at the same time and about to
Christa's slight hips became a bucking bronco and I could
feel the muscles in her pussy walls clenching and unclenching as
she fingered her clit and came, squeezing the part of my cock that
was fucking her like it was now in a tender vice.
I could take it no longer as I fell over the edge and began
to climax into her, my cock jerking wildly in her clamping pussy
and squirting my sperm up her immature little passage. I thought
it would never stop. My entire body was spasming and twitching in
the most powerful ejaculation I'd ever felt. Stars shot before my
eyes as I shot my cum into my baby sister's tight, juvenile pussy
and my ears roared with the sound of the ocean. My eyes closed and
my head lolled back as I savored the sublime sensations and
trembled, on my knees between her flexing, open legs.
When it ended, I collapsed on top of her. Both of us sweating
against each other's heaving and overheated bodies.
"Get up, Tom," she said as she caught her breath, "you're too
heavy on me!"
Exhausted, I sat up on my knees and pulled my cock slowly out
of her, expecting to see some blood as my cockhead popped from her
stretched, pink opening. But, as I looked down, only the milky,
white slime of the abundant load of semen I had pumped into her came
streaming out of her cock-stretched hole.
Christa rose up on her arms and looked down between her legs
too. "Icky!" she said. "Did you put all that stuff in me?"
"Yeah," I told her, "that comes out of a boy's cock when he
cums, don't you know about that?"
She shrugged.
"But there should be more," I said. "There should be a little
blood to show that you were a virgin."
"A virgin?"
"Yeah. There should have been a little skin in your vagina
that tears the first time you have sex."
"Oh that. I broke that when I was eight," she said.
"Remember that day I made Mom let me ride your bike? Well I
hit a curb and fell on that bar. I ran crying to mom because I
was bleeding from there then. She took me to the doctor and I
heard him tell Mom I wasn't a virgin no more."
"Ah," I said. "Well, technically you didn't have your cherry
but you were still a virgin."
Suddenly Christa sat upright and looked seriously at me.
"Tom, I won't get pregnant will I? I know how babies are made and
we just did it!"
"Don't be silly! You'd have to be having your periods first,"
I explained to her.
"But I started having my periods two months ago."

It took a week and a half for us to find out I hadn't stupidly
gone and knocked-up little Christa.
How did I know the eleven year old had started her periods?
I mean, sisters don't just run up and volunteer that kind of
information to their brothers.
Would that have stopped me from fucking her?
Probably not.
But I told myself never to do anything like that with her
again. Playing sex with Christa was like playing with fire and,
if I got away with it this time, I wasn't going to take anymore
During the week and a half while we waited, Christa fell back
into her old ways of ignoring me and being the spoiled little
sister again. Which I suppose was good because if she'd suddenly
started acting like she liked me then Mom and my other sisters
would have gotten suspicious.
Rachel, on the other hand, had started to spend more and more
time with Darrel as summer vacation freed her schedule. I hardly
ever saw her around the house anymore and, when I did, Darrel was
all she would talk about.
It was always Darrel this and Darrel that and I was so sick
of hearing about that fucker!
It was plain to me now that Rachel was really in love and (God
damn it!) it wasn't with me!
Maybe, I reasoned, it was all me that was my trouble. What
kind of a sister would be in love with her own brother, anyway?
What the hell had I been using for brains? As exciting a taboo as
fucking your sister was to me, was it worth it to make a fool of
yourself for a sister who didn't love you in that way? Was it wise
to take sex from your baby sister, even if she was a little snot
and deserved it?
Shit, I told myself, it was time for me to grow up and forget
about all this sister-fucking nonsense and get out there and find
the girl for me. Some girl, somewhere must be as oversexed as I
am! I'd just have to find her. Even if nobody, outside the house,
really held any appeal to me.

Around 8 o'clock on Saturday morning, as regular as clockwork,
Susan burst into my bedroom to watch cartoons. It was a ritual
we'd been following since she was six and I was seven. I lay on
my bed, not having gotten up yet, naked below my covers.
Susan, I noticed, was wearing one of my old t-shirts that came
to just below her ass. It would have been longer but her large
breasts held it up and stretched it out in ways I never could have.
She flung herself into the old armchair and demanded I give
her the remote.
Lazily I tossed it across to her and saw the only other things
she had on: a pair of wooly socks and Babs Bunny panties which, I
noticed as she drew her knees up to her chest on the chair, had a
yellowish stain in the center of the crotch where I could make out
the puffiness of her twin pussy lips.
The thing that drove me up the wall about Susan was the way
that she felt she could act so unaware of her feminine sexuality
in front of me. She always kept herself so covered around everyone
Was it because she wanted me to notice that body? Or was it
because she trusted me, more than anyone else, not to find her
Shit. She could try to hide it all she wanted but her 14 year
old body had flowered into a shape that many full grown women would
envy and that any guy in his right mind would love to fuck. How
could she think I wouldn't be aware of it?
As I looked at her creamy thighs, she just stared over to the
TV and I could feel my boner twitch under the blanket.
God damn that thing! What the hell was it reacting like that
to her for? Didn't it know? She'd never let it inside of her!
She only wanted to look at it and drool, I guess, wishing that she
could sprout one of her own!
What a shame, I thought as I looked at her, to have a body
like that and, instead of enjoying it, she just seemed to resent
With that thought in my mind, I watched as Susan casually
pushed her legs out from the chair, lifted her arms way up above
her head, leaned backward and stretched herself out, yawning
loudly. Her action causing her t-shirt to ride up over the top of
her bikini panties and show me a view of her curves that would have
given even a dead monk a fuckin' boner!
Shit, I thought, feeling my dick strain as I stared at the
jut of her pussy in the front of those Babs Bunnys.
What if I was wrong about her? I wondered as she tucked her
limbs back up to her shapely ass, her face still intent on her
cartoon. What if (with Rachel) I had been barking up the wrong
tree? What if Susan, someone who was so like I was, should have
been the target for my sexual lusts all along?
Hell, up until I felt her cool hands and her hot tongue,
exploring me last week, I had always figured that she never had a
sexual thought in her head.
But, could it be, that what I had mistaken for penis envy,
was really the female in Susan demonstrating how much she actually
wanted my cock?
Aw fuck this kind of thinking! I told myself. It wasn't going
to get me anywhere and I may as well just pull the blankets over
my head, get Susan and these thoughts of her body, out of my vision
and go back to sleep before I did something stupid again!
Jostling to get comfortable on the bed, I told her, "Keep the
noise down will ya, Squirt? I'm going to get some more shut-eye."
"Okay," she said from her chair. "I'll turn it down."
After a few minutes of listening to the music and the noises
of the cartoons echoing around the room, my mind dulled and I was
almost sleeping when I heard the sound of Susan moving from the
I couldn't be sure without looking but I could have sworn I
heard her get up and lock the door!
Then, I heard nothing but the sound of the TV until she
started whispering my name from only a few feet away.
Groggy and not wanting to deal with her, I just kept my eyes
closed and acted like I was already asleep.
When I didn't respond, I heard her move closer to my bed and
then I felt something move under my covers. Then I felt her hand
on the naked flesh of my leg. It wasn't cool, like it was last
week, this time it was clammy and trembling.
Slowly, I felt her drag her hand up my leg and over my loins
until it rested amongst my pubic hairs just above my dick.
Then, with a kind of now or never swiftness, she placed her
palm on top of my dick and wrapped her slender fingers around it.
My dick responded immediately by twitching and growing. A
small gasp escaped Susan's mouth as she felt it come alive in her
I was coming alive too as her other hand slipped under the
covers and soon it was cupping my balls. My fourteen year old
sister was now holding my entire manhood in her hands although my
dick was now extending out the top of her fist and still growing!
What the hell was she doing? I wondered, now alert and very
excited under my closed eyes, feeling my sister feeling me.
Soon feeling wasn't enough for her and I felt a cold draft as
the blankets were pushed back. The cool air didn't effect my now
raging hardon though as the thought that Susan was now gazing at
my dick made it flare to its full size.
After a few moments, I felt something new and hot and wet
slowly encase the head of my dick and I peered through slitted
eyelids at the astonishing sight of Susan with the head of my
cock enclosed between her pretty lips.
I shut my eyes and just luxuriated in the feelings her
mouth transmitted to my receptive organ as I felt her explore it
with her delicate soft, hot tongue.
It took all my strength not to cry out or lurch my cock up
as she used that probing tongue on me. As it was, my belly muscles
started to flutter involuntarily and I could feel my cockhead
serving my sister's tastebuds a generous helping of pre cum.
Still holding my cock and cradling my balls, Susan started
working her hand slowly up and down my rigid shaft as she licked
at the head and then my ass clutched and my stomach muscles went
stiff as I felt her wet mouth apply some suction!
Damn, this was great! But what do I do?
I decided to act.
It wouldn't be force like with Christa and it wouldn't be
unconscious rape like Rachel. Susan had always been a lot like me
and I figured her natural curiosity and willingness to go along
with anything I suggested would see me through this encounter.
I opened my eyes just as Susan lifted her head from my cock.
Her hands were still busy jacking and exploring my dick and the
sight (not to mention the feel) of one hand stroking me, and the
other tickling my balls, almost made me come right there. But it
was the sight of her pretty, intent face, staring so greedily at
my dick and the nipples poking so tautly against the t-shirt and
that firm looking ass cheek peeking from the leg opening of her
panties and those lean, supple thighs, straining as she bent over
me, that almost set me off. So intent was she on the pulsing organ
before her that Susan never even noticed I was watching her. Only
when her hands began to slow down and I whispered, "Don't stop,"
did she look up at my face.
Her face grew beet red and she dropped her eyes. She started
to pull her hands away, but I clasped them with mine and held them
in place.
"It's okay," I said. "I like it."
"I was just.... I don't know.... curious about it," she
stammered, "I'd never seen one so big before."
That surprised me. "So big? You mean you've seen others?"
She looked back up at me. "You can't tell anyone! Do you
"I promise," I said, letting go of her hands and sitting up
in bed. "Why don't you sit up here next to me and tell me," I
suggested, sliding over to make room for her on the bed.
Susan's face brightened into a radiant smile and she quickly
slipped under the covers next to me and I pressed against her soft,
curvy body, putting my arm around her smooth shoulders and
thrilling to that intoxicating, girlish scent of hers.
"Oh, Tom," she said, snuggling against me, "you don't know how
long I've been waiting for you to ask me into your bed, like you
used to do."
"What?" I said, the implications of what she had said just
starting to register.
My sister looked at me and smiled shyly. "You don't think I
was coming up here, every chance I got, just to watch silly
cartoons, did you Brainiac?"
I chuckled into her pretty face and said, "So tell me about
the other cocks you saw."
She looked away shyly and I settled down in the bed and looked
up at her from my pillow as she said, "Well, once last summer I was
playing with Bobby and some friends of his and we were up in his
tree fort and some of them started pissing out the window."
Bobby was the twelve year old from next door. I'd seen him
leering at my sisters. He was always the first one to ask if
Susan could come out and play.
Susan shifted onto her side, next to me, and looked down at
me as she continued, "Bobby asked me if I could do it. And I said
of course not and he said why not? I said, cause I don't have a
penis, stupid!
"All the boys laughed when I said that except little Timmy.
He's only six. He asked what did I have? And Bobby said why don't
I show them. He said they'd all show me theirs and he dropped his
pants and pulled his underwear down around his ankles. Then all
of them did the same thing so I was standing there surrounded by
a bunch of boys, from six to twelve, waving their pee-pee's at me.
"None of them were very big, although I didn't know it until
I saw yours.
"Then Bobby said it was my turn. I was kinda scared but at
the same time I was kinda excited. I could feel some fluttering
low down in my stomach and I thought I had to pee, but I didn't.
So I unzipped my shorts and, for some reason, I didn't just drop
them but I took them all the way off.
"Some of the boys (especially Bobby's) little penis started
getting hard and standing up.
"I'd never seen anything like it so I asked Bobby if it was
"All the boys laughed at that too. Bobby said it was supposed
to do that and I should hurry up and take my panties off. So I
slid them down and I took those off too.
"All the boys got real quiet then and stared at my... at my
"Little Timmy, he walked right up to me, his little tiny
pecker as hard as the rest of them, and asked if he could touch
"I think I was as excited as they were. It felt really hot
between my legs.
"Bobby he said that if Timmy touched it we all got to. I
don't know what made me do it, but I nodded and said okay.
"Timmy he stuck out his little hand and just ran it through
my hair, dragging one finger through my notch down there and making
my thighs twitch and then he pulled his hand away quick like it
might bite him. He smelled his finger though and smiled at the
other boys and said it smelt fishy and then he looked around
embarrassed as they laughed at him.
"Then, one by one, they walked up to me and touched me down
there. Some just barely and quick and some of them rubbed their
fingers inside the slit of my pussy. It made my knees wobble.
"Bobby went last and, by the time he got to me, I could feel
something leaking out of me and I felt hot and flushed. Bobby put
his hand between my legs and he could feel me opening up a little
down there and wiggled one of his fingers right inside of me and
then the strangest thing happened. I felt all weak and gushy
inside and it felt like fireworks went off inside of me. I had to
hold on to Bobby to keep myself from falling. I must have made
some noise because some of the boys looked worried and even Bobby
asked if I was okay. Out of breath, I nodded. I'd never felt
anything like that before.
"Then Bobby said since we got to touch you, you get to touch
us. So, one by one, they walked in front of me and I stroked their
little things. Most of them were shy and would only let me touch
them for a second but Bobby, he wasn't shy! He grabbed my hand and
wrapped it around his 4 inch cock and told me to move my hand up
and down. In a couple of seconds some white stuff started
squirting out of it and down my thigh. And then he was the one who
had to hold onto me to stand up.
"Just then his mom started yelling to him to come in for
dinner and we all scrambled back into our pants. Bobby told
everybody we were part of a secret club and that we couldn't ever
tell anyone what we'd done."
All the while Susan had told me this story my erection had
throbbed. The thought of her showing herself to all those boys,
and touching them and letting them touch her, made me excited but
(at the same time) jealous.
She was MY sister, not THEIRS!
"Is that why you were playing with me? Because it was so
big?" I asked.
"Yeah, it's huge! Lots bigger then theirs. I was just
curious. I wanted to see it squirt its white stuff," she
"I thought you'd seen enough of that last week?"
She looked down at me startled. "You know about that?"
"I was awake through the whole thing and loving every minute
of it," I said.
"So it IS supposed to feel so good when you get touched down
"Of course," I said. "Don't you know about sex?"
"Only what Mom told me and she said you weren't supposed to
enjoy it."
"Well, she's wrong then because I DO enjoy it and so do you."
"How do you know?" Susan asked.
"What do you think happened to you in the tree house? When
you got weak and felt gushy. You were having an orgasm. Didn't
it feel good?"
She closed her eyes with the memory. "Better then anything."
"What would you do if I said I could make you feel that way
right now?" I asked.
"Really? You could do that?" she said excitedly.
"I'll certainly try!" I said. "Take off your shirt and lets
trade places."
I watched as Susan quickly pulled the shirt up over her head
and off of her.
As we switched around in the bed my eyes were caught and
transfixed by Susan's now exposed breasts. Even larger then I'd
thought, I gazed lovingly at the full globes, the pink nipples
pointing up perkily.
"You've got beautiful breasts," I told her.
"They're too big! They just get in the way!" she said.
"They won't today," I assured her. "Just lie back and relax."
Susan shut her eyes as I leant forward and took one of her
nipples into my mouth. I sucked gently on it while I flicked it
with my tongue. Susan gasped. I lovingly stroked her breast with
my tongue, my hands cupping them. I lavished each gorgeous nipple
with kisses, licks, and nuzzling and felt them grow and go hard
from my attentions.
I could have spent an hour just worshiping each of those
magnificent mounds of womanhood. Susan was soon writhing and
squirming under my touch. I had to admonish her to quiet down or
someone might hear us.
"But that feels so good!" she said. "I'm getting wet down
It was true, I pulled back the covers and could see a large
moist patch, in the crotch of her panties, between her legs.
"Well we'd better take those off then, huh?"
I grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down
over her curves as Susan lifted her ass off of the bed.
She pulled her knees to her chest so I could slip them off her
ankles, but so transfixed was I at the way this spread her pussy
lips and exposed her stunning ass that she had to pull them off
Like a dog on a bone I then pounced at her dripping, pink
pussy. Susan's pussy was much different from Christa's. The
biggest difference of course being the amount of hair. In contrast
to Christa's light scattering of blonde, Susan's was covered in a
thick mat of reddish brown curls. Her pussy lips were much larger
and more pronounced. They curled open now invitingly. Her clit
also was longer and more pronounced than either Crista's or
Rachel's had been. I brought my face slowly to those lips and
planted a long kiss. Susan shuddered in delight. Her scent too
was different. Stronger, more pussy-ish, but still heavenly. I
extended my tongue and began lapping into her gash, drinking up her
juices like a dog at a bowl of water. I found that, though Rachel
had tasted earthy and Christa tasted tangy, Susan's pussy tasted
sweet, like nectar. I moved up to her clit, whipping it with my
tongue and driving Sue into a fevered frenzy. She brought her
hands to the back of my head and her heels to my back. She began
bucking her hips up into my face, her hands forcing my head down
hard into her crotch.
Her thrusts became more wild and I could barely breath, my
entire face rubbing her pussy, my nose brushing her clit, my
tongue plunged into her depths, her pussy juice running down my
chin. Her entire body moving off the mattress, she thrashed
violently until suddenly she let out a loud moan and, holding my
head even tighter, she started calling out my name, "Tom! Oh Tom!
Oh Tom!"
Terrified that someone would hear her, my left hand groped
upward to cover her mouth. My fingers grasping at her lips, she
sucked them in, practically gobbling down my fingers as she
continued to toss and turn, thrusting her ass off the bed and
grinding it into my face until finally, after one last long moan
through my fingers, her body collapsed into a quivering lump.
Raging with lust, I moved forward over her trembling body and
lay myself down on her soft warmth, feeling her creamy thighs
spread against my hips and my cock pressing against the soft down
of her pussy mound.
Susan smiled weakly up at me, from my pillow, and then leaned
up and pulled my face to hers.
Looking deep into those green eyes, that looked so much like
my own, I smiled and then brought our lips together in a very
tender, loving, un-brother-like kiss and reached down between
us to work my cock to the entrance of her velvety pussy.
Susan's sugary tongue worked feverishly at mine as I pressed
my cock into her feminine portal, feeling her wet opening stretch
to take in my manhood as I thrust my ass forward.
She gasped and sucked my mouth hard as I felt my cock snap
past her maidenhead and my shaft sink slowly and thrillingly, right
to the hilt, in her hot, flat belly.
God damn! Rachel's pussy was great and Christa's pussy was
tight but my sweet Susan's pussy was the best feeling of all! It
was as if her vagina had been custom tailored just to fit my cock!
I could feel her pussy-walls snugly conform to every part of
my sensitive, throbbing penis and my dick trigger making wet
contact with the opening of her uterus, deep inside of her warm,
restrictive belly. Our pelvic bones seemed to mesh and press
against each other's perfectly and I thrilled to the feel of her
firm globes of hard-nippled titmeat against my chest.
We just lay there, kissing and panting and clutching each
other for a long while and then, with all the energy of youth, I
began to churn on top of her, fucking my cock deeply and lovingly
into my own sister's pussy.
Susan moaned in excited lust and worked her mouth frantically
against mine as I sucked her tongue and fucked her hole. She
started to work her ass around on the bed, fucking back at me,
using all the muscles of her legs and stomach and vagina to make
the sexual thrills, boiling in me, almost unbearable.
The bedsprings sang loudly as we fucked and fucked and made
incestuous love in my bed until Susan hugged me tightly and her
body knotted and trembled beneath me in a fierce orgasm that caused
her vagina to cling and clutch and milk at my cock like a hot, wet,
velvet fist.
I grunted out my ecstacy and hugged her too as Susan shrieked
loudly at me and then my cock was strongly spewing its massive load
of my potent sperm right up into the opening of my sister's fertile
womb, deep in the confines of her flat, taut belly.
I must have pumped a pint of cream into her before we both
went limp, at the same moment, and just lay exhausted and holding
each other, for a long while, under my blanket, until my cock
finally shrank and fell from the loving grip of her sweet, dripping
"That was great!" she suddenly said excitedly into my ear,
"lets do it again!"
Oh, the sacrifices a good brother must make!
Lifting my upper body and looking down at her ample, firm
tits, her thin waist, wide hips and sexy legs, spread out below me,
I looked into her pretty, smiling face and said, "What happens if
I get you pregnant? It can happen, if we do this, you know?"
Susan smirked up at me with a devilish gleam in her eyes.
"Don't worry about that," she said. "The doctor put me on birth
control pills to regulate my periods."
"Really?" I said, thrilling to the aroma of her freshly
churned pussy wafting up from under the blanket. "You mean we can
fuck all we want?"
Susan nodded sweetly and looked so exciting and beautiful to
me now, with her head resting on my pillow. She didn't look at all
like a tomboy at this moment and I had the feeling that she'd never
look like one again.
"Sues," I said, "what did you mean when you said that you
wanted me to invite you into my bed for so long?"
"Silly Thomas," she said. "Didn't you know? I've been so
deeply in love with you, ever since we were little kids."
"Do you mean it?" I asked her.
Susan closed her eyes and nodded and reached up and grabbed
the back of my neck and then she pulled my face back down to hers.
The intensity of the warm, wet kiss, she gave me then,
confirmed her words and made my cock snake back to rigid life
between her creamy thighs and it wasn't a minute before I was
fucking her for the second time.

I never did fuck Rachel or Christa again but me and Susan meet
every Saturday morning, in my bedroom, and we fuck and suck each
other silly while we listen to cartoons. Susan has a loving
fascination with my cock. She can't get enough of it. When its
not deep in her pussy, she just loves to hold it and suck it and
she loves the taste of my sperm. She even begs me to cum in her
mouth! Can you believe this? I found the girl I was looking for,
the perfect girl for me, right under my own roof. I can't imagine
any girl ever taking care of my sexual lusts like my sweet Susan
does and she can't imagine ever being with another boy. I do love
my special Susan and, even if we have to move far away to do it,
I plan to go on being with (and fucking) my sweetest, most feminine
sister (and even making babies in her when we're ready) for the
rest of my life.
Now I know why you're not supposed to fuck your sister. Once
you do it, you never want to fuck anyone else!

(c)-1998 by E. Laken-Palmer

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