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From: (Fidelius Castratus)
Subject: {ASS} New: "7th Heaven: Simon's Seduction", 1-3/?, (Mf, fm, inc, young, teen, cons)
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The following story is a copyrighted work of fiction,
(C) 1999 by Fidelius Castratus (a pseudonym).  Any
similarities to persons or characters, living, dead or
fictional, are coincidental.

The following story deals with adult topics and may
not be read by people under legal adult age.

WARNING:  The topics in the following story might be
disturbing to some people and it might even be illegal
to read or possess this story in your locale.  If you
read or possess this story, you do so at your own




(The introduction was inspired by the following web-
site: the
"Meet the cast" page)



ERIC CAMDEN: A Right Wing Religious Zealot, minister,
husband, and father of 7 kids (2 aborted in a secret
"vacation" to a different state).  He has dedicated
his life to spying on and judging others.  An entire
community (with the exception of his children) has
come to hang on his every pronouncement of what is
right and wrong.  Behind the scenes, he rules with an
iron boot.

ANNIE CAMDEN: A mother to 5 children, wife to the
minister.  She doesn't have a job.  She works as a
full time housewife taking care of all the children.
All during the day while the children are at school
and Eric is at work she cleans the house, does the
laundry and gets dinner ready for her family if she's
not too stoned from Prozac and sacramental wine.
Until she got pregnant with the twins (since aborted)
and secretly went on the Pill, she was barefoot,
pregnant and in the kitchen, where a good woman

MATT CAMDEN: Matt is perhaps the most complex
character on 7th Heaven.  As a typical 18-year-old, he
strives for balance in a life that includes strict
Right Wing parents, younger siblings, peer pressure,
dating, school, and chores.  That is, while he's not
smoking and dealing dope.

MARY CAMDEN: 16 year old Mary Camden is the wild child
of the family.  She takes risks, like making out with
an 18-year-old in a cop car or having sex with her
brother Matt while their parents are asleep in the
next room, and their sister Ruthie is asleep in the
next bed.  She is also the athletic one, she loves to
play basketball and she's really good at it.  Despite
being propositioned by every lesbian in school, she
has only "lesboed out" 3 times.  She really likes "the
younger set".  She shares a room with her younger
sister Lucy, and has all but given up on introducing
her to the joys of lesbianism.

LUCY CAMDEN: 15 year old Lucy Camden is the emotional
one in the family.  She thinks that everyone is out to
get her, but in reality everyone except Mary just
ignores her.  She is very boy crazy, and she likes to
follow the crowd.  She is always helping Mary out in
some way (except in the way that Mary wants her to).
SIMON CAMDEN: 13 year old Simon Camden is sweet,
playful, and too cute for words, yet he knows exactly
what he wants and is determined to get it.  Lately he
has been wanting his sister Mary.  He is blonde, short
and barely pubescent at age 13 (could the Estrogen
pills that Matt has been slipping into his Ovaltine
have anything to do with it?)  EVERYONE wants to fuck
him, yet so far he is oblivious to that fact.  He
loves to hug and cuddle, and so far hasn't realized
that there might be a sexual reason why everyone rubs
his butt and rubs their crotches against him while he
hugs them.  He is angelic and believes that he is
"touched by an angel", and he's right because even the
angels want to touch him.
RUTHIE CAMDEN: Ruthie is 8 years old, obnoxious, and
has no future as an actress.  I hope she saves her
money, because she'll need it to buy heroin when the
show is cancelled next year and nobody loves her

SAM AND DAVID CAMDEN: Aborted.  Secretly named by
their "mother" after her favorite group, "Sam and
Dave".  After all, their father is a "Soul Man".


        It was rare that Matt and Mary Camden had the
entire house to themselves, and they were taking
advantage of it.  They were fucking like crazed

        Matt was pounding his 9-inch cock in and out of
his 16-year-old sister's soaking wet pussy in a very
fast rhythmic fashion.  They had done it so many times
before that the fact that he was fucking his sister
didn't turn him on anymore.  Oh sure, the sight of her
naked body with the small tits and sparsely haired
pubic area (her extreme athleticism had delayed her
menses until just last year) still turned him on.  Of
course the feeling of her pussy was fantastic, and the
sounds of her sisterly moans excited him more than any
other girl he had ever been with, but the thrill of
breaking the taboo of incest was largely gone.  He was
doing it by rote, flying on autopilot, and more and
more his dope-addled mind was drifting off thinking
about the taboo he really wanted to break.

        Mary started her orgasm, bringing Matt out of his
fantasies and back to reality.  For a moment, he was
almost pissed off at her, but then her vaginal
contractions and moans brought him to orgasm too.

        This was a big load he was shooting inside of her
since they hadn't had sex with each other for 3 days.
The squirts from Matt's penis were long in duration
and powerful, and as they climaxed together Mary
screamed, "Yes Simon!  Yes!"

        While the last spurts of his ejaculation were
tapering off, the realization of what Mary had said
slammed Matt's eyes wide open.  He stared down at his
sister's pretty face, her eyes shut and mouth slightly
open in ecstasy, and after they both finished coming
he said, "You want to fuck Simon too?"

        "Yes, I've wanted to fuck our brother Simon since
I was 12 and he was 9," said 16-year-old Mary, "He's
so fucking cute!  But you were the one who got the
honor of being my first instead."

        18-year-old Matt grinned, "I think it was YOU who
had the honor of having ME be your first!  You weren't
exactly shy about wanting to be fucked as I recall.  I
mean, who climbed into whose bed?"

        "You brat!  I really wanted Simon, but he's
always been such a goody two shoes that I knew there
was no way.  And besides, I knew you wanted me.  I
mean, the way you kept 'accidentally' showing me your
dick," Mary said as she playfully punched him on the

        Matt jokingly feigned pain from her punch, and
then said, "I wanted Simon too back then, but at least
I got to help give him his baths."  He paused a moment
to gauge Mary's reaction.  "I used to REALLY make sure
his penis was clean, if you know what I mean," he said
grinning widely as he saw the jealous pout on Mary's
face.  Her lower lip was protruding from her mouth and
she looked so sexy that he was hard again.  He grabbed
her and kissed her.

        "No, you asshole," Mary said, before Matt's
tongue entered her mouth.  But the mental image of a
14-year-old Matt "washing" Simon's 9-year-old cock had
her so hot that she immediately surrendered.

        He lowered her back onto the bed while they were
locked in their French-kissing embrace and then
entered her.  This time he felt as though all of his
senses were alive again.  He savored each and every
sensation, from the feeling of her tongue against his,
to the heat and wetness of her vagina, and the feeling
of the erect nipples of her small breasts against his
chest as he slowly moved his body over hers.  He knew
that she was experiencing the same sensations, because
for every move he made she was right there meeting
him, anticipating what he would do.  They were moving
in a harmony that neither one of them had ever
experienced before.

        They both came quickly, but so intensely that it
was not only the best sex either of them had ever had,
but the best orgasm too.  They both knew the reason
        The entire time of their love-making Mary was
imagining that it was Simon making love to her, while
Matt was remembering both his first time with Mary and
the times when he used to be able to rub Simon's dick.

        "We've got to figure out a way to fuck Simon,"
said Matt after he had caught his breath.

        "I'd do anything to fuck him," gasped Mary, still
breathless from her orgasm.  "Only there's no way
he'll do it.  He's too sweet and innocent."

        "I think... I've got an idea," Matt said slowly
after a long pause.


        It had been nearly 3 weeks since 18-year-old Matt
and his 16-year-old sister Mary had both confessed to
each other their burning lust for their angelic 13-
year-old brother Simon while in the midst of their own
incestuous intercourse.

        Matt had come up with an idea as to how they
could seduce Simon, and he and Mary had been
discussing and fine tuning it every chance they got.
Invariably, after talking about how to seduce Simon,
Matt and Mary would be so hot that they HAD to fuck
right then.  This had lead to ever-riskier behavior.
They would sneak away from wherever they were and find
a place; any place.  Sometimes a bathroom at school,
or what was increasingly becoming their favorite
thing, with Mary quickly dropping her pants and Matt
taking her from behind while Mary grabbed a tree in
their local park in broad daylight.

        Matt and Mary knew they would need plenty of time
with Simon to calm him down in case the seduction was
unsuccessful, so even though they had already had an
entire day with him alone, they had chickened out.
Although they talked about it constantly when they
were alone together, they had set the bar so high for
when the time would be right that neither of them
thought that they would ever have to go through with

        But now it was undeniable that their opportunity
had come.  School had just let out and the entire
family except for Matt and Mary were supposed to go to
the week long "Annual Minister's Conference".  Matt
was exempted because he was 18, and Mary had
basketball camp.  They had been looking forward to an
entire week of incestuous sex together without the
ever-present fear of discovery by the rest of their
family, but 2 days before the family was to leave,
Simon had come down with a cold.  Because ministers
were only allotted 2 rooms at the conference, the
parents felt that it would be better if Simon stayed
home to recuperate so Lucy and Ruthie wouldn't get

        But Mary was having second thoughts.

        "I just don't think he'll do it.  And then _I'll_
be the one in trouble," whined Mary.

        "Come _on_ Mary," said Matt in exasperation.
"I've seen the way he looks at you when he doesn't
think anyone will notice.  And he's started taking
naps again.  Believe me, I know why 13-year-old boys
start taking naps!  He's definitely whacking it, and I
_know_ you're the one he's thinking about."

        "Shut up," sneered Mary, "He's probably thinking
about some little Junior High School girl."

        "Mary," said Matt patiently, "You've been
'accidentally' exposing more and more of yourself to
him for the past 3 weeks.  I've seen the rise in his
pants; it's been all I could do to keep from grabbing
it.  Tell me you haven't noticed how he goes slack-
jawed around you even when you're fully dressed."

        "I guarantee you he'll completely freak out if I
try anything," Mary practically shrieked.  "And then
'The Reverend' and Mom will probably call an Exorcist
or something and send me away to some Convent in Outer
Butt-Fuck Mongolia or somewhere, while you go away to
college and have a happy life!"

        "Listen Mary," said Matt angrily.  "We've been
talking about this and planning this for 3 weeks.
We've covered every possible reaction.  Now, I find
out, that for you it was all just talk.  Well, if you
don't want to be his 'first', I've got a week to come
up with a plan to have his first sexual experience be
with me.  And believe me he's gonna have sex this week
with, or without, you!"

        Mary was on the verge of tears, "Fuck you!" she
said through clenched teeth.  She stared at Matt with
jealous hatred in her eyes, breathing in and out
rapidly through her flaring nostrils.

        But after several more rapid breaths she said,
"Okay, I'll do it you asshole," through her still
clenched teeth.

        Matt grasped Mary gently by her shoulders and
smiled, "I guarantee you won't regret this.  Neither
of us will."

        He hugged her rigid body, kissed her softly on
the cheek, and whispered in her ear, "I love you

        After a few moments he felt her body start to
relax and melt into his.  He felt his penis becoming
erect and knew that if he didn't stop it right then;
they would be making love within a minute.  He gently
pulled away from her and looked into her beautiful,
almost almond shaped brown eyes, smiled and whispered,
"Let's save it for Simon."

        Her face was slowly transformed by an almost
beatific smile as she imagined making love to, and
being the first lover of her angelic blond 13-year-old
brother.  She breathed in quickly and then slowly
exhaled, one word escaping her lips quietly along with
her breath while her eyes gently closed, "Simon."


        It was a little after four in the afternoon.  13-
year-old Simon Camden was watching a rerun of "Who's
the Boss?"  He had a crush on Alyssa Milano, the young
daughter on the show, and had seen almost every
episode several times.  He had recognized from the
first few sentences of dialogue that this was the
episode where they go to the beach.  The thought of
seeing 12-year-old Alyssa Milano in her skimpy little
bikini had already given him a boner.  He knew he
would need to take a nap as soon as the show was over.

        He heard Matt and Mary coming down the stairs.
He didn't worry about them seeing his erection,
because he was wearing baggy corduroy pants and an
untucked baggy tee shirt, although he did straighten
his posture a little from his slumped position on the

        "Okay you guys, I'm going out for a couple of
hours.  When I get back we'll order pizza for dinner,"
Matt said as he opened the front door.

        "Great!" said Simon.  "I want extra pepperoni."

        If all goes well, you'll be getting more
pepperoni than you can handle, thought Matt.  "Sure
thing Simon," he said as he closed the door behind

        Mary plopped down on the couch next to Simon.
She was wearing a short-sleeved white satin top with
the bottom tied together, cutoff Levi's shorts and
nothing on her feet, exposing her tanned smooth belly
and legs.  She had one more button unbuttoned than
usual, exposing her bra.  "Whatcha watching?" she

        Normally Simon would have been practically
drooling over his 16-year-old sister, trying to catch
as many peeks of her bra and cleavage as possible.
But this time he was slightly irritated, because it
might be months before he saw this episode again.

        "Who's the Boss" he replied.

        "That's your favorite show, isn't it?" asked

        "Yeah, I guess so," said Simon.

        They both sat there watching TV for a few minutes
when suddenly Mary grabbed her stomach in obvious pain
and moaned.

        "What's the matter Mary?" Simon asked with
genuine concern.

        "My stomach hurts," moaned Mary, "I think I
better go lie down for awhile."  She got up clutching
her stomach and slowly headed towards the stairs.

        "Are you okay?" asked Simon.

        Mary turned around and saw the look on Simon's
sweet young face.  "I'll be okay," she smiled at him,
"I just better lie down for awhile."

        "Okay," Simon smiled back, "If you need anything
just holler."  Although he was a little concerned
about Mary, he was glad that he could be "alone" with
Alyssa Milano.

        After a few more minutes, the scene with Alyssa
almost naked on the beach started.  Because Simon was
alone, he was tempted to unzip his pants and beat off
right there while sitting on the couch.  But Mary
might start feeling better and come down and catch
him.  So he just kind of scooted down into the couch
and slowly moved his left leg close to and away from
his other leg, letting the friction of his underwear
moving across his penis do the masturbating.

        "Simon!" he heard his sister yell, "Please come
and help me!"

        He was so close to coming, but he knew there must
be something horribly wrong with his sister.  He
jumped up off the couch and ran up the stairs into
Mary's room and stopped short as he saw her lying on
her back on her twin-size bed with no sheet on,
wearing only a bra and panties.

        "M-m-mary, you're almost naked!" he stuttered,
"Are you okay?"

        "Please Simon, rub my tummy," she moaned, "I need
someone to rub my tummy.  I just don't have the

        "Maybe I should call a doctor," said Simon,
starting to panic without his parents around to turn

        "No!" exclaimed Mary, her eyes closed.  "I just
need someone to rub my tummy.  Please Simon, just rub
my tummy.  Please?"

        Simon sat down carefully on Mary's bed and put
his hand on Mary's smooth flat stomach.  As he felt
the softness and warmth of her flesh, his erection,
which had disappeared when he had heard her calling
for him, instantly returned.  This was the first time
he had touched a girl anyplace but on her arms.  He
had had a date with a girl from one of his classes at
school on his 13th birthday a month ago, but he had
only kissed her goodnight, not even French-kissing

        He started rubbing her stomach slowly while
noticing how her extremely low-cut tight white cotton
panties revealed the contours of her labia and the
indentation of the entrance to her vagina.  He also
noticed a few brown slightly curled pubic hairs
peaking out from the top of her panties.
        "Mmm, Simon, it feels so much better with you
rubbing my tummy," Mary sighed contentedly, "but rub a
little bit lower.  That's where it's really bothering

        Simon moved his hand a little lower, to just
above the top of her panties.  He had never even seen
a girl's pubic hairs before, and now he was feeling

        Suddenly, Mary sat up groaning and grabbed her
thigh just below her panties, which had the effect of
pushing Simon's hand down onto her panty-clad pussy.
Simon was stunned, and left his hand there a few
moments longer than he should have before pulling it
away asking, "What's the matter Mary?"

        "Ow.  I have a cramp in my leg," replied Mary
while lying back down.  "Could you massage it for me,

        "Mary, are you sure you don't want me to call a
doctor?" asked Simon, concerned again.

        "No Simon it's just a leg cramp, I get them all
the time," Mary said in exasperation.  "Ow.  Simon,
please massage my leg."

        Simon didn't have to be asked again, but because
it was the leg that was further away from him he had
to shift around on the bed, and it was difficult to
get to a position where he could reach her leg easily.

        "Simon, what are you doing?" whined Mary.

        "I'm, I'm just trying to reach your leg," Simon
stuttered.  "I can't, I can't seem to..."

        "Then just lie down!" ordered Mary.  "Hurry!"

        Simon almost protested, but instead did as
commanded.  For a moment he was sad that he couldn't
stare at his sister's panty-covered pussy anymore, but
when he felt the smooth delicate skin of her inner
thigh an inch away from her pussy, he didn't mind it
so much.  He massaged her thigh gently and heard the
moans of appreciation from Mary.  He had never been so
turned on, and he started letting his thumb venture
closer to her panties.

        "Here, you can share the pillow," Mary said as
she moved over a little.

        As Simon scooted up to put his head on Mary's
pillow, he kept his hand on her inner thigh, and felt
his arm moving across her panties.  He could feel the
slight bulge of her pubic mound against his forearm,
and he took the opportunity to brush his thumb lightly
across the entrance to her vagina.  He could feel the
heat and wetness, and he moaned softly as he exhaled.

        He felt intoxicated by the herbal scent of Mary's
hair.  He continued massaging Mary's inner thigh
gently, and felt bold enough to rub his forearm
against her pubic mound and to sneak his thumb
slightly underneath the elastic band of her panties.

        Mary fidgeted a little and said in a little girl
voice, "Simon, your corduroys are scratching my legs.
Please take them off."

        By this time Simon was too far gone to even
question what Mary said.  He undid and removed his
pants as though in a dream, taking his socks off along
with his pants.

        "Rub my tummy Simon," Mary moaned.

        Simon started rubbing his sister's stomach and
let his little finger start sliding beneath the top of
her panties, feeling her sparse pubic hair.

        "This bra is so tight I can't breathe," Mary
complained, "I've got to undo it."

        As she moved her arms up to undo her front-
clasped bra, Simon felt Mary's arm brush against the
full length of his erect 5-inch penis.  He almost came
in his white cotton underpants, but he was too intent
on seeing his sister's B-cup sized breasts.

        When she undid her bra, he was briefly
disappointed that her breasts weren't completely
exposed, but he could see the firm, round, gently
conical shape of the lower part of them as they rose
towards the bra-covered nipples.  The whiteness of her
partially exposed breasts contrasted with the tan of
the rest of her body, accentuating the fact that this
was a part of her he wasn't supposed to be seeing.

        As Mary returned her arms down to her sides,
Simon felt her forearm press down against the side of
his erect penis, pushing it almost down to the bed,
before it slowly escaped from under her arm.  Simon's
eyes partially closed and his mouth opened as he
started breathing slowly and deeply.

        "Could you rub my back for awhile?" asked Mary
softly as she turned over on her side facing Simon and
put her arm over his, cradling his head and running
her fingers through his soft blonde hair.  She
snuggled closer and put her cheek against his soft
downy cheek then slid her face slowly across his until
the sides of their lips were touching.  She felt his
penis pressed against her lower belly and the side of
it against her arm.  She could also feel the wetness
from his pre-cum that had soaked the front of his

        Simon put his arm around her waist, and Mary felt
him start rubbing, or more accurately, feeling her
back.  He seemed to be savoring every contour.

        When she felt him touching her back bra-strap,
she said, "Close your eyes for a moment.  I'm going to
take off my bra so you can give me a better back rub.
Now remember, if you don't close your eyes, you'll see
my tits, okay?"

        She noticed that Simon didn't even pretend to
close his eyes when she rolled away from him, but he
didn't open them wider either.  He just stared at her
breasts as though in a trance, with the same glazed
look on his face that he had had for awhile.  As she
snaked out of her bra, she made sure to rub her arm
slowly against his penis several times, and then his
eyes started to close.

        When she saw that his eyes were closed, she
quickly pulled her soaking wet panties off and rolled
back over against him with one agile move, resuming
the position they had been in before.

        But before they got too comfortable again, she
said in a pouting little voice, "Your shirt is
scratching my nipples.  Let me help you take it off,"
as she reached for the bottom of his shirt and started
pulling it up.  When she got it up to Simon's chest he
raised his arms like a child being undressed and she
pulled his shirt off over his head, tossed it on the
floor and clutched Simon's body as tightly as she
could to her own.  She held his head with both arms
against hers and rubbed her cheek against his as she
moved her mouth up to take his earlobe in her lips and
then her teeth.  She snaked her tongue inside Simon's
ear canal, and felt him start writhing and moaning.

        Mary had never been so hot before.  She was naked
and lying next to her sweet innocent beautiful 13-
year-old blonde virgin brother.  The only thing
separating their bodies was the thin cotton cloth of
his underpants.  Because she no longer had her panties
to absorb them, she could feel her juices dripping
from her pussy down her inner thigh, to the front of
her thigh and into Simon's briefs.  The feeling as the
juices slowly formed a drop and the unbearable tension
of waiting for the drop to become large enough to
rapidly cascade down her leg was driving her crazy.
She knew that if Simon so much as touched her pussy
with his hand, she would come wildly.

        She pulled her mouth away from Simon's ear,
licked her lips to moisten them, and kissed him.  His
mouth was already slightly open, and the feeling of
her tongue in his mouth was unlike any kiss she had
ever experienced before.  His mouth tasted like graham
crackers and candy.  She needed him inside of her
right then.  She rolled over, pulling him on top of
her, and yanked his underpants down to just above his
knees, feeling him groan for a moment.
        She grabbed his soft young hairless butt and
gloried in the feeling; before using her deceptively
thin strong basketball-player arms to push his body
down so he would be in position to enter her.

        She spread her legs as wide as she could, and
reaching between their bodies with strength born of
lust, she guided his penis inside of her.  The moment
she felt Simon's 5-inch penis enter her, she started
to orgasm.  But this wasn't about her; Simon had to
come and come good.  She mustered her strength, and
grasping Simon's butt again, she made his body move in
the way that an experienced man would move inside her.

        Within 30 seconds, she heard Simon moan and felt
a spurt of warmth inside of her.  She stopped the
motion so that she could feel each twitch of her
little brother's orgasm and each spurt of warmth
against her insides.  After 3 more of Simon's spurts,
she started having another orgasm...


        Simon had awakened from his dream-like state as
he felt the elastic of his underpants being pulled
quickly and roughly down the length of his penis.
Then he realized that his bare penis was touching his
sister's naked belly, and groaned at the thought that
for the first time, skin other than that of his own
hand was touching his penis.  He felt her hands
grabbing his butt and his anus briefly contracted,
driving his penis against the warm buttery feeling of
her stomach.

        The sheer feeling of being almost naked on top of
his sister was enough to make him want to come, and he
started to move his penis against her belly.  But
before his first stroke, he felt his body being pushed
downwards.  His penis felt the slight scratchy feeling
of Mary's pubic hair as it dragged across her sparse
patch down to a gooey wetness that he knew was her

        He felt her spread her legs, and then he felt her
arm snaking between their bodies to grasp his penis.
She pushed it downwards and guided it to just inside
of her entrance before withdrawing her hand and
pushing his butt as she pushed her pelvis against him.

        The feeling as his penis entered her overwhelmed
him.  It was so far beyond what he had imagined it
would be.  The heat was so intense and the texture and
the oiliness of her natural lubrication were so far
removed from his simulated hand-lotion on hand
fantasies that he felt frozen in time; the sound of
her moaning being the only thing that kept him even
somewhat grounded in reality.

        He felt Mary's hands pushing his rear in a rhythm
against her as she pushed her body against him.  It
didn't take him long before he was moving in time with
her; pushing his penis far enough in to feel his balls
touching her butt, then withdrawing it slowly almost
to the entrance of her vagina.  He felt the erect
nipples of her small breasts rubbing against his
chest, and he moved his head down to lick and suck
them.  Mary's fingers were moving towards the inside
of his butt as they kneaded and spread it more and
more, and it took his focus off of his penis, relaxing

        One of Mary's fingers started pressing against
his anus as though it was trying to enter him and he
started to ejaculate.  The first spasm of his orgasm
felt like the explosion of a cannon, driving his semen
deep inside of his sister, nearly knocking the wind
out of him.  There was a pause as though his body was
reloading, and he shot again.  Another pause and then
he squirted several times rapidly.  The contractions
of his penis were so intense and long in duration that
they convulsed his entire body, he even felt his hair
moving rhythmically.  He collapsed against his sister,
trying to catch his breath.  He was so sleepy.

        Simon eyes opened so wide that he thought they
would just roll out of their sockets.  Slowly, he
turned his head to see his brother Matt glaring at him
in obvious rage...


If you want to see more of this story, including the
final "family orgy" part, which will make "Caligula"
look like "Sesame Street", let me know in this NG.

No response, no continuation.  No problem!