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From: "Ray Boger" <>
Subject: Getting Little Sister Pregant
Date: 09 Aug 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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                  Getting little sister pregnant
                         An Erotic Story

     "But I CAN'T have sex with my own Brother!"  Marcia's
objection SOUNDED reasonable enough . . . unless you knew that
the four of us were stark-naked, and had been "fooling around"
with each other for over two hours.  Both Marcia and I had sucked
BOTH guys off twice in that time; never bothering to even care if
the guy's prick squirting thick white baby-juice against our
tonsils was our sibling's, or our boyfriend's.  The four of us
have been getting into and out of trouble together for longer
than I can remember.  Once we reached puberty though, things had
rapidly progressed from just kisses and hugs, to our present
involvement, where nothing was off-base except doing "the real
thing", and Mike and I were working to remove that last barrier.
Marcia always was the naive one of the group though, and I
figured it was up to me to get the little girl ALL the way into
what Mike and I had started about a week ago, when it was too
snowy to leave the house.  Only I planned on a little "surprise"
for Marcia that she didn't expect.
     For once, my cute little cousin would be FIRST in doing
something, instead of me.  Only she just didn't know it yet.
Even Dan was in on it, though it had taken the threat of watching
me and Mike "get it on", while he only got to watch, to bring him
around.  Still, I had only sucked him off twice since then;
telling him he wasn't fucking ME, until he did it "properly" with
his little sister.  I guess seeing Mike's prick sliding up in my
seemingly bare cunny; squeezing on my brother's prick like no
hand or even mouth COULD do, convinced him.  Besides, it wasn't
as though any of us would be abandoning Marcia; as Mike fully
expected to marry her two years from now, the moment she became
"legal" at 14; just like Dan and I planned on getting married
next year, when I became "legal".
     Stupid-assed laws about how old, and who you could
marry . . . If it had been up to us, all four of us would have
married each other a year ago, and already be raising kids of our
own.  Only they have these stupid laws about "incest" and
"statutory rape" that make it almost impossible for a gal to find
a decent guy to marry.  Thank goodness they allow cousins to
marry in this state, or we'd probably all be in BIG trouble.
     "Why not?" asked Dan.  "Mike and Sherry do!"
     Marcia didn't even bother to look at us to see if we agreed
with her brother.  I guess she knew the ring of truth when she
heard it.  Besides, it sounded just like something we WOULD do
(and had too).
     Abandoning THAT line of defense, our little cousin blurted
out the thing that really bothered her  "But what if I get
pregnant?" she almost wailed; seeming to be more worried about
NOT being able to have sex with her big brother, like I was, than
at the prospect of having his baby in her belly.  "I mean I just
CAN'T get pregnant by my own brother, can I?  Mom and Dad would
just KILL me."  Here Marcia looked hopefully at Mike and me, as
if we might have a solution for her problem, since WE seemed to
not be bothered by the prospect of an impeding swollen belly with
Mike's baby kicking and squirming inside me.  We did.
     "Here," I said, holding out the box of a dozen condoms that
Mike and I had spent the day preparing.  (We had spoiled three of
them, but both agreed it looked like we had been using them
ourselves that way.)  "Use these.  I'll put one on Dan, while you
lie back and get ready, OK?"
     "Are you SURE it's OK?" whimpered Marcia; obediently lying
back, and spreading her legs.  "Mom would just KILL me, if she
found out I let my own brother get me pregnant."
     Even Dan shivered a little; but we had already discussed
this.  If (when) Marcia showed up with her big brother's baby in
her tummy, Mike was going to say it was him who "got her in
trouble" . . . just like Dan would do if Mike and I slipped up
(fat chance).
     "See," I said; rolling the latex sleeve down my boyfriend's
swollen prick, "these new condoms are so tough you could drive a
nail through them, and they wouldn't split."  The very reason we
had chosen THEM, over the more "sensitive" latex kind.  Mike and
I had spent the afternoon yesterday using a leather-punch to
punch a tiny circular hole in the tip of each one, before sealing
it back in the foil with a heated wire.  The tiny hole was almost
invisible, but when we tried them, the holes matched up almost
perfectly with the piss-slit on Mike's (or in this case Dan's)
prick.  When Dan ejaculated his seed in his little sister's
belly, almost every drop would squirt right THROUGH the condom,
and into the girl's vagina where it belonged.
     "See," I said; holding Dan's prick up, so my fingertip hid
the end (not that the tiny hole would be visible, unless you were
looking for it), "now you don't have to worry about a thing."
Yeah, right . . . except what size dress she was going to wear in
about six months or so.  <Giggle.>
     If it sounds like I'm a really NASTY person, setting up my
little 11-year-old cousin to be knocked-up by her own big
brother, I'm not.  Marcia and I have been friends for YEARS, and
have always pulled little pranks on each other.  Heck, I wouldn't
have been all THAT annoyed, if I found out she had pulled a joke
like this on ME.  I mean, the thought of carrying my own
brother's baby in my tummy wasn't all THAT bad; even though I
planned on marrying Dan as soon as we could, that is.  So I knew
Marcia wouldn't be THAT mad at me, if she found HER brother's
baby stretching her belly, just like I wouldn't be at her if I
     It wasn't until Dan actually slid his condom-covered prick
home in my cousin's belly though, that I knew we were home free.
By the time Dan has used up the eight or nine specially prepared
condoms, it would be all over except the cry of the baby, and the
celebration after my cousin gives birth to her own niece or
     Sure enough, when Dan pulled out, after shuddering and
groaning on top of his sister for several minutes, very little
sperm was trapped inside.  Almost every drop of the boy's potent
seed was planted firmly inside his little sister's cute belly
where it belonged.
     Afterwards, Mike and I put on a show of him fucking me, with
NO condom stealing any of his sperm from getting inside me.
     "Oh my God," croaked Marcia, once she saw my big brother's
bare prick sliding up inside me.  "You're going to get pregnant,
if you don't watch out."
     "That's the idea," I groaned, as my orgasm overtook me.  I
might know about the diaphragm tucked away neatly in my vagina,
where my cousins couldn't see it, but that didn't mean the idea
wasn't as erotic to me, as it obviously was to them, by the
sudden resurrection of Dan's prick, and the highly erect nipples
on Marcia's titties.
     "That's the idea," agreed Mike, as my brother jammed his
thick prick to the root in my belly, before sending flood after
flood of incestuous cum squirting inside me.  We could tell that
both of our cousins were fascinated by the sight of his sperm
leaking out of what THEY thought was my unprotected sex.  Before
Mike even finished cumming in me, Dan and Marcia were one big
nasty themselves, as my boyfriend jammed his now bare prick to
the root in his little sister's belly.  My little act it seems,
had worked out better than I even hoped.
     "God, I can't wait to see Sherry's tummy get big," groaned
Marcia, as her big brother's movements became erratic, and he
began filling the little girl's womb with incestuous seed . . .
this time without even a holey condom to get in the way of his
sperm wriggling its way up inside her; looking for an egg to
     "Well, it'll probably be a pretty long wait," I giggled, as
I snuggled up to Mike, while his thick prick slowly wilted inside
me.  The feel of my own brother's lusty seed inside my vagina was
SO comforting.  "I've at least got a diaphragm in my vagina,
unlike some girls I know who fuck their brothers bareback, and
don't even check their condoms for holes when they do use them."
     "Um," said Marcia . . . smiling at me MUCH too pleasantly
for a girl who's just had a fast one pulled on her.  "Have you
checked YOUR diaphragm for holes lately?" she asked sweetly.  "I
did mine."
     Oh shit.